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FC St. Pauli has come out of step in the second division. If he wants to retain his chance of promotion or at least third place, he must win his home game against 1. FC Nürnberg tonight. Top scorer Guido Burgstaller may be missing, however.

The great euphoria can no longer be felt at Millerntor after the recent setbacks. The trend speaks against FC St. Pauli, who has not won in four matches and has been relegated to fourth place in the table. A setback would also be an injury to Burgstaller. According to “Bild”, the Austrian must have torn a muscle fiber over. His appearances in the last two matches at FC Schalke 04 and against Fortuna Düsseldorf are said to be in jeopardy. Or not?

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At least FC St. Pauli congratulated Friday morning on Burgstaller’s 33rd birthday, wished all the best “and preferably your next goal tonight”. It does not sound like a certain forward-looking failure.

1.FC Nürnberg would certainly not mind if Burgstaller were out. The Franks rank two places after the burgers. They have an almost identical starting position: only one victory helps in the promotion battle. FCN coach Robert Klauß set the chance of promotion at three percent. “We’re eager for her to still be there next week. A victory at St. Pauli is necessary for that.”

Schultz: “Can influence everything yourself”

His opponent Timo Schultz was also positive about the match against the Franks today (18.30 in NDR Livecenter): “We can influence everything ourselves and now have a fantastic match against Nuremberg in front of our chests. So in Schalke and against Düsseldorf – there will be three cracked matches, “said the coach, who in view of the promotion race stressed:” It is only over on the 34th match day. There is still so much possible. “

Coach Timo Schultz from the football club FC St.  Pauli in Second Division © Witters Photo: TayDuc Lam

SOUND: St. Paul’s coach Schultz: “We can do anything” (1 min)

However, the development of recent weeks does not give much cause for optimism. Not only the sporting failures put pressure on the mood. Recently, there has also been internal noise: Some players wanted, among other things, to negotiate a promotion bonus with sports director Andreas Bornemann immediately after the disappointing 1-1 match in Sandhausen.

“How smart is it to ask the sports director for a promotion one day after a slap in the neck at the last minute … You can not learn timing,” Bornemann said on Monday in “Sport 1”.

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Guido Burgstaller from FC St.  Pauli desperate © Witters Photo: Valeria Witters

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Irvine and Hartel are suspended

Schultz will also have to make the sporting turn with reduced staff, though Burgstaller is not absent. For the first time this season, St. Pauli hit by a yellow card suspension: Jackson Irvine and Marcel Hartel are missing against the “club”.

Irvine played in the central, defensive midfield against Darmstadt. Schultz would like to replace him there with regular “six” Eric Smith. However, the Swede is injured (again) and “not an opportunity for Friday”, as Schultz emphasized.

More options on the flank

That is why it says in Afeez Aremu has only one alternative available. The 22-year-old should definitely have a starting XI, especially since Schultz described him as a “predetermined player” for this position on Wednesday.

The situation is different with the replacement for Hartel. Schultz has a number of options on the outside. “Etienne Amenyido has already done well there, Christopher Buchtmann and Rico Benatelli also know the position,” said St. Paul’s coach.

Possible lineups:

FC St Pauli: Vasilj – Zander, Ziereis, Medic, Paqarada – Aremu, Becker, Buchtmann, Kyereh – Makienok, Amenyido
1. FC Nürnberg: Mathenia – Fischer, Schindler, Sörensen, craftsmen – Krauss, Tempelmann, Duman, Möller-Daehli, Schlemmer – Dovedan

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