Werder Bremen notes against Holstein Kiel: Marco Friedl out of the roll!

SV Werder Bremen are annoyed and lose despite a clear lead still 3-2 to Holstein Kiel. The players in the individual review – with grades.

Jiri Pavlenka: You could at least count on the goalkeeper! Great as he prevented Wriedt from making it 2-2 shortly after the break. He did not have a chance with the goal in Kiel before, as later with the visitors’ other goals. Grade 2.5

Nicolai Rapp: Started with big problems against fast Wriedt, but then his fine post led to penalties and thus to 2: 0. Then defensively safer in the beginning, but passive at 2: 2 and too sleepy at 2: 3. Grade 4.5

Marco Friedl: Due to his broken nose, he continued to wear a mask and was very attentive for a long time until he let Wriedt run shortly after the break and almost caused 2: 2. Then seemed insecure and also acted unhappily at 2: 3. Grade 4.5

Anthony Young: Wanted to save against Wriedt, who could hardly be saved and then controlled the ball in the net to 2: 2. In fact, very solid before his own goal, so a little out of the game. class 4

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Werder Bremen marks against Holstein Kiel: Mitchell Weiser good at the front, bad at the back

Mitchell Weiser: front hui, back ugh! His big hacker trick was the preparatory work for the early 1-0 by Füllkrug. Made a lot of steam in the right side, but forgot several times his defensive tasks. Just like before 2: 2, when he just let van den Bergh run. Earlier, he had served Agu 3: 1, which he missed. Even before 2: 3 not consistent enough in defense. class 4

Ilia Gruev (until 86.): As the only six, he often had trouble defending the spot in front of the three-man line, which was not solely his fault. Every time he got into a duel, he was pretty uncompromising. His build-up play was also brave at times, as was his solo when he almost made it 2-0. But what he lacked most was consistency in his play. class 4

Felix Agu (until 86.): Started very conspicuously on the left side, started 1-0 with a smart post. Must make it 3-1 shortly after the break, was not goal-oriented enough. Grade 3.5

Roman Schmid (until 72.): As always, he travels a lot and tries to put his colleagues in the spotlight. But this time not much came for the Austrian. class 4

Leonardo Bittencourt: Pretty imperceptible in his 75th league game for Werder before the break. Then he took out the hammer, but failed at Holstein goalkeeper Dähne. It was only a brief flicker, however, and the captain dived again. Grade 4.5

Werder Bremen score against Holstein Kiel: Niclas Füllkrug strikes front and back

Marvin Ducksch: Did not really get into the match, but still scored his 20th goal of the season because striker partner Füllkrug gave him the hand penalty to make it 2-0. Much better after the break with a good free kick, a good post to the filling jug and a dangerous header. When the game toppled, not much came of him. class 4

Nicla’s filling jug: What a first half for the goal scorer! Scored very early to 1-0, his header made it 2-0 from the penalty spot. But shortly before the break, he deflected a rather harmless ball in his own penalty area to get the goal in Kiel – an own goal. After being extremely committed, it almost made it 3-1. New shoes were needed in the 69th minute. With his head, he missed the big chance to make it 3: 2. Grade 3.5

Nicholas Schmidt (from 72.): Came after Schmid and served Füllkrug almost perfectly to 3: 2, but he went next. Grade –

Nick Woltemade (from 86.): Could not prevent the defeat anymore either. Grade –

Eren Dinkci (from 86.): His later use brought nothing more. Grade –

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Werder Bremen line-up against Holstein Kiel: This is what the Bremen starting line-up looks like

Of SV Werder Bremen welcomes match day 32 (Friday 6.30pm, DeichStube live ticker) Holsten Kiel and Wohninvest Weser Stadium. She could do that too Starter XI Lineup look like coach Ole Werner!

Update (April 29 at 12:30 p.m.): Now the line-up of SV Werder Bremen is there – there are no changes compared to the victory against Schalke 04! The entire starting lineup is available in the live ticker for Werder Bremen vs. Holstein Kiel matches!

Bremen – What a 4-1 victory in the top match against FC Schalke can do! Although the employees’ concerns SV Werder Bremen have not improved, they are against before the home game on Friday night (18.30, DeichStube live ticker). Holsten Kiel in fact, no longer a problem. According to the motto: It is also possible without Ömer Toprak, Milos Veljkovic and Christian Groß in starts eleven. However, the following words from coach Ole Werner before the Schalke match must be remembered: “Such failures have an effect on the pitch, but not on a match.”

Werder Bremen line-up against Holstein Kiel: Leonardo Bittencourt probably again in start XI!

The winners of Schalke must therefore prove that they are involved in this line up can play big again. Werner will trust you starts eleven of SV Werder Bremen should be against Holsten Kiel do not shift. Jiri Pavlenka is still in goal, the three backs consist of Nicolai Rapp, Marco Friedl and Anthony Jung. Mitchell Weiser and Felix Agu were absolutely convincing on the outside – as was Ilia Gruev as a substitute from six. The young Bulgarian even scored his first league goal as a professional against Schalke and looked a bit more confident than usual at the last training session on Thursday.

The only change in Starter XI Lineup of SV Werder Bremen threatened in midfield because Leonardo Bittencourt had returned from Gelsenkirchen with adductor problems. But the substitute captain reported back in good time and will be number eight along with Romano Schmid. If possible, both should feed attackers Marvin Ducksch and Niclas Füllkrug with balls so the “ugly birds” continue to deliver. It was Ducksch briefly in doubt during Thursday’s training, and suddenly the goal scorer limped. But coach Werner later made it clear with a small wink: “I suspect he had a stone in his shoe. . . ” (knee)

This is how SV Werder Bremen’s start XI could look like against Holstein Kiel!

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