Lewandowski allegedly frustrated by coach Nagelsmann: “Annoying and too complex”

Column by Martin Volkmar: “Annoying and too complex”: Insider reveals Lewandowski’s frustration over Nagelsmann

The most important

  • FC Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski’s contract runs until 2023. Nevertheless, the Pole’s departure for the summer is possible.
  • According to insider information, the star striker is “annoyed” with Bayern coach Nagelsmann. The tense relationship is therefore another reason for separation.
  • FC Barcelona are interested in signing Lewandowski.

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Although Robert Lewandowski’s contract with Bayern Munich still runs for a year, it could be as early as this summer. On the one hand, a top club is specifically interested, on the other hand, the top striker is said to be annoyed with both the bosses and coach Julian Nagelsmann.

The atmosphere was great in the restaurant Rocco Riviera not far from Munich’s Odeonsplatz, where FC Bayern celebrated last Sunday night and celebrated winning their tenth championship in a row.

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Only in the case of one who is actually one of the main culprits for the long-term success was the enthusiasm contained. Robert Lewandowski stayed at the party for just 62 minutes before he and his supporters fled again.

The Pole had only been in action for his club once this season, playing in the 4-1 win over Freiburg in early April. At the time, however, the center-forward, who has played 34 out of 43 competitive games so far, was injured with a rib injury.

Lewandowski’s farewell thoughts from FC Bayern are more than just an adventure

“Has he had enough of Bayern? Lewandowski’s mysterious championship celebration,” read the headline in the “Bild” newspaper afterwards. In fact, rumors of emigration have been circulating for weeks and, according to information from SPOX and GOAL, are much more specific than the club would like.

Coach Julian Nagelsmann repeated on Friday before the press conference before the match in Mainz: “I have said it at least 50 times that I naturally wish he would stay, nothing has changed this week.”

Last Sunday, after Bayern boss Oliver Kahn, Hasan Salihamidzic also declared the striker unsaleable. “Lewy enjoys the greatest appreciation that can ever exist,” the sports director told Sky90.

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But Lewandowski obviously sees things differently. Over the past few months, both the lack of personal contact at the club and the lack of talks about an early extension of the contract have bothered him. And he is said to be annoyed by the praise from those responsible for other top attackers, above all Erling Haaland.

Lewandowski’s relationship with Bayern coach Nagelsmann cracked

In addition, several sources reported a strained relationship with Nagelsmann, although he did not want to know anything about it. Therefore, Lewandowski and other veterans are dissatisfied with the lack of direct communication from the coach and above all with the content and tactics of the training.

“They find the training annoying and too complex,” says one insider. In addition, Lewandowski is particularly bothered by Nagelsmann’s system change away from the 4-2-3-1 system that has been in use since Louis van Gaal because he gets too few assists and scores much less frequently.

Certain types of opponents are causing problems for star striker Lewandowski

The 33-year-old has already scored 48 competitive goals this season, just as many as last season, when he improved on Gerd Müller’s record of as many as 41 Bundesliga goals. But especially against deep, well-organized opponents like Villarreal recently, Lewandowski hardly had any real chances, which was one of the reasons for the early elimination in the Champions League quarter-finals.

For all these reasons, the thought of changing the six-time, soon to be seven-time top scorer in the league is anything but speculation. Especially since there is obviously a concrete interest from FC Barcelona.

Lewandowski adviser Zahavi: Better offer or no extension at Bayern

Lewandowski’s adviser Pini Zahavi is said to have asked for his client’s approval during the first meeting with Kahn and Salihamidzic on Thursday in team chef Alfons Schuhbeck’s restaurant in central Munich, if Bayern did not come up with a lucrative offer on an extension.

But with the record champions, one sees almost demonstratively no reason to hurry. “He has a contract until 2023, we have all the time in the world to talk,” Salihamidzic said. And the board members also explained to Zahavi why it was out of the question to say goodbye to summer.

If in doubt, you’d like to take the risk of Lewandowski leaving top players like David Alaba, Jerome Boateng or Niklas Süle on a free transfer next year.

