Fit in the summer – the best sport for the hot season

It does not last long, soon we will be spoiled again with 20 degrees and more. However, the temperatures in the summer can quickly rise markedly and make us sweat a lot. And not just in physical activity. Nevertheless, most athletes are then pulled back into the fresh air to pursue their athletic preferences. There are a number of sports that are particularly suitable for being grown outdoors in the summer. However, it should always be noted that this should not necessarily be done in the midday heat, especially if it is particularly hot. The early morning hours are always best, but also the later and therefore cooler evening hours. This avoids the risk of overheating.

Most popular of all sports – running

Jogging is still the most popular outdoor sport. You do not need that much for it and you can start right away. But it is important here, especially if you drive significantly more kilometers here, that you pay attention to the right shoes. Really good running shoes cost a little more, but pay off in terms of health afterwards. But breathable running clothes also make outdoor sports activities much easier. Especially jogging grounds in forests and nature reserves delight many a runner’s heart.

Circuit training

Circuit training outside in the park is also highly recommended. Different stations are built here, which you always change one after the other after a certain time. For this purpose, you can choose exercises that can be trained without extra weights or aids, or you can e.g. use flexible Thera-Bands or a TRX. These can then be attached to trees or park benches. The straps make it possible to increase the degree of difficulty a little more and also to work with more weight. You can easily find instructions on how to use the Thera tapes or TRX correctly on YouTube, or if you prefer it personally, you can invest in a private trainer.

Mega trends – yoga

Everyone is talking about yoga and there is hardly anyone who has not tried this workout before. Especially as a beginner, it is best to attend appropriate yoga classes. The yoga teacher can then be aware of the correct execution of the exercises and thus reduce the risk of overestimating himself and possibly injuring himself. Yoga classes are offered indoors, but also outdoors in quiet locations. You can definitely ask at the nearest gym or just research in the social media forums where the next lessons are.

Lake / sea nearby?

Water lovers will definitely get something for their money here. For not only on land, but also in or on the water, all sports can be very well cultivated. Which contains:

  • SUP (Stand Up Paddle)
  • Canoeing
  • surfing
  • kitesurfing
  • Dive
  • To swim

It does not necessarily have to be an ocean, SUP or canoeing can also be easily implemented on a lake or river. There are even special yoga classes at a SUP. Anyone who has ever tried yoga knows how difficult it is to have solid ground under your feet. A completely different challenge is to try yoga on a shaky surface like a SUP. But if you do not dare, you will not win.

No sea / lake but mountains?

Mountains or at least hilly landscapes are also particularly suitable for playing sports. On the one hand, nature areas and mountains can very easily be “hiked”. Hiking is becoming more and more popular and makes it possible, firstly, to be outside and, secondly, to take in much of the landscape. Hiking stimulates the circulation and can be easily adapted to everyone’s physical condition. If you are not yet used to climbing long and demanding mountains, you can take it easy and choose shorter routes with small climbs. The requirements can then be increased over time and adapted to the physical conditions. With lots of fun in nature, you automatically get more stamina and endurance.

No matter what kind of sport your heart beats, it is guaranteed that it will always be more fun to engage in outdoor activities and take advantage of the heat of the summer days.

Cover image: Running outside in the summer not only keeps you in shape, it’s fun too

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