The best fitness channels on Instagram and YouTube

Whether you are a runner, looking for a crisp HIIT workout or want to end your day with a yoga session at home: Social media can be a great source of motivation and inspiration for your athletic goals – if you have the time to go through it for to click and scroll through the many channels.

From the many hundreds of fitness bloggers, we have fished out what we think are the best channels on Instagram and YouTube for you.

We have not only emphasized an appealing and exciting presentation, but above all that the training is organized professionally, meaningfully and competently. Athletes at all levels should find what they are looking for on the following channels.

It was also very important for us to test channels in German so that fitness fans who may have just started can learn to do the exercises properly. In addition, there are also good English-speaking channels, no doubt.

On the following channels, every day there is a concentrated amount of fitness ideas, good mood and positive, sporty energy – and they are just as different as the platforms themselves.

Full body, abdominal and HIIT training to participate in

Joint-friendly workouts by the original influencer Gabi Fastner

The state-authorized gymnastics teacher has been putting up exercises for six years, now three to five videos a week. This allows her to guide you optimally into your new training routine – especially if you are still in the beginning, have limitations or joint problems and just want to take it easy and with more explanations – which does not mean that the videos on Gabi’s YouTube channel are less effective or not strenuous.

From functional strength training to morning exercises and mobility training, there is something for everyone. Videos about specific body regions or cardio devices can also be found here. With most videos, you can train directly without equipment.

Sweat with “HIIT-Together”

The sports researcher couple and psychological consultants Marie Christin and Mirco Wagner want to help busy people to feel more comfortable in their body and to become healthier and therefore happy with a little effort.

On their YouTube channel “HIIT Together – Losing Weight with Fun and Ease”, they use high-intensity interval training (abbreviated HIIT) to get your metabolism going.

A special highlight for pregnant women: As an expectant mother, you will also find free, gentle training on this channel, which you can also do during pregnancy after consultation with a doctor.

Varied HIIT training with Anne from “Bodykiss”

Anne Kissner from “Bodykiss” also has good training inspiration and everything with a healthy diet ready for you. With videos on HIIT devices, varied training and weight loss tips, Anne helps both fitness beginners and advanced users stay or stay in shape, strong and slim.

On her YouTube channel, she passes on a lot of knowledge about healthy and cheap nutrition to 619,000 subscribers, and she also offers free exercise plans or tips on how to easily avoid, for example, a bloated stomach – all this awaits you together with Anne and her husband Daniel , who also often trains and thus motivates many men or couples.

If that’s not enough for you, you can get even more support on the way to your individual dream figure with Anne’s fee-based fitness program.

Crisp workouts with fitness icon Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif has not only been on everyone’s lips since Corona – her YouTube channel, where she shares training according to the motto “fast and efficient”, has over six million followers. The best thing about it: You can train right away, because Pamela does not gossip and shake for long, but undergoes her training for the community in a hard way.

At the same time, it can also be a big disadvantage for anyone who is not yet familiar with the usual fitness exercises such as lunges, crunches and the like. Pamela jumps right in and rarely keeps up with the explanations. However, the layman can not always see which muscles are being tensed. Therefore, the channel is not suitable for beginners. But there are also some workouts with hints.

Whether it’s a six-pack or a full-body workout: Pamela’s workouts usually never last longer than ten to 20 minutes, max 30 minutes, and are suitable for both those who return to training and those who have experience with training. In their new app “Pam”, users can also filter them according to their needs.

No extra equipment is required for most workouts. The exercises can ideally be imitated at home, but are still demanding as Pam hardly gives you breaks from many exercises in a row.

Meanwhile, there are also some workouts with water bottles or light weights for those who want more. Pamela Reif’s channels also enjoy great popularity with more and more men and focus not only on the abdomen, legs and bottom.

Fitness records from Austria with Sascha Huber

If he was not known before his 1,000,000 push-up challenge in 2019, then at least since then. Sascha Huber is an Instagram and YouTube star and motivates people to do varied training online, whether it is at home or in the studio. He also gives his followers valuable nutrition tips.

