Push-up variants: These 5 create variety and strong arms

I run regularly and train my legs, buttocks and abdomen. However, my arms often go empty-handed. A few push-ups a week would also help tighten and strengthen this part of my body. But because they can be not only exhausting but also quite tedious, I have included five in this article Push-up variations listed. So nothing stands in the way of strong arms this summer!

These push-up variants are waiting for you:

5 push-up variations you should know

Push-ups are not only an ideal workout for strong arms. Much more train the whole body functionallyby targeting both the chest and shoulder muscles as well as the triceps, abdomen and back. Finally, a push-up even uses your hips and lay!

Next to the plank is such a push-up a real all-round exercisewhich you should not miss. But so that you do not get bored, I have selected five different push-up variants for you, which set different stimuli and take your training to a new level at the same time.

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Push-up variation: wide push-ups

The wider you place your hands with a push-up, the more you address your chest muscles. To do this, enter the regular starting position for a push-up, just place your hands further apart. Seen from above, your body should look like a T when you come down. Although this push-up variant is significantly heavier than a regular push-up, it offers you variety and strengthens weak points in your muscles.

A wide push-up trains your entire body, but first and foremost strains your chest. Photo: canva.com/ Artem Varnitsin

2. push-up variant: Tighten push-ups

The closer you stand with your hands, the more likely you are to grab your upper arms. For this push-up variant, get into the regular starting position, but raise your hands only a few inches apart under your chest. If you feel pain, do not hesitate to spread your hands further apart. When you go down, your body will look like an I, seen from above. This narrow variant primarily trains your triceps.

3. Push-up variation: Diamond push-ups

Closely related to the tight push-up is the so-called diamond push-up. It is called so because your hands are tight like a diamond or a rhombus during this push-up variation diamond placed under your body. Your thumbs touch the bottom, while your index fingers touch the top. The major shortcoming of this variant, however, is that it is particularly demanding and sometimes causes pain in the wrists can lead. So approach this exercise carefully and never go beyond your pain limits.

4. Push-up variation: Mountain top push-ups

If you are looking for a push-up variant that primarily caters to your shoulder muscles, then the pike push-up is just the thing for you! Your hips will be slightly upyour bottom forms a point in your body line when viewed from the side.

It is important that you maintain this posture throughout the push-up movement, both on the downward and on the upward motion. Granted: This exercise is for advanced users. Nevertheless, you should not avoid them, but always include them in your training plan to address your muscles.

Mrs. medicine ball
Finally, we have a push-up variant for you that requires a medicine ball or similar to help you. Photo: canva.com/ Artem Varnitsin

5. Push-up variation: Elevated legs

A so-called swiss-ball push-up is a push-up where your hands or feet rest on a medicine ball (or swiss ball). This variant also has it all, but is worth it all. For the variant with the feet on the ground, use either a medicine ball or a similar object.

Put your feet on it and start doing push-ups as usual. You will see that the height difference makes you sweat a lot and also promotes your coordination!

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