Press about Boris Becker: “Hans im Glück changed everything”

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“Hans im Glück swapped everything away”

Boris Becker sentenced to two and a half years in prison

Former tennis star Boris Becker has been jailed for his crimes. A court in London has sentenced the three-time Wimbledon winner to two and a half years in prison, of which he must serve at least half.

An “insatiable appetite for women, houses, cars and luxury” put Boris Becker behind bars, according to the “Daily Mail”. Other media also show compassion. Press reviews of the fallen tennis hero who is now in jail.

Boris Becker is in jail. He must stay there for 15 months after being convicted of delaying bankruptcy, then he can freely spend the second part of his sentence on probation. While companions and other celebrities show sympathy for the fallen tennis hero, the press is much more sober in many parts.

The English Daily Mail certifies the inmates have an “unquenchable appetite for women, houses, cars and luxury”. It had to happen because of “fatal business mistakes and fatal arrogance”.

“Gazzetta dello Sport” put it in a more flowery way. Becker will “no longer see the world through a tennis net, but through the bars of an English prison,” writes the Italian newspaper: “The prodigy fought as an adult. Becker’s reputation is ruined.”

Becker seemed to justify the verdict with a Wimbledon tape

Credit: PA / Salci

And “La Repubblica” takes on the purple-green accessory that Becker wore on that fateful day: “The Wimbledon tie that Becker wears in court is like a tombstone for his amazing career of excesses, setbacks, and regrets.”

“A career that went completely out of control”

Nevertheless, Die Zeit also feels for Becker: “Hans im Glück swapped everything away. We all took him out into the big world that had become small and also did not win every match out there. To mock Boris Becker would mean to do “yourself better than you are. Any past devotion requires respect. We are the legend too. If you trusted your bank adviser and never regretted it, throw the first stone.”

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Becker had earned well over 40 million euros during his career, he explained in court.  The 54-year-old provided deep insight into his private life

“SZ” also strikes mild tones: “Becker – it does not excuse anything, but is nonetheless important – has stayed in spheres of being admired that a normal mortal can not imagine. If everything is arranged for you, (…) if the consultants take care of it all and you only make sure that the body works because the body makes a profit – then something is lost. Then you have the feeling that it continues like this, so you also bring through a fortune that cannot actually be lowered. ”

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In Spain, “AS” assesses that Becker’s personal life is a mess: “He also looks visually abused, it does not leave him without a trace.” “NZZ” from Switzerland sees it the same way: “It’s the low point of a career that went completely out of control.”

“It was really violent, it’s not a trivial offense. It’s not funny.”

Dr Jürgen Rodegra, Special Advocate for International Business Law, analyzes the verdict against Boris Becker at WELT. He is an expert in the Anglo-Saxon legal system and says what anchors Becker can file over the verdict.

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