The teams from the district of Kleve before the start of the tennis season

Tennis in the district of Kleve
The serve for the new tennis season

The clubs are looking forward to the season starting in a few days, especially as there are no restrictions due to the pandemic this year. Again, no team plays in a higher league in the men’s open class.

There is optimism on the tennis courts in the district of Kleve. The clubs are looking forward to the start of the Meden season. The first games will be served in a few days. The expectation is also high, because unlike the last two years, there are no restrictions due to Corona for the team competitions.

The gentlemen 65 dec TC Green-White Reichswalde start as a climber in the regional league. The goal is to stay in class, a herculean task. On Wednesday 11 May, starting at 13.00, things will be counted for the first time. Then Klever are guests at TC Schwarz-Gelb Hagen. “We are really looking forward to this adventure. The challenge will be great. We let it come to us. But we must not deceive ourselves: It will be very difficult, the promotions have usually been relegated in recent years, “says captain Hans Reder. The club’s 30s women serve around captain Karen Jenisch in the second league.

    Zita Engbroks is the top player for the women in TC Issum, who can play for promotion in the second league.  RP photo: Heinz Spütz

Zita Engbroks is the top player for the women in TC Issum, who can play for promotion in the second league. RP photo: Heinz Spütz
Photo: Heinz Spütz

Ladies 50 dec TC blue and white Rees led again by captain Elke Kurzweil this season. For the team, it’s again about staying in class in the second league. For TC Red and white Emmerich there are four teams at the association level at the start. The ladies 60 around team manager Monika Verweyen-Zdebel serve in the second league – in a group of four teams. In the end, one should always deal with staff shortages, this problem should now finally be solved. A newly formed women’s 65 team around Gaby-Faulseit Pieper is in the doubles round of the second league.

The ladies 40 around Katja Meenen continue to compete in the first association league. It’s against famous teams. The troupe was reinforced with Anja Jansen-Raadts. She played for the ladies in open class years ago, but has since taken a break. But the mover broke his wrist a few days ago. “In fact, the prospects for the season would have been great. Now we have tackled staff problems again. Relegation is our goal. Normally it would not have been a problem. Now we have to see how we get through the season,” says Katja Meenen.

For the men 70, who in 2021 were men 65 in the regional league, it continues after relegation in the first association league. “We have achieved everything we dreamed of. The two seasons in the regional league were unforgettable. Now we look forward to new challenges, ”says Captain Manni Kurth. With Bruno Kreyenbrink, Ulf Heitemeyer and Rob Meuwese, three players have left the club.

In the district town of Kleve, the men of 65 dec Rinderner TC in the first league for points. At the same level, women are 60 and men 65 dec TC blades On the road. Men 70 dec TC Red-White Goch start in the first league. “For us this summer, it can only be about staying up. We have only recently been promoted to the league, so it will probably be much more difficult than before, “says chairman and top player Gerd Thyssen. Wilfried Hösterey has left the club. The 60 women in the club from Gocher Jahnstraße are fighting for count in the Niederrheinligaen, the women 65 in turn participate in the double round in the first association league.

The gentlemen 30 dec Uedemer TC serve as 2021 in the first association league. “Our goal can clearly only be to stay up. It will definitely be difficult, because we got the strongest group, and the competition is really good, ”says captain Andrej Nitsche. In terms of staff, nothing has changed in Uedemers, who competed in the open class in the winter, compared to last year. With Andrej Nitsche, Oliver Horn, Manuel Bossig and Philipp Zita, several local tennis greats are still registered in the men’s 30s. “We have been working flat out on the form since the courses were opened,” said team leader Andrej Nitsche.

The gentlemen 65 dec Winnekendonk Tennis Club hoping for a successful season again in the second league. The gentlemen 55 dec TC Grün-Weiss Geldern had made the promotion to the first association league perfect last year. The team around top player Jörg Löcker, who also works as a tennis teacher in the region, experienced a sportingly unique summer. Dutchman Maurice van de Donk is new to the team. At a young age he was one of the best tennis players of his year in the neighboring country, most recently he was active at TC Blau-Weiss-Gold Straelen. Men 70 dec TC Blue-White Veert wants to exist in the first association league.

He has three Verbandsliga teams TC Blue-White Issue reported. Men 60 and 65 must appear in the first league. The women around team captain Alexandra Nitsche aim high in the second league. Ines Kuypers has left the team. However, with the twins Talina-Chantal and Tatjana-Maren Röhrich as well as Nadine Heberle, reinforcements could also be landed. “I assume we can definitely play for promotion. But the group is very good. The first goal is of course to stay up, but we should be able to do that easily with the team,” says Nitsche. The team narrowly missed promotion last year.

It is striking that again this year there is no men’s team from the district Kleve in open class, at least at the association level. Since the state tennis club in Moyland no longer played performance-oriented, the region has lacked a real flagship.

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