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SV Werder Bremen in live ticker against Holstein Kiel: All goals, news and information from Wohninvest Weserstadion – all live in the live ticker on DeichStube.


18:29: Now the teams are running in – in the best weather conditions. The sun is shining, the temperature is 15 degrees. So everything is ready for an excellent game.

18:28: The atmosphere at the sold-out Weser Stadium is fantastic: the two teams are about to arrive.

18:25: Werder Bremen will make up for the 2-1 defeat in the first match today. Werder’s U19 coach Christian Brand was on the sidelines in Kiel at the time because interim coach Danijel Zenkovic was out with a corona infection. Monday after the defeat at “Storks”, Werder finally announced Ole Werner’s commitment as the new coach.

18:21: Today’s match referee is Frank Willenborg from Osnabrück. The 43-year-old has already refereed a match involving Bremen this season: in early February in the 2-1 victory for the Greens and Whites against Karlsruher SC. Willenborg is assisted at the Weser Stadium by Christian Bandurski (Oberhausen) and Fabian Porsch (Barsbüttel), fourth referee is Robin Braun (Wuppertal). Video assistants Tobias Welz (Wiesbaden) and Asmir Osmanagic (Stuttgart) sit in the “Kölner Keller”.

18:18: Werder must rely on an emergency defense again today in the back three, as Milos Veljkovic and Ömer Toprak still lack two core defenders. However, the temporary back three consisting of Nicolai Rapp, Marco Friedl and Anthony Jung showed a very strong performance at Schalke last week. So despite the mistakes, the fans do not have to be afraid.

18:14: The Bremen coach, who is generally described as more of a sober person, is thrilled to receive the Werder fans in the pre-match Sky conversation. “It was an extraordinary moment,” says Ole Werner. The support has already been excellent in the past and the atmosphere can still inspire the team today. However, the 33-year-old does not want to draw comparisons to the promotion battle with Holstein Kiel. With the “storks”, Werner had failed in the previous season from a promising position in the promotion race, but this year “it’s a different situation”.

Werder Bremen vs. Holstein Kiel in the live ticker: SVW coach Ole Werner meets his ex-club

18:10: Ole Werner meets his ex-club today: The Bremen coach was already active for Holstein Kiel in his youth and then also played in U23 with “Storks”. From 2013 to 2021, Werner worked as a coach in Kiel for eight years, including three years as a coach for the first team.

18:05: Marvin Ducksch and Niclas Füllkrug, the two “ugly birds” from SV Werder, scored more goals in the second half of the season than Holstein Kiel in total during this period. The attacking duo scored 22 goals, of which Ducksch and Füllkrug each scored eleven, while the “Storks” only managed 19 penalties.

18.00: Who has the round leather on the foot more often these days? Werder Bremen and Holstein Kiel are two teams that like to have a lot of ball possession. The average quotas of 57 percent (Werder) and 55 percent (Kiel) are exceeded only by Hamburger SV (64 percent).

17:56: “Storks” play their weakest second division season: Kiel have only collected 39 points in the previous 31 games, as many as in the 2019/20 season. Nevertheless, the visitors should already be sure to stay up this year, as the lead over relegation place 16 and Dynamo Dresden is at nine points.

17.50: SV Werder Bremen have lost only one of their 16 competitive matches under coach Ole Werner (1: 2 at 1. FC Heidenheim). At home, the Green and Whites have also remained undefeated in the last eleven home games (six wins, five draws), the last defeat was in the northern derby against HSV (0: 2). Also, thanks to these two series, the green-whites managed to say goodbye to the middle table in the 2. Bundesliga and to blossom into the favorites in the promotion race.

17.45: Fans of SV Werder Bremen are already excited for the season’s third to final match: Nearly 4,000 supporters received the Bremen team bus at the Weser Stadium today, creating goosebumps.

Werder Bremen vs. Holstein Kiel in the live ticker: the line-ups are there

17:42: On the bench at Holstein Kiel are Gelios – Carrera, Koulis, Arslan, Porath, Sterner, Wolf and Arp.

17.40: Compared to the week before and a 1-1 draw against 1. FC Heidenheim, Holstein coach Marcel Rapp has changed his line-up to two positions: Instead of Ioannis Gelios, Thomas Dähne is in goal for Kiel, and striker Benedikt Pichler replaces him. injured Aleksandar Ignjovski in start XI. Alexander Mühling moves back to midfield with the “storks”.

17:37: Holstein Kiel enters the match at Bremen’s Weser Stadium with the following line-up: Dähne – Korb, Lorenz, Thesker, van den Bergh – Mühling, Holtby – Skrzybski, Reese – Wriedt, Pichler

17:32: In relation to the 4-1 victory in FC Schalke 04, Bremen’s coach Ole Werner has not made any changes. Zetterer – Chiarodia, Mai, Park, Mbom, Nankishi, Schmidt, Schönfelder, Assalé, Dinkci and Woltemade, sit on the bench for the green-whites.

