Boris Becker in jail: last chance to grow up in jail

When referee Deborah Taylar read the verdict at Southwark Crown Court in London on Friday afternoon, tennis legend Boris Becker was calm, but the shock was still to be deep. The six-time Grand Slam winner was sentenced to two years and six months in prison.

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Becker is actually going to jail for delaying bankruptcy. An opportunity he probably did not think was possible. Until recently, Becker had denied the charges and hoped to be able to leave Southwark Crown Court as a free man.

A sports idol even as a teenager: Boris Becker never learned to live independently

After the numerous private scandals, the monument to the tennis idol has now finally been destroyed by imprisonment. Becker actually only felt comfortable in one place: the tennis court.

As a player, Leimener was already a national celebrity at the age of 17 thanks to his Wimbledon triumph in 1985. Tournaments, interviews, tournaments, endorsements, tournaments – he did not really have time to grow up. He probably also trusted his advisers early on.

The redhead only acted really independently on the tennis court. And extremely successful. Becker triumphed three times in his “living room” at Wimbledon (1985, 1986, 1989), and the powerful German was in the final of the biggest grass tournament four times.

Becker also triumphed at the Australian Open (1991, 1996) and the US Open (1989). With six Grand Slam titles, Becker is part of the concert for the greats in tennis. In addition, the man from Leimen was number one in the world for a total of twelve weeks. The list of Becker’s sporting successes is long. Very long.

With the end of his career in 1999, his personal scandals began. The first took place the night Becker announced the end of his career. The so-called “broomstick affair” became public. From the affair with the British Angela Ermakova, his daughter Anna Ermakowa was born. The result: the divorce from his wife Barbara, who followed him for many years as a player and often cheered from the stands.

Positive coverage of Boris Becker only in relation to tennis

There followed several affairs with more or less prominent women, including rapper Sabrina Setlur. Becker did not really have a partner by his side in the long run until he met Sharlerly Kerssenberg in 2009 and married her. Since then, Kerssenberg has been known as Lilly Becker. But this marriage also failed in 2018. Becker was accompanied by his new girlfriend, Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro, to the trial days in London.

Becker’s business ventures were as unstable and unstable as his women’s affairs. A symbolic example: His investments in Nigerian oil wells, which later turned out to be fake. Becker fell for scammers.

Boris Becker: Imprisonment as an Opportunity for a New Beginning

The 54-year-old only consistently wrote positive headlines when it came to the sport of the yellow felt ball. After his time as an active player, he celebrated great success as the coach of Novak Djokovic (2014-2016). In the tennis industry, the former “serve and volley” specialist is recognized and valued as an absolute expert.

Most recently, he was showered with praise for his analyzes at the two-week-long French Open. Eurosport extended the partnership until 2023 (before the verdict!). Becker is also known and loved as a sports legend in his adopted country England, and has been a frequently seen face on BBC television as a Wimbledon commentator for years. During transmissions, Becker jokes and is always serious. A mix he has never managed to achieve in life outside the “tennis bubble”.

At age 54, Becker now has the chance to achieve the independence in prison that an adult needs to really cope in life. A life far away from the hustle and bustle of consultants, “friends” or business partners who have at least had an impact on his life since he was 17. Most recently, it’s time for Becker to take responsibility. Probably very late at the age of 54 years. But maybe not too late.