TSG 1846 Neustadt / Basketball: Basketball festival in Kurfürst-Ruprecht-Gymnasium Neustadt

This has not been the case in Neustadt for a long time. Basketball matches from noon to the early evening hours. The youngest were the first, the men rounded off the day with an excellent performance.

The U12mix team started at 13.00. The young talents around the coaching duo Monika Rammrath and coach Romy Möller have once again shown an excellent performance. As in the match against Bad Bergzabern, the protégés laid the foundation for the victory in the first eighth. For a long time, the Landau team had not found a good answer to the fast, variable passing game, the strong rebound behavior, the successful finishes and the combative actions. After half time, things went better for Landau, they just could not catch up with the lead of 20 points.

The U14 boys then played against Landau. At the break, the team was able to gain some benefits. Thanks to coach Ugur Aydin, who kept giving instructions from the coaching zone, the players, most of whom first came to basketball a few months ago, showed a good performance and went to the break with a lead of 2 points. After the break, the Landau players got better and better in play, and the Neustadt team’s strength decreased by the minute. Landau withdrew little by little. The youngest player from Neustadt, who has previously played in the U12 mix, Niklas Lafaix excelled in many phases of the game and was the best scorer on his team with 14 points. Coach Aydin was pleased with the final score of 35:45. “I see the team develop steadily from match to match. They still have a lot to learn and apply in the game. The direction is right and I am proud of my boys.”

Then it was the U16 women’s turn. It was also towards Landau. The starting situation is similar to that in U14. Many players who have not existed for quite some time. But anyone who now believed that there would be a one-sided game was mistaken for two reasons. As in Neustadt, Landau, Mannheim and other communities that have clubs with basketball departments, female membership numbers have increased steadily in recent years. This is also the case in Landau. Just in player experience, the teams parted at the break with 16:20. Landau’s lead grew to 9 points late in the third quarter. In the decisive quarter, the Neustadt women turned up the heat again, fought and clearly won the quarter with 13: 6. The match went to Landau with 39:41.

The last match of the day was reserved for the men. In the afternoon, when the U12 players were on the field, they had the impression that the field size of 15 m wide and 28 m long represented a considerable size, the impression of watching the men’s match was put into perspective. If you now think that the main game’s action takes place in front of the baskets at a distance of 5-8 meters, where there are wooden long, broad-shouldered, well-trained warriors, then the place is damn cramped. But now you have to somehow get the orange ball into the opponent’s basketball basket and the men from Neustadt did it impressively well. The spectators in Kurfürst-Ruprecht-Halle saw a very physical match right from the start. Many game interruptions resulted, two hotheads collided, and only the referees’ courageous intervention raised the game to a level worth seeing. The result of the break, a sprained or broken finger. At this point, it was obvious that the players of Neustadt Germersheim lowered the tempo and became more defensively oriented. Oh and there were points. That’s the main point of the game, and some baskets were thrown. 50 points in total, where Neustadt went to the break with two points more.

In the second half, coach Thomas Beuttler could no longer stay on the bench. Without further ado, he stood on the field with jersey number 9. The stoic calm that he radiated from the coaching bench was not really transferred to the game. But it was completely different when he helped determine the game in his basketball jersey among his fellow combatants. This led to more order and attractive conclusions were created. The team found their rhythm and in the third quarter they were able to get a 10-point lead. Neustadters continued to extend their lead until the end. A good change strategy, successful switching and the numerical superiority of the players gave Germersheimer little opportunity to turn the game in their favor again. A deserved and well-played victory (65:46) by the Neustadt team was greeted with a small drink after the final whistle. So a great basketball day ended and everyone is looking forward to the next basketball festival.

Report: Michael Klingenburg (press officer SG TSG Deidesheim / Neustadt Basketball)
Photo: Michael Klingenburg

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