17.30: Coach Ole Werner enters the match against Holstein Kiel with this starting student: Pavlenka – Weiser, Rapp, Friedl, Jung, Agu – Gruev – Bittencourt, Schmid – Ducksch, Füllkrug!

Bremen – Werder Bremen in live ticker against Holsten Kiel: kick-off ind Weser Stadium is at 6.30 pm, on live ticker starts here around 5.30pm with the starting lineups for both teams. All Goals, news and information of 2. Bundesliga – everything Direct in live ticker that DeichStube.

Werder Bremen v Holstein Kiel – preliminary report:

First the promotion, then the holiday: Ole Werner will not give up with Werder Bremen even against ex-club Holstein Kiel

Of SV Werder Bremen welcomes Nordclub with some injury concerns Holsten Kili housing investments Weser Stadium (Friday 6:30 p.m. DeichStube live ticker). After the furious 4-1 victory against Schalke 04, the green-whites will have table wire against the coach’s ex club Ole Werner keep it firm and drive in the next triangle. The preliminary report DeichStube!

At the very end, there were the really difficult questions. Ole Werner had the digital press conference before the home game against Holsten Kiel (Friday 6.30 pm, DeichStube live ticker) actually already done, the head coach for SV Werder Bremen add an extra layer. Due to the girls ‘and boys’ day on Thursday, a couple of young journalists had arrived, who now had their big appearance – and then Werner suddenly had to tell about his holiday planning. “It’s a very topical and very good question that has not yet been definitively answered,” the 33-year-old said with a laugh. “And of course it also depends on when our season ends. At least it’s getting hot somewhere south. I can not get anything else enforced, but it is also very nice for me. “

Werder Bremen vs. Holstein Kiel – Ole Werner: “These are moments where you have goosebumps”

While some details still need to be worked out privately, Werner can have a significant impact on the search for the right time to leave with his team. The table leader hurries without detours – that is relegation – for promotion, the holiday can start earlier. The second option for an early appointment would be a drop from the promotion race, but no one at Weser really wants to be friends with that thought.

Since the exciting 4-1 victory in Schalke, there have been at Werder Bremen yet again a special atmosphere. The euphoria is finally back, between the city and the team there is again this very special solidarity. “It does not leave me cold when thousands of fans welcome us in front of the stadium. These are moments where you get goosebumps and actually want the game to start right away.” Ole Werner. “It shows how much people support us and wish us this success.”

Werder Bremen against Holstein Kiel: “Not feeling a lot of pressure can be both a blessing and a curse”

If all goes well, it will almost certainly be said afterwards Werder Bremen was carried by the whole city in the direction of ascension. But what sounds so simple is still associated with a lot of work. It may sound so nice that it exists Opponent Holstein Kiel after the almost perfect league is not much. “It can be both a blessing and a curse when a team no longer feels the great pressure,” warned Clemens Fritz, Werder’s head of professional football. “That’s why it’s all the more important that we assess the situation correctly.”

Also Ole Werner certainly predicts that his players will again have to push themselves to the limit or beyond. “Holsten Kiel will certainly not hide behind, have extensive experience on the field. A variable team is coming against us who will be looking for their strengths in ball possession, ”he noted. “So we have to build on what we showed against Schalke last week in terms of sharpness.”

Werder Bremen against Ole Werner’s ex-club: “Holstein Kiel will not hide”

And who should know better than him what the “storks” can do? was for years Ole Werner even in action there. “This is the club where I have spent a large part of my career, both as a player and coach. This time and this club shaped me, that was where I learned the things I use today,” he said. But is it really an advantage Werder Bremen is? “I definitely know a lot of individual players and in general how the club works. But I do not know the coach (Marcel Rapp, editor’s note) well enough, so it may even be the case that many in Kiel know how we want to work and play football.

Almost a year ago, the coach was for SV Werder Bremen in tabular form in a comparable situation. After an overall strong season, he and his team from Kiel dreamed for a long time increase in the 1. Bundesliga before the big disappointment came. It should not happen to him again. Despite all the parallels, the 33-year-old also trusts that there are marked differences. “The situations can not be compared to the fact that we have a playing rhythm and uniform rules of the game because no team is in team quarantine,” he explained. “Back then, it was really just about how to prepare for a two-day match and get enough people together who can walk close to 90 minutes.”

Werder Bremen vs. Holstein Kiel – Ole Werner: “I want to focus on leaving the field as a winner”

At that time, the corona pandemic hit the Förde club like no other in Germany, and the entire squad had to go into isolation several times. At the end of the season, there was a mammoth program of catch-up matches and regular matches, which went well for a long time before the relegation lost its breath.

A lot has happened since then. Ole Werner left Holsten Kiel in the early stages of this season he now works at Weser, his former employer this time only wanting to stay up in the league. Now friendships should rest for 90 minutes. “There’s no one I’m particularly looking forward to, because I’m still in regular contact with many of them anyway,” the coach said. SV Werder Bremen. “In that regard, I want to do my job and concentrate on leaving the field as winners.” After all, he still has a relaxing vacation to plan. (mbu)

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