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Two and a half years in prison for Boris Becker (54). While the world is largely stunned despite an expected harsh punishment, the tennis legend has to prepare for life behind bars. However, the verdict is not yet final.

“Of course I will accept any verdict,” Boris Becker stressed in his latest interview in BILD am SONNTAG. A prison sentence without probation seemed unthinkable to him at the time. Only in the last few days has it dawned on him that for now he must give up what he loves most: his freedom.

Becker and girlfriend Lilian, 33, left their apartment Friday morningFoto: Stephen Butler

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Becker and girlfriend Lilian leave their apartment Friday morningPhoto: Stephen Butler

Becker saw his youngest son Amadeus (12) the last few days, and he also met his ex-wife Lilly (45). A meeting with his regular kiosk dealer seemed like a goodbye, and the hug in the courtroom with his girlfriend Lilian (33) during the lunch break on Friday was probably the last in a long time.

This is how Boris feels after the first night in prison

Following the sentencing, Becker was taken directly to a security zone, later taken to Wandsworth Prison. There he had the right to call his family. How is he doing after the first few hours? “He’s okay,” a prison official told BILD am SONNTAG.

The lawyers now have 28 days to appeal the verdict. It is still unclear whether Becker will make use of it. If the verdict is upheld, the court has already announced his release after half the time. So Becker would be free again in July 2023.

According to information from BILD-am-SONNTAG, most of his sponsors (including Puma) are still with him and will not terminate their contracts. But his “Check24” ad was deleted on YouTube. The German Tennis Federation supports Boris. “We stand by his side,” said President Dietloff von Arnim, 62.

Boris with his son Amadeus

Boris with his son Amadeus

Lilly Becker also sticks to her ex. “Boris did not deserve it. I stand behind him no matter what happens,” she told RTL. “Now she has to tell her son Amadeus (12) what happened and will seek psychological help.” Amadeus does not know anything yet. His father is his hero and will always be. ”

Boris Becker: A fallen legend

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With live reports from London, first information about Becker’s prison stay and interviews with former companions.

From tennis Olympus to bankruptcy

︎ July 7, 1985: Boris Becker is the first German and youngest player to win Wimbledon. Two more victories followed in 1986 and 1989.

Young Boris Becker wins WimbledonFoto: Bob Dear/AP

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Young Boris Becker wins WimbledonPhoto: Bob Dear / AP

︎ January 27, 1991: Boris Becker has been number 1 on the world rankings for twelve weeks. He has finally reached his greatest goal.

︎ August 5, 1992: They are rivals in singles, in doubles they trump together: Boris Becker and Michael Stich win gold in doubles at the Olympic Games in Barcelona.

Michael Stich (left) and Boris Becker in 1992Foto: Kai-Uwe Wärner/dpa

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Michael Stich (left) and Boris Becker in 1992Photo: Kai-Uwe Wärner / dpa

︎ 1993: Boris Becker buys the first of three Mercedes and Renault car dealerships in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and keeps them until 2017. Manager Ion Tiriac advised him to do so.

▶ ︎ 1993: He made it a global brand, but Becker parted ways with manager Ion Tiriac. From that moment on, his business went downhill.

Boris Becker with his former manager Ion TiriacFoto: dpa

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Boris Becker with his former manager Ion TiriacPhoto: dpa

︎ June 30, 1999: After losing the Wimbledon quarterfinals (3: 6, 2: 6, 3: 6) to Patrick Rafter, Boris Becker announced: “It was my last tennis match.”

▶ ︎ 2002: Boris Becker started his second career. He comments on the big tournaments on the BBC TV channel – and is very popular with viewers. He has also worked for Eurosport since 2017.

︎ October 24, 2002: The tennis idol is sentenced to two years in prison for tax evasion. He must also pay 200,000 euros to charities.

Boris Becker in court in 2002Foto: Jan Pitman/AP

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Boris Becker in court in 2002Photo: Jan Pitman / AP

▶ ︎ November 2007: Becker begins playing cards as an advertising figure for an online poker platform. He even competes in tournaments and wins prize money of around 100,000 euros.

︎ October 2011: After breaking his metatarsal, Becker uses crutches. His body is also affected by the heavy load in other ways, including a new hip joint.

▶ ︎ 2013: Becker invests in Nigerian oil wells. This was stated in documents from the disclosure platform “Football Leaks”. But he had apparently encountered scammers.

Boris Becker and Oliver Pocher carried out their quarrels in publicFoto: Schneider-Press

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Boris Becker and Oliver Pocher carried out their quarrels in publicPhoto: Schneider Press

2013 October 2013: A monument dismantles itself: In the show “Everyone on the little ones” Becker competes against arch-enemy Oliver Pocher, wearing a hat with fly swatters

2013 December 2013: Becker becomes Novak Djokovic’s coach. After three very successful years in the sport with six Grand Slam titles and 25 tournament victories, they parted ways.

2017 Summer 2017: Beginning at the end: Boris Becker is declared insolvent by a court in London, a harsh insolvency proceedings begin, which have now ended in imprisonment.

︎ April 2018: President Touadéra names Becker “Sports Attaché of the Representation of the Central African Republic to the EU”. Becker invokes diplomatic immunity in insolvency proceedings – a failure.

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