Boris Becker: Now Mrs Lilly Becker – people are talking

His loved ones have his back – even behind bars.

The shock is deep in Boris Becker (54) and those around him: The tennis legend is going to jail for two years and six months for bankruptcy crimes.

This harsh verdict came as a particularly big surprise to her: Lily Becker (45) was the woman by Boris’ side until 2018. He also has son Amadeus (12) with the Dutch model.

She now has the difficult task of teaching her child why father does not come back for a long time.

In an interview with RTL on Saturday, Lilly told how she felt after the verdict, how she is doing and what she learned from Boris.

On Friday, Boris went hand in hand with his partner Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro (33) on his way to court to have the verdict handed down. His ex-partner Lilly did not expect it would have been Boris’ last hours in freedom.

Following the announcement, Boris was taken directly to jail and had no opportunity to speak to his children again.

Boris and his current girlfriend Lilian on their way to court FridayFoto: Alastair Grant/AP

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Boris and his girlfriend Lilian on Friday on their way to court for sentencingPhoto: Alastair Grant / AP

Lilly thinks the sentence is too harsh, says in an RTL interview: “He killed no one. What is happening now has something to do with taxes (…). He is a man, a person, a father, a former husband to me, to Barbara and a public figure. “

Then as a couple to an event in 2010: Boris and his ex LilyFoto: Frank Zauritz

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Then as a couple to an event in 2010: Boris and his ex LillyPhoto: Frank Zauritz

How do you explain to your child that father is going to jail?

Not only is Boris facing a difficult time, life is also changing radically for those around him. Lilly must now master the upbringing of her son Amadeus alone and above all explain to him that he will only be able to see his father very rarely in the near future. Under completely new circumstances.

Instead of trips and father-son time at home, Amadeus will have to visit his father in prison. Lilly also throws the verdict off track: “I’m even surprised that I’m so emotional because no one expected this verdict.”

The final farewell kiss to Amadeus: Boris did not know if he was really going to jail

“I need help”

She does not know exactly how to tell her twelve-year-old son about the harsh sentence, says Lilly Becker. The 45-year-old is fighting back tears. After the interview, she would pick up the Bible and pray with Amadeus. Then they visited friends.

Lilly Becker seems helpless, lost. And admits: “I can not do it alone, I need psychological help. I know we have to eat meat and french fries tonight. Everything else …” She shakes her head, does not know what to do.

Loving mother: Lilly Becker with her son a few years agoFoto: picture alliance

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Loving mother: Lilly Becker with her son a few years agoPhoto: picture alliance

“Amadeus told me yesterday, ‘Mom, Dad is the best dad in the world.’ I asked why? He said, ‘Because he’s always there for me.'”

Her son does not know what happened between her and Boris after the breakup, says Lilly Becker. Her husband is a good father and has done everything right with their child. And yet: “Amadeus needs to grow faster now,” Lilly says sadly.

Boris will hear the comforting words from his ex-partner Lily in prisonFoto: Frank Augstein/dpa

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Boris Becker FridayPhoto: Frank Augstein / dpa

Nevertheless, Lilly wants to stay strong: “I’m not afraid because I’m a tough woman, I learned that from Boris. No matter what happens, it must always continue.”

She also addressed loving words to her partner Boris: “I only make this statement because it is important for every person to know that we – Amadeus, Noah, Elias, Barbara, his girlfriend Lilian – we are all behind Boris. much what happens. “

When he will read or hear these words is uncertain. One consolation is the great support from those around him, but definitely for the fallen tennis star …

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