Hong Kong Quarantine Prison: This is what it looks like

Close to each other: The quarantine camp’s bird’s perspective is from 31 August this year.
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Just over ten days ago, three pilots from Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific tested positive for the corona virus after returning from Frankfurt.

All of the airline’s flight attendants and pilots who have been in Frankfurt since early November are now to be quarantined for 21 days in a camp on an island near Hong Kong.

A pilot shows on Instagram what the camp looks like other networks compare to a prison. For three weeks, she and her colleagues are not even allowed to leave their little room to go for a walk.

A number of stewardesses and pilots from Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific have just had to spend three weeks in a quarantine camp on Lantau Island, an island about 20 kilometers by car from Hong Kong city center. The quarantine camp is located right next to Hong Kong Disneyland. However, it has nothing to do with joy and fun, reports the @flywitheva Instagram account.

According to their own statements, the verified Instagram account belongs to Eva, a Boeing 747 pilot who has been employed by Cathay Pacific for three years. She says she, like many colleagues, was sent to the quarantine camp by the government despite a negative PCR test result because, as a crew member, she could be a potential risk taker.

A few days ago, the Hong Kong newspaper “The Standard” reported on an internal message from the airline to the cabin and cockpit staff. The message is now also up Twitter. It says that three pilots from “Cathay Pacific” were tested positive after returning from Frankfurt. The Hong Kong health authorities then asked the airline for a list of all flight attendants and pilots who had also been in Frankfurt since November 1st. According to the report, the crews of “Cathay Pacific” are staying at a hotel in nearby Mainz.

Instagram video shows how spartan the rooms in the quarantine camp are

The Hong Kong government opened the so-called “Penny’s Bay Isolation Camp” in mid-September. According to official statements, it holds 800 “units”. In the video that the pilot @flywitheva posted on Instagram, you can see that the tiny rooms are spartan – with two small beds, a bedside table, a kind of camping table and a tiny bathroom with a shower.

The flight crews are not even allowed to leave the room to go for a walk. Friends are at least allowed to bring food into the camp and send it into the room through a window. The government even provides the inmates with food three times a day.

“I feel overwhelmed – 21 days is such a long time,” @flywitheva wrote on Instagram. All crews stationed in Hong Kong are fully vaccinated, perform a PCR test after each flight and isolate themselves in all hotel rooms worldwide – and have been for more than 20 months, says the pilot.

“Cathay Pacific” is now asking crews to voluntarily isolate themselves after flight operations

According to a BBC report on Tuesday, Cathay Pacific has reacted and issued new rules to its crew members – presumably to spare stewardesses and pilots from the strict 21-day quarantine at Penny’s Bay. From Wednesday after returning from flight, they should remain in voluntary self-isolation at home for three days (apart from shopping and walking alone), avoid unnecessary contacts for 21 days and test themselves daily.

As before, crews are not supposed to leave their hotel rooms anywhere in the world, not even to eat. When the second vaccination is six months old, the herds must be vaccinated a third time. As early as October 1 this year, Cathay Pacific had made vaccination mandatory for all of its flight crews.

In her Instagram story, @flywitheva keeps a kind of “quarantine diary” and shows how she handles isolation, for example by doing yoga. Today is only day 3 of the three-week quarantine next to Disneyland.

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