Jürgen Klopp extends Liverpool FC: A signal to Manchester City and Co. at the perfect time

World Club Champions, Premier League Winners, Champions League Winners.

Since Jürgen Klopp signed as team manager in October 2015, Liverpool FC have already placed a total of five trophies in the winners’ showcase.

An end to the success story is not in sight at the moment. On the contrary: the probability of more trophies in the future increased many times on Thursday.

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“There is something to report. I will be two more years,” Klopp happily announced his early contract extension until 2026 in a video released by the club: “I love our club. I hope we will all enjoy our time together.”

A message that should have aroused enthusiasm among Reds supporters, with Klopp already enjoying legendary status.

Klopp throws career plan over

It is not long ago that Klopp again ruled out extending his contract, which expired in 2024. “My plan is to stay until 2024, and then I say: thank you very much!” he explained just a few weeks ago.

After a conversation with his wife Ulla, however, the long-cherished plan was thrown overboard, as Klopp revealed. “It was really a private deal. But then we sat at the kitchen table and Ulla said: I do not see us leaving the city in 2024.” Already on Thursday, Klopp justified his decision with similar words: “Ulla will stay. And what does a good man do when his wife wants to stay? He stays.”

Why not? In his six and a half years in Liverpool to date, Klopp has written a history of success that is unparalleled. The 54-year-old has managed to transform a well-established club that threatened to become insignificant in the Premier League into one of the most successful clubs on the continent.

“I could not appreciate more what has happened here over the last few years,” the former Borussia Dortmund coach said on Friday, continuing with his declaration of love: “I never thought I would find another place where I feel so welcome and useful. It feels absolutely good to be red. ”

Jürgen Klopp Liverpool FC

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Klopp extension at the perfect time

Klopp’s whereabouts on Merseyside are also a clear signal: for national and international competition.

It can be assumed that even with the possible departure of Mohamed Salah, who was recently named the best player in the Premier League, the Reds will remain a title contender in all tournaments in the coming years thanks to their world-class squad combined with Klopps. tactical skills.

As is the case this season.

Klopp’s contract extension could therefore come at just the right time to give his team, who are now unbeaten in 11 competitive matches, a moral boost as they head towards the end of the season.

Liverpool: Quadruple hovers all over

After all, expectations are higher than ever before. The word “quadruple” has hovered over Anfield Road like the sword of Damocles for weeks.

Following the League Cup victory, Liverpool still have the chance for three more titles. The Reds meet Chelsea in the FA Cup final on May 14 at Wembley Stadium. Klopp still lacks that title in his CV.
In the Champions League, the 2019 champion after beating Bayern conquerors FC Villarreal 2-0 in the first match of the semi-final by advancing to the final on 28 May in Paris, where Manchester City can wait in a possible final. Once again.

Jürgen Klopp has been Liverpool coach since October 2015

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Klopp does not want to know anything about the quadruple

Pep Guardiola’s team is also Klopp’s men’s big rivals in the Premier League. The Skyblues are just a measly point ahead of Liverpool with five games left.

Although the chances of a possible quadrupling are undoubtedly better than ever before, Klopp will still have nothing to do with it. “Wet our pants just before the toilet is still weeded, so it does not help to be close,” Klopp said in his incomparable way after his team’s 2-0 win over Villarreal on the “DAZN” Microphone.

There are still eight real “finals” left for Liverpool on their way to the historic triumph. The Reds will play the extremely important league match at Newcastle United on Saturday (13:30), and therefore Klopp does not have time at all to think about any titles, let alone the four-time one.

“We try to get through the situation as best we can. We try to help the boys stay healthy,” Klopp stressed, adding: “It has already been a fantastic season.”

Each additional title would be the culmination of the successful season. The fact is that there would still be some room in the Liverpool FC showcase for more silverware.

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Make perfect: Klopp extends in Liverpool – and refers to his wife


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quadrupled? Klopp: “Just before the toilet in my pants …”

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