NFL Draft 2022 – live ticker: Eagles get AJ Brown

Munich – The night of April 28 begins one of the most important weekends for the NFL franchise. In the 2022 NFL Draft, the most coveted college players move to the NFL. ProSieben MAXX broadcasts the first round of the draft live (the night from Thursday to Friday from 01.40), the other days can be followed in the livestream on

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the first pick. “Jags” was allowed to open the draft last year. At the time, the Florida franchise chose quarterback Trevor Lawrence. The complete 2022 draft order can be found here.

+++ April 29 at 04.00: Eagles catch AJ Brown from Titans +++

And it continues.

The Philadelphia Eagles are making the next big trade again. Choices 18 and 101 go to the Tennessee Titans. In return, wide receiver AJ Brown moves to Philly.

The 24-year-old has signed a four-year contract worth a total of $ 100 million. $ 57 million guaranteed.

The Titans pick up the Treylon Burks as number 18.

+++ April 29 at 03:50: Ravne gives up WR and swaps +++

The Baltimore Ravens have received their 23rd pick from the Arizona Cardinals.

Pick number 100 and wide receiver Marquise Brown are sent to NFC West in return.

+++ April 29 at 03:30: Lions and Eagles follow up with the next trades +++

Now things happen fast after each other, because everyone wants their wide recipients.

The Detroit Lions take the 12th pick from the Minnesota Vikings. For that election and the 46th, Detroit sends elections 32, 34 and 66 to Minnesota. The Lions then select the recipient Jameson Williams.

Shortly afterwards, the Philadelphia Eagles grabbed Houston’s election number 13 and sent election 15,124,162,166 to the Texans. Defensive tackle Jordan Davis is the choice.

+++ April 29 at 03:20: New Orleans Saints switch in eleventh position – and get a receiver +++

It took a long time, but the New Orleans Saints put an end to the wait for the first trade. The franchise swapped choices with the Washington Commanders in the first round, choosing eleven instead of sixteen. Washington also gets the 98 and 120 elections.

And what is all this for? After two wide receivers had already left the board, the Saints probably saw their favorite candidate in jeopardy.

The choice fell on Chris Olave.

+++ April 29 at 02.30: Jaguars pick Travon Walker experiences a moment of shock before the draft +++

The Jacksonville Jaguars selected Travon Walker with their first pick. The defensive end is considered a risk choice and had a real scare before the draft.

As NFL insider Ian Rapoport reports, Walker was involved in a car accident and drove his car into two parked vehicles. The 21-year-old was not injured.

The Detroit Lions selected Aidan Hutchinson for second place. The Houston Texans surprisingly voted for Derek Stingley Jr.

+++ April 29 at 02.10: Roger Goodell and rapper Ice Cube open the draft +++

Commissioner Roger Goodell has officially opened the 2022 NFL Draft with rapper Ice Cube and Raiders players Derek Carr and Darren Waller.

+++ April 28 at 22:45: Is the Jaguars still dealing with number one? +++

According to NFL expert Mike Florio, the Jacksonville Jaguars are considering several options for what to do with the very first pick in this year’s draft – so the deal with number one is probably also up for debate.

Florio himself claims that the Jaguars are “trying to find a way out of the top pick.” But the reporter also reports that no other team has any fundamental interest in dealing with the first choice.

So it should not be easy for Jacksonville to get rid of the election – especially since there are only a few hours until the start of the draft. It looks like the Jaguars will be the first team to pick a player for the second year in a row.

However, it is still unclear who it will be. It was recently reported that even General Manager Trent Baalke and team owner Shad Kahn disagreed on the election.

+++ April 28 at 19:30: Drake with an insane $ 100,000 +++ bet

Rap star Drake revealed on his own Instagram that he was betting $ 100,000 on Drake London being named the first wide receiver.

The odds placed by the bookmakers on the bet are 3.35 – meaning the superstar would earn $ 235,000 in profits if London were actually the first recipient selected by a team.

When it comes to the mega-bet, Drake completely trusts his namesake, who played for the USC Trojans in college and is one of the best prospects in this year’s wide receiver class in the draft.

Whether the rapper is actually right could show up early in the draft. The Atlanta Falcons, who pick the 8th, and the New York Jets, who pick the 4th and 10th, could use a good wide receiver, among other things.

+++ April 28 at 19:00: Are the Texans still shopping? +++

The Houston Texans could trade in another top-10 pick, according to ESPN reporter Adam Scheffer’s sources.

In addition to their first-place finish in third place in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Texans also have a 13th-place pick in the first round. Nevertheless, according to the report, Houston officials are even considering swapping the second election to get another election in the top ten.

However, the basic requirement for this must be the availability of “a suitable player”. In any case, the Texans have a need in the O-Line, in cornerbacks, in the backfield and in cornerbacks.

+++ April 28 at 11:40 a.m .: Does Jaguar’s front office disagree on the first overall choice? +++

What are the Jaguars doing with “number one choice”? Not even 24 hours before the start of the draft, there is probably disagreement among “Jags”. Team owner Shad Kahn is said to prefer defensive end Aidan Hutchinson. General Manager Trent Baalke is currently leaning towards Travon Walker, also defensively. It reports Jonathan Jones from “CBS Sports”.

Hutchinson has long been considered a clear first choice. However, thanks to strong training, the 21-year-old Walker must have brought himself into the conversation.

A good NFL career is predicted for both players. In college, however, Hutchinson (62 tackles, 16.5 tackles for losses and 14 sacks) surpassed his competitor (Walker: 33 tackles, 7.5 tackles for losses and six sacks).

When’s the NFL Draft?

  • The draft takes place over three days. The first round starts at night from Thursday to Friday. The other rounds take place on Friday and Saturday.

Where does the NFL Draft appear?

  • The night from Thursday to Friday (from 01.40) ProSieben MAXX broadcasts the first round of the draft live. The other days can be followed in the livestream on (at night from Friday to Saturday from 01:00 and Saturday from 18:00)

Who owns the first choice?

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