“Cologne won deservedly” | The votes on FC Augsburg’s home bankruptcy

FC Augsburg could have stayed up in the Bundesliga by beating 1.FC Köln, but nothing came of it. After a certain not undeserved 1: 4 bankruptcy, the FCA is still mathematically not saved. While Effzeh was very satisfied, the Swabians were self-critical. That was what those involved had to say after the match.

Photo: Andreas Klein

Michael Gregorych: “We were good in the match the first ten minutes, but then we lost the overview and quickly fell 2-0 down. Right from the start, we were actually chasing a deficit against a currently very strong team. We no longer have access to the game. After the break, we quickly got a penalty kick against us, and then the match was actually over. It’s very frustrating, we still have to score points in the last two games. “

Jeffrey Gouweleeuw: “We started the match well and had two chances right away. Unfortunately we do not score and then the match goes the other way. We were too open and gave Cologne too much space. I think we had a couple of chances today, but in the end, football is about scoring goals – we did not succeed. We are not there yet. “

Nicholas Dorsch: “The first ten minutes were good for us, but a match lasts 90 minutes. After a good start we conceded two unnecessary goals, then Cologne let us run and we did not get access. In the end it was a deserved defeat because we “simply did not take our chances. We definitely have to show another face in Leipzig. We want to make this match successful again and bring the league away.”

Florian Niederlechner: “We are totally disappointed after the match. The first minutes belonged to us, but 0: 1 and the quick second goal we conceded were bitter blows that we never got over. In general we were too scared and have to play braver. That’s not how we should behave. Now is the time to dry up and do better next week in Leipzig to definitely ensure relegation. “

The final at home is lost – FC Augsburg not yet saved after home bankruptcy against Cologne

Mark Uth (Cologne): “We scored two goals from our first two chances. That’s what separates us at the moment. It was very important to make it 3-0 in the second half, because it is always difficult in Augsburg when collecting the connecting goal. Of course we’re all the happier now. I’m really excited about the Europa Cup season that we can have ahead of us next season. You can see that on the pitch. We’re giving everything and we really want to win the matches. If we continue like this , there is nothing in the way. The game philosophy that Steffen Baumgart gave us is to keep going. We are not a team that then goes back and tries to defend a 2-0 lead. Fortunately, we passed Union in the table, for Greuther Fürth threw everything in yesterday. Thank you very much for this. We want to get the next three points, especially in front of our own fans against Wolfsburg. If we then win in Stuttgart, we have the best chance of moving into the Europa League. ”

Jan Thielmann (Cologne): “We just watch from match to match and if possible get three points every week. We are all happy that things are going so well at the moment. We have good training sessions every week. The coach always told us that after a goal should “We go straight to the next goal. It was clear to us from the start that the match in Augsburg would be a race-demanding match. I am glad we could take the three points. I am very happy with my goal.”

Jonas Hector (Cologne): “We might have kept a clean sheet, then it would have been perfect. Otherwise, we played well for most of the 90 minutes and therefore deserved to win. In sports, things are easier when you have the necessary confidence. Nevertheless, success is not relaxed. It is currently our credo to bring the performance over 90 minutes. The coach would not allow anything else either. You would hear that. “

Stefan Reuter (Manager Augsburg): “We had big plans, after coming back we lost the line, the spaces were too big. It should not happen for our team. Cologne deservedly won the match.”

Markus Weinzierl (coach of Augsburg): “We played well in the first twelve minutes, but we did a bad job defending our one-two. It broke our neck. Then we offered Cologne too much space and did not find the back of the match. After 1: 3 I had “hope for a moment, but then we closed the fourth goal right away. We got into the duels today badly and even fought them badly. So it was a deserved defeat.”

FCa Køln 4
Steffen Baumgart could be very pleased. | Photo: Andreas Klein

Steffen Baumgart (coach Cologne): “We showed a very good performance today. The first ten minutes belonged to Augsburg, then we got the game under control. The first two shots were straight in. I have rarely seen my team as consistent as it is today. In the end it was it is a deserved victory. “

Sources: fcaugsburg.de/fc.de/pa

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