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Round 2 – the next three are in!

Last year’s finalist, the Phoenix Suns, beat the New Orleans Pelicans and advanced to the next round of the NBA Finals, as did the Philadelphia 76ers, who beat the Toronto Raptors. The Dallas Mavericks are also ahead, beating the Utah Jazz out after a drama match.

A man darkens everyone this NBA night: Suns playmaker Chris Paul (36) delivers a perfect game and lowers every single one of his 14 throws.

However, the superstar also attracts attention with an ugly elbow blow ….

Defending champions Milwaukee Bucks, Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat and Boston Celtics are already one round ahead.

New Orleans Pelicans — Phoenix Suns 109: 115

What a thriller! The hard-fought game went back and forth until the final stage. Then Suns grabs the lead and does not give up.

At last year’s finalist from Phoenix, superstar Devon Booker is fresh again after his thigh injury. He can not make his mark on the game yet. Neither should he. Because build-up player Chris Paul turns up the heat and scores 33 points. He started his career here 17 years ago.

Paul drops 14 of 14 attempts! A FANTASTIC QUOTE! He is the first NBA player in history to make it to the playoffs.

After the match, Paul’s eyes light up during the interview with the TNT reporter, and he sobs into the microphone. “This city made me amazing! I love everyone here. It’s all very emotional here for me. I always cheer on this team – when I’m not playing against them myself.”

But his supershow is overshadowed by an ugly act: During an offensive act, Paul hits opponent Jose Alvarado with his elbow on the chin. It does not look like an accident …

Not the only hard scene from him: With a block, Paul lets his opponent Alvarado run up badly.

The Suns (No. 1 in the west) win the duel by 4: 2. Nevertheless: Very strong performance by the Pelicans (No. 8).

Toronto Raptors-Philadelphia 76ers 97-132

What a slap in the face for the Raptors! