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With that, we say goodbye to the weekend. The ticker then takes a short break before we meet again on Monday at this point. Norman Fischer wishes you some good days and a good start to May. Until then!


Williams: Engineers wanted a completely black car

To save weight, many teams have removed parts of their color. This is especially noticeable in Williams, where much of the familiar blue has been changed to gender. According to Dave Robson, head of vehicle performance, the engineers even asked to have the entire paint removed – but that was not compatible with the marketing department’s ideas.

“We all want the car to look good. It sets the tone for the whole brand, which is pretty important,” Robson said. “Of course it’s a compromise. The car must have a visible personality. But at the same time it is in the sponsors’ interest to make the car as fast as possible.”


Bottas: Less team potential, but team leader at Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is also pleased with Valtteri Bottas, who has already scored 24 points – more than the team combined in the previous two years. The Finn was Vasseur’s dream driver, although he knew he would be difficult to sign: “I knew we had to approach Valtteri differently,” he says.

“Obviously, we can not offer Valtteri the same potential as Mercedes. On the other hand, we offered him to be our team leader. It makes a huge difference in his approach and mindset,” the team manager emphasizes.

“He fit really well into the role and made it clear from the start that he wanted this move.” You can read the entire 1: 1 interview with Frederic Vasseur here on our portals on Sunday.


Vasseur: Hold ‘played games’ with weight

The fact that the minimum weight again before the season was raised from 795 to 798 kg because many teams had trouble meeting the limit, caused dissatisfaction, especially with Alfa Romeo, because the weight was not a problem for them and they had a small advantage. has lost.

“I think a lot of people expected the FIA ​​to increase the minimum weight at the last minute. Some teams played matches,” said team manager Frederic Vasseur, who would have considered a further increase to be “completely unfair”. “Because we made some decisions about the complexity, also because of the weight,” the Frenchman told ‘Motorsport-Total.com’.

“But it’s Formula 1: everyone plays their own game. But it was crystal clear to us that the minimum weight was achievable and that we did not want to be overweight.”


Renault is already working on 2026

In the meantime, work on the engine is progressing to 2026, although there are no fixed rules for it yet. But manufacturers can not just go unprepared into the new engine era: “We have already started exploring a few key points,” says engine manager Bruno Famin, “even though the rules are not yet complete”.

“We’re already working on it at Viry, and we’re also working with Enstone. We’re at an advanced stage,” he says.

On Tuesday, the Formula 1 commission confirmed some cornerstones for the new generation of engines.

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Renault engine manager: Corona has improved the collaboration

Renault’s new engine manager Bruno Famin is pleased with how the collaboration between Alpine’s factory in Enstone and the engine factory in Viry-Chatillon works. The corona pandemic also played a role in this: “Maybe COVID helped us in some way,” he says.

When an employee works in Enstone and an employee in Viry, it’s like when an employee works in Viry and an employee works in his house 20 kilometers from Viry, “says Famin, who emphasizes that the new management around Otmar Szafnauer also has the right people. would emit signals.

“The fact that the 2022 engine and the cars are back in the game is proof of the concept,” says the chief engineer. “The boys understand that it’s the right way to go at all levels.”

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Formula 1 technology: How Mercedes is experimenting with the W13

My colleague Matthew Somerfield has summarized for you in this article which updates the Mercedes tested at the Formula 1 race in Imola and how much the drivers are experimenting with the setup of the W13 Silver Arrow. Mercedes is still working to solve the guinea pig problems

12:46 p.m.

Pictures from the tire test in Imola

This week was also the Pirelli tire test at Imola, where Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Alpine and AlphaTauri participated. You can now find the pictures here with us!

Formula 1 Pirelli tire test 2022 in Imola

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