Train in just 4 minutes: Tabata training for the whole body with Coach Kaya

Tabata training is perfect for getting your body in shape in just four minutes. Our trainer shows you how to do it in the video.

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Would you really like to train your body but do not have time during the week to go to the gym? Then this workout might help you.

With so-called Tabata training, length is not important – just a few minutes can push you to your physical limit. Ideal for anyone who wants to quickly challenge their muscles and get their heart rate up.

Crisp full body workout with Coach Kaya

Coach and athlete Kaya Renz shows you how to do it.

For training, you only need a training mat and a mini band, then you can start. Give everything!

Here’s how it is done: The training consists of eight different exercises. These are each pulled through with full force for 20 seconds. There is a ten second pause before continuing.

1. Squat

Squats not only work on the distinct muscle areas of the legs and buttocks, they also gently target your core. For the variation shown by Kaya, first step into the band with both legs and place it over your knees.

  • Place your feet slightly wider than hip width and bend your knees.
  • Then push yourself up off your heels and push your hips forward

“When you’re down, pull your knees really nicely apart,” explains Kaya Renz. “Pull the strap tight.” The squats are especially effective if you mentally focus on the muscles in your legs and buttocks – the perfect muscle-mind connection.

2. Squat walk

Proceed to a similar exercise that will put your buttocks under high tension. To do this, first place yourself at one end of your mat.

  • Get back in the deep squat position – the miniband is still directly above your knees.
  • Now, still on your knees, walk sideways to the other end of the mat.

Important: Stay in the deep squat position at all times – then the burn in the muscles will certainly not come.

3. Plankestik

The plank is about the right technique. Therefore, make sure to form a straight line with your body and not to lift or lower the bottom too much. The shoulders are placed directly above the elbows, the hands are on the floor and facing forward. Tighten the abdomen by pulling on the navel.

In this position, bounce your feet apart and back together with the minibus at the level of your calves. Important: Always keep your head in line with your spine to avoid neck problems.

4. Rowing

This workout would not be a total body workout if it did not also work on the back muscles.

  • Sit on your mat and place the band around your feet.
  • Lean your upper body back slightly and lift your bent legs up.
  • Grasp the minibus with both hands and perform the rowing motion by pulling it toward your torso and stretching it out again.

During this exercise, you should actively pull your shoulder blades backwards – it is healthier for your back and trains the muscles more effectively.

5. Hollow hold

Now follows another exercise that challenges your abdominal muscles. To do this, place the band around your ankles and lie on your back on the mat.

Lift your legs and upper body to a hollow hold – your arms outstretched behind you. In this position, spread your feet apart.

When you are very tense, you tend to forget to breathe. Therefore, make sure that the air circulates evenly.


For this exercise, you stay on your back. The band is back on its feet.

  • Place your hands next to your head and start by bending both legs slightly.
  • In this position, alternately bring your elbows in front of your body to the opposite knee.

Speed ​​is not important when performing this exercise. Move instead a little slower, but with a lot of body tension.

7. Crunches

The next exercise is also aimed at the abdominal muscles. The starting position is again lying on your back, arms and legs stretched out in the air – the band is initially around your hands.

  • Now do crunches by bringing your legs and hands together in front of your core.
  • Place the band around your feet and return to the starting position.
  • There follows a crunch where the band moves from the feet to the hands again – and so on.

To let the abdominal muscles work ideally, actively pull the navel in and make sure your lower back is in the floor.

8. Climbers

The starting position for the last exercise is the upright push-up position. Again, keep your shoulders just above your arms and actively pull your shoulder blades back. The band is back at your feet.

Now pull one knee toward the center of your body. Hold it there for three seconds, then change leg position. When doing this, be careful not to lift your buttocks too far.

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