When you think you’re the center of the world

Boris Becker really knows a lot about tennis. On the other hand, he really understands very little of life, and his finances slipped almost logically out of his grasp. The court in London sentenced him to two and a half years in prison.

July 7 was not a pleasant summer day, and that was also why an unusual number of people sat in front of the television and cheered on a 17-year-old red-blond boy who started writing history. Only the initiates knew of his talent, but after that “das Bobbele” got a firm place in the hearts of the Germans. In four sets, he beat a player named Kevin Curren at Wimbledon in 1985, who is almost forgotten, which certainly will not happen to our Boris Becker again in his lifetime.

At least what remains is the Becker pike, the unconditional commitment and the fascinating agility, as he still managed to reach an unattainable ball. On the serve, he bent his back like no other, bent his knees, built up the tension that is in any tennis manual, and chased the ball into the opponent’s court. His return was sharp and direct. Almost no spin, like slice. Attack, attack always.

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In addition, Boris Becker had nerves of steel. When it got really cramped when he was behind and absolutely must not make a mistake, he often enough pulled the game out of the fire. Then came the Becker fist: arm bent, right hand tied to a fist and this heartfelt: Yes!

Extremely strong in tennis, extremely weak in life

Players learn from players, and a number of players learned from Boris Becker, even though he was not popular because he liked to beat rivals badly and carelessly opened his mouth wide. Novak Djoković, who he trained for a while, looks like him in the form of strong nerves.

In all matters concerning tennis, Boris Becker was and is extremely strong. As a player, as a commentator, as a coach. In all matters relating to life, he is extremely weak.

It is often the case that athletes stand helplessly around life after the sport instead of taking it into their own hands. There are basketball players who have become remarkable coaches. There are football players who have become really good coaches. Becker could also have become a really good coach, but being systematic is not his thing. He owned three car dealerships and sold them out of necessity. He does this and that and also that, lost the fun and went on and on and on.

The celebrity newspapers lived on BB

This is how Boris Becker became the ultimate bon vivant, who tells us that he did not become the father of his daughter in a broom closet, but on the stairs between the toilets. Of course, we would really like to know that. Incidentally, his mother advised him not to go out at night after leaving Wimbledon, depressed as he was. She knew him well, he knew himself less. So his first marriage ended.

The celebrity newspapers thrived with BB, his wives who all looked alike, his four children with three mothers, his divorces and now of course his money problems. He went to court in London on the arm of his new girlfriend, who looked blankly past the cameras – a walk like walking to the scaffolding.

The countermodel became a world star at the same time as Becker in 1985. It is, of course, Steffi Graf. She stopped playing tennis at the age of 29, her body could not keep up. She married, had children, still occasionally plays tennis with her husband André Agassi for charity and lives her life far away from the papers that mean the world to Boris Becker.

Revealing interview

Becker made another choice. That’s his business. When he published his second autobiography, it was in 2018, he gave an interview to “Welcome Austria”, a late night show on ORF, where he told interesting things. He said that this book is not only about his wives and girlfriends, he also wrote professional chapters in it because he is helping to run businesses. Becker did not listen to the ignorance with which he defended himself in court.

Well, that’s how it is when you think you’re the center of the world and that chatting away reveals more than good. Boris Becker was today sentenced to two and a half years in prison by a court in London.

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