Whether it’s 5 minutes of training, full body training, stretching exercises or various tutorials for the exact execution of the exercises – Sascha addresses a wide audience with his stories and has set himself the goal of inspiring as many as possible to practice sports. . Men with different fitness levels who want to strengthen their upper body or back should also feel appealed here.

Do not be afraid of challenges with “@fitness__kaykay”

Kathrin posts lots of crazy workout ideas on her Instagram channel. She wants to be holistically healthy and fit and loves to face new challenges – be it one-legged burpees or explosive push-ups with a flying phase.

After several live workouts on Instagram, she started uploading workout videos to YouTube in 2020. Challenges, nutrition tips and entertainment can also be found there.

Kathrin’s channels are particularly interesting for those who like to concentrate on themselves during workouts or listen to their own music via headphones. Because Kathrin does not talk during the workouts, she instead shows a brief review before the individual exercises.

She usually offers an easier alternative to more difficult exercises. Her training is suitable for both advanced and professionals.

Namaste: Yoga classes, Pilates and Tutorials

In the flow with Mady Morrison

Yoga has been following the charismatic Berlin for ten years: Certified yoga teacher Mady Morrison shares her passion with 1.37 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and on Instagram. In addition to the physical benefits associated with yoga, e.g. B. muscle building, core stability and fat loss, Mady helps you with her workouts to become more attentive.

Whether you are new to yoga or a sun salutation professional: Everyone is welcome on Mady’s channels to follow the path to more balance and satisfaction.

“Kick Ass Yoga” with Yogini Jelena

You can also find super practical yoga how-tos at “Kick Ass Yoga” on Instagram or YouTube. Yoga teacher Jelena has been practicing yoga since she was twelve. She therefore knows exactly what exercises to do in order to be able to hold her handstand at some point.

In addition, you can expect crisp Tabata workouts to really train yourself and push yourself to your personal limit, as well as daily yoga tutorials – even for really heavy exercises. If you want to get fit and flexible according to plan, you should take a closer look at their fee-based 8-week yoga program. You can test this for free in advance. Strength building is not a problem with yoga either!

“Lena’s Health Lab”: Pilates and Ballet Crossover

Lena Hollmann is a trained personal trainer, nutritionist and Pilates and Barre coach. She posts Pilates, Barre and HIIT training on her YouTube channel. In this way, she wants to contribute to a healthy body feeling. The beautiful backgrounds support this ideally! Lena shares all the more personal impressions behind the scenes on Instagram.

The combination of the different types of training offers holistic training and a shift from classic exercises. Livestreams are also regularly scheduled: every Wednesday and Saturday you can train with Lena in real time.

Keep running: New training ideas for all running fans

Girl Power with “@gogirlrun”

Mandy Jochmann runs her Instagram account specifically for women who love to run – whether you are a new runner or preparing for a marathon. The running and mindfulness trainer will help you get started with your training better.

On her blog and in the podcast, there is not only an extra charge of motivation (especially when the weaker one I would rather be on the couch again), but also exercise plans, tips on equipment, nutrition and how to deal with injuries.

with Dr. Paul Schmidt-Hellinger can run up to 100 kilometers

Dr Paul Schmidt-Hellinger is a sports doctor and documents his running successes on his Instagram channel “@runningpower”. Here you can even follow him on his way to a 100 kilometer run.

The combination of scientific background information and personal experience inspires enthusiastic runners – and everyone who wants to become one!

Trail running with the @runskills running couple

The Instagram account “@runskills” is run by Susi and Dennis, both marathon runners and trail runners. Not only on Instagram, but also on their blog of the same name and in their podcast, they help with questions about walking training, competition, motivation and nutrition.

They want to support their running community and ambitious runners with valuable reports and tips on their goals.

If you are looking for even more variety for your home training routine, you will definitely find what you are looking for on our training site: We have tips and video training for every goal and every part of the body.

On the YouTube channel FIT FOR FUN, we upload new workouts every week with qualified fitness trainers for a wide range of levels and needs. There are regularly new favorite exercises and tips to discover on our Instagram channel.

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