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Angelique Kerber © IMAGO / Rob Prange

Germany’s best tennis player has moved to Poland to prepare for tournaments there. Interesting facts about Angelique Kerber’s career.

Munich – Angelique Kerber, born January 18, 1988 in Bremen, holds a total of three Grand Slam titles in her track record: Australian Open (2016), Wimbledon (2018) and US Open (2016). The French Open, on the other hand, was never a place of success for Kerber: She was most recently eliminated in the quarterfinals (2018, 2012), last year she even failed in round 1 to Ukrainian Anhelina Kalinin. At the moment (as of April 26, 2022; note) the former world number one (2016) is ranked number 19 on the WTA world rankings and expects – after the separation from coach Torben Beltz – to initially continue without a tennis coach on the team to be successful. “At this stage of my career, I have decided to take more responsibility and to travel without a permanent coach so far,” the 34-year-old said. German press agency. “Maybe it will change again at a later date, but at the moment I am happy with how my team is set up.” Privately, her grandparents and her mother Beata are among her closest confidants.

Angelique Kerber – her family life

If you click on the “Angie” link on Angelique Kerber’s website, you will find the most important facts about Germany’s best tennis player. Among them about:

  • Parents: Mama Beata, Papa Slawek, sister Jessica
  • Residence: Puszczykowo, Poland
  • Idols: Steffie Graf
  • Favorite sports: Swimming, Formula 1 and football
  • Hobbies: Shopping, sleeping, swimming, biking, hanging out with friends
  • Speaks: German, Polish, English

Puszczykowo in particular as a residence is surprising in the 34-year-old’s biography. “It’s true that I live in Poland now and of course I have a connection to Poland because my grandparents live there and I live there (im Angie Tennis Center her grandfather Janusz Rzeźnik; Note) also trains occasionally, ”Kerber said recently on SternTV. “But I’m German, I play for Germany, I grew up in Germany, my heart beats in Germany.”

Angelique Kerber – her privacy

It is not yet officially confirmed whether Angelique Kerber has got a new friend. When asked, Kerber regularly refers to your privacy. However, there was speculation in the media during the Australian Open 2022 that Franco Bianco could become the new man in her life: The manager of a sports park in Königstein, Hesse, had accompanied the former number 1 in the world to the first Grand Slam tournament of the year . Bianco also sat in her box at other tournaments before that, for example when she reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon 2021.

Angelique Kerber – not everyone knows about the tennis star

  • Kerber’s closest friends include tennis colleagues Ana Ivanovic and Agnieszka Radwanska.
  • As a child, Angelique Kerber regularly participated in swimming competitions, but eventually decided to play tennis after finishing high school.
  • Comparisons with Germany’s first Wimbledon winner Steffi Graf (1996) still annoy Angelique Kerber today: “You can not compare me to Steffi. She is a champion. She has won everything there is to win. She has always been my role model “She still is. I have to go my own way.”
  • Angelique Kerber was trained by her father Slawek when she was only three years old, and her mother Beata took over the management of her daughter right from the start, booking flights, hotels, etc.
  • She runs a tennis center just outside Poznań, where she retires several times a year to prepare and train.
  • In 2019, Angelique Kerber graced the cover of the German Vogue issue. In an interview with the magazine, she also talked about starting a family: “I have the impression that everyone around me gets married, builds houses and has children. But I do not let myself be stressed by it. It’s not a competition like in sports. “
  • In addition to German citizenship, Kerber also has Polish citizenship due to the principle of descent applicable in Poland.
  • Kerber has the tennis racket in her left hand, even though she is right-handed. She attributes this to the fact that her (right-handed) coaches have met her in training since she was a child, and she intuitively mirrored their racket position.
  • In 2017, Angelique Kerber was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

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