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If only the Franciscans had known: their former monastery on Lake Como had become a place of sin! In the James Bond classic “Casino Royale”, today’s Villa del Balbianello functions only as a harmless sanatorium, but 007, the bad finger, still attacks the Bond girl Vesper from his wheelchair – even though he has just gone out and recovered from it torture she had previously had. suffered on her abdomen. Typical Bond: a hero who can and must do everything.

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With a spectacular location on the tip of the Lavedo Peninsula on Lake Como, this beautiful 18th-century villa with stately patio gardens has hardly changed a blade of grass from the 2006 strip. If the 007 Motif scouts were already weak in Tremezzo, then how can a visitor resist it?

In this village with its noble villas and palaces, like Villa del Balbianello, on one side. On the other hand, on the slope, it is hardly understandably ridden on top of each other, as a stroll through the car-free Centro histórico at the foot of Monte Crocione shows: People have literally ridden in the narrow streets, just as the subtropical plants have done. between the heat-storing plants small wall thrives. Most of them live in their little house all their lives and listen to the “melancholy murmur of the waves”, as the composer Franz Liszt wrote during his visit. Tremezzo is one of the “Borghi più belli d’Italia”, the most beautiful villages in Italy. Residents do not care about a celebrity like George Clooney. They run their business or look after their cows. A cattle ride in Tremezzo is more exciting than strange actors with air and grace. Because Tremezzo is a place where magic lives, whether it’s in the simple rustico, the stately villa or the sophisticated grand hotel.

The venerable house breathes history, exudes grandezza with old-world charm: What has grown makes the difference, and the house was one of the stops on the Grand Tour, leading to elegant statues and fine ladies, lovely landscapes and elegant castles, fine restaurants and large hotels like the one in Tremezzo. The journey represented the initiation from young gentleman on departure to gentleman on return. And then the fine ones from Belle Époque Lago and of course celebrated themselves.

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Today you can enjoy the mighty, palace-like Art Nouveau building, the park, the palm trees, the large pool anchored in the lake right in front of the hotel, and of course the golden risotto made according to Gualtiero’s recipe Marchesi, the first Italian chef to receive three Michelin stars . According to the will in the will, only chef Osvaldo Presazzi is allowed to cook Marchesi’s golden risotto alla milanese. “You can not taste the gold, but Marchesi’s risotto recipe is just perfect,” says Presazzi. “The secret is in burro acido.” That means butter that has been added to white wine, vinegar and onions.

An Alfa Giulia from the 1970s hums along the dam. Red, glowing, elegant and all looks are safe: curious, envious, in love. A Giulia, that’s a promise! This is Italy! With chic and eroticism, beautiful women and exciting men in elegant clothes. And with art! Therefore, Giulia stops in Tremezzo on the driveway to Villa Carlotta with its wonderful garden, the graceful fountain, box hedges, exotic and rare plants.

The villa is made for such a car. Museum guests are already gaping, though the best has not yet come. Driver and attendant enjoying the moment. “Anyone who writes about two happy lovers must let the story take place on the shores of Lake Como,” Franz Liszt once remarked. In the early 18th century, Margrave Giorgio Clerici had the villa built, Princess Carlotta gave it its name, and we owe it to her husband, Georg von Sachsen-Meiningen, for the art collection of antique sculptures, contemporary art and classical paintings open to the public. Today. The original “The Last Kiss of Romeo and Juliet” by Francesco Hayez (1823) does not hang in Verona, but in Villa Carlotta. Just in front of this villa, on the banks of the Azaleas, halfway between Como and Sorico, Lago opens to the north and forms the most beautiful Y in the world, because Lake Como divides like an inverted Y into two equal longitudinal spurs: a perfect fjord-like beauty, 55 kilometers long and at 410 meters one of the deepest lakes in Europe. Steep towering two-thousandths provide protection and a pleasant climate almost all year round.

Whoever says Lake Como means, in most cases, the permanently crowded and overrated Bellagio. Tremezzo is the opposite of that: the small town is pleasantly quiet and still has the nostalgic flair, a bit morbid, showing its age, but authentic and simply magical.

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