Sales loss due to Corona: FC Bayern do not want to go over the salary cap for Lewandowski

Because the around 150 million losses in sales due to the corona pandemic make Bayern’s financial opportunities significantly more difficult, which is why they are reluctant to give Lewandowski, who was 34 in August, a contract for two seasons and above all not the club’s. internal salary cap of 25 million euros per year exceeds.

Because Torgarant should already earn between 23 and 25 million euros according to consistent reports, there seems to be little room for improvement. In view of the strained cash situation and age, a pay cut would make more sense, which Lewandowski and his well-versed adviser would again have a hard time accepting.

Lewandowski among the absolute best wage earners in the world

This is supported by the fact that according to a Forbes ranking from September last year, only three players worldwide earn significantly more than Lewandowski (although the discrepancy is huge): Cristiano Ronaldo (estimated at 66 million euros) and Neymar and Lionel Messi (both 71 million euros).

On the other hand, Lewandowski’s market value has fallen sharply in recent months. According to the transfer market from 90 million euros in April 2018 to currently only 50 million, while the auditing firm KPMG estimates it at around 66 million, but also with a downward trend.

Lewandowski: Why Bayern face problems despite the contract until 2023

As this calculation also evaluates the age and prospects of the professionals, seven Bayern teammates in the transfer market and six at KPMG now have higher market values ​​than the Pole. “His age of 33 pushes the market price because the demand for a professional footballer who is getting older is always dwindling. His perspective is limited,” Sport1 said.

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Nevertheless, the perceived sense of security on the part of the FCB management may be misleading that Lewandowski will continue to diligently guarantee goals and titles until 2023. In this context, reference is repeatedly made to the striker’s faultless behavior and strong performance in his final season in Borussia Dortmund in 2013/14, where BVB blocked an early switch to Munich and preferred to score instead of the allegedly high transfer fee. .

Because at that time Lewandowski was not yet a world star and not yet represented by “Piranha” Zahavi (original sound Uli Hoeneß), but the player had great confidence in the professionalism of the contacts in Dortmund, above all Hans-Joachim Watzke. It was the same with longtime Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who left last summer, whose clear rejections he ultimately always accepted in previous offers from Real Madrid and Manchester United Lewandowski.

Lewandowski and the tensions with Bayern bosses Nagelsmann, Kahn and Salihamidzic

But now the top star is annoyed with Nagelsmann as well as with bosses Kahn and Salihamidzic, who insist accusations of lack of concept in the squad planning in general and the currently expiring contracts in particular. Therefore, the signs of an extension with Serge Gnabry and Lewandowski are currently pretty bad.

The club can not do everything, especially with the aging Lewy. On the other hand, since his second season with the Reds (2015/16) he has always scored at least 40 competition goals a year and significantly more in the last three years. This is anything but guaranteed with the traded potential successors like Sebastien Haller, Darwin Nunez or Patrick Schick, not to mention the transfer fee of 25 million euros and more.

Therefore, according to critics, those responsible in Munich should have thought long and hard about creative offers for their best striker, such as salary increases or a longer term linked to success parameters such as bonus payouts for titles, appearances or goals (which in turn, also for the necessary revenue to finance the whole package). Instead, however, Bayern should only have offered further cooperation on the previous terms

For Lewandowski, there is only one option when changing clubs

For these reasons, many close observers believe that it is more and more likely that Lewandowski and Bayern can separate after eight years. In fact, only Barcelona are up for Lewandowski as ManUnited and PSG are not really options for him and other clubs like Real, ManCty or Chelsea are not interested.

According to consistent information, Munich’s pain threshold is a transfer fee of at least 40 million euros, Barca are said to be ready to pay up to 35 million euros. As the Catalans, who owe more than a billion euros for the funding, first have to thin out the squad and find more sponsors, they are currently playing. So there may be months of transfer poker up to September.

Personal details: As Head of Portals & Content at Football.Co and editor-in-chief, Martin Volkmar is responsible for the sports website SPOX.com and the German-language editorial team for the world’s largest football platform Goal.com.

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