Corona rules in Saxony: complete lockdown no longer ruled out – curfew in Saxon counties

Saxony’s Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer closes one shutdown no longer before Christmas. “The danger can not be rejected out of hand. It can only be prevented if there is a collective understanding and common awareness to avoid contacts and comply with the measures,” the CDU politician told the “Sächsische Zeitung”. If there is no positive effect in this week, “we must have this discussion”.

  • Since Monday, November 22 in Saxony a new Corona Protection Regulation
  • She sees new rules for retailcultural and sporting activities, in the workplace, for hairdressers and other physical services schools and tourist accommodation
  • In particularly affected areas night curfew committed
  • Here is an overview of applicable Corona rules in Saxony:

The government refers to the measures as “breakwaters”, by a shutdown is not officially mentioned. Counties and district-free cities can use The Emergency Preparedness Regulation introduce stricter rules. Children and young people up to the age of 16 are not affected by the 2G rule (vaccinated or healthy). The regulation applies from this Monday, 22 November, initially until 12 December.

Contact restrictions in Saxony

Members of a household may only meet another person. Those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered and children up to the age of 16 do not count.

Alcohol bans in public places

In public places, a prohibit for serving and consuming alcohol. The municipalities must set these places themselves.

Curfew for the unvaccinated

Due to the hotspot regulation, many Saxon districts have now introduced a night exit ban for the unvaccinated. In addition, the critical incidence mark of 1,000 must be exceeded.

Christmas markets in Saxony

Nothing with mulled wine and bratwurst: Christmas markets in Freistaat is like all other major events and festivals not allowed. This also applies to trade fairs.

2G in retail in Saxony

Applies to retail in the Free State basic 2G. Excluded are supermarkets, pet stores, pharmacies, drugstores, drug stores, liquor stores, orthopedic shoe technicians, opticians, hearing aid acousticians, specialized baby stores, newspaper sales, gas stations and wholesalers. They are allowed to open from 06:00 to 20:00. Depending on the sales area, only a certain number of customers have access. Click-and-collect (online order with pick-up) is allowed.

You can read about which stores are open now here:

Gastronomy, hairdresser, gym - what is closed depending on the instance?

Hairdressers and other body related services

Hairdressers in Saxony must open with the 2G rule. Otherwise, only medically necessary treatments are possible. Baths, solariums and saunas remain closed – unless for medical purposes. Swimming lessons for students remain.

Hotels, guest houses and restaurants

restaurants and snack bars may only open between kl. 06.00 and 20.00. 2G applies. canteens and canteens keep open. Delivery offers are allowed, including hospitality of guests in Hotels. These can exactly how guest houses or holiday apartments but does not accept tourists, only business travelers. Guests must have a 3G certificate, in addition to the contact recording. campsites keep closed. Tourist bus and train travel is prohibited.

Culture and spare time

All Leisure and cultural facilities remain closed: Theaters, opera houses, museums, discos, clubs and bars as well as arcades and betting shops. Just libraries as well as the outdoor areas in zoos open minded Stay. 3G proof is required. Amateur choirs and amateur actors are no longer allowed to rehearse. Art, music and dance schools as well as adult education centers and educational, further education and training institutions are also covered by the opening ban. Exceptions are possible, so for children under 16 years.

Due to the critical corona situation in Saxony, all venues for the Semperoper and Staatsschauspiel in Dresden will remain closed after 12 December. In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the play break will be extended to 9 January 2022, as announced by the Saxon State Theater on Wednesday. With this, the two houses responded “to the still alarming pandemic situation” and in view of the extensive planning processes of the stage operations. Already purchased tickets will be refunded.

Football, fitness … What applies to sports in Saxony?

professional sports is however allowed without spectators. The athletes need one 3G secure having. The amateur or Mass sports are prohibited. One exception is only available for children and young people up to 16 years. Coaches must have 3G status. Service sports are possible. fitness centre remain closed.

President Helge Leonhardt from the football club FC Erzgebirge Aue is looking for one Interruption of gameplay. “We need a football lockdown before the end of December. The next four weeks will be extremely difficult for our country and will present us with a crucial test. There will be a need for smart and orderly action without chaotic actions,” it said. -year-olds about the “image”. The German Football League has rejected the request.

churches and congregations

churches and denominations can e.g. services get together under the conditions of 3G. It also applies gatherings to. Here, the number of participants is limited to a maximum of ten participants. Only stationary gatherings are allowed.

Where is the mask requirement in Saxony?

in Public transport and taxis must wear an FFP2 mask. Medical masks are only allowed for students – and inspectors. Surgical masks are also accepted upon purchase.

3G in the workplace

Employees should only have access to a company if they vaccinated, recovered or currently tested is. Those who have recovered and those who have been vaccinated must prove this with a similar document. A rapid test is valid for 24 hours, a PCR test for 48 hours. Employers need to control that. The 3G regulation for the workplace and the home office obligation are regulated by the federal government.

What applies to nursing homes in Saxony?

to employees at nursing homes, hospitals or other medical facilities, one applies from Monday daily test obligation also for the healthy and vaccinated as well as for visitors.

day care centers and schools

that Saxon state government have promised it kindergartens and schools should certainly remain open, but in so-called limited regular operation. Here you can read what it means:

Schools and day care institutions in limited regular operation

In addition, several schools have to close completely or partially every day due to the infection process. Which one Schools are currently closed is affected, you can read here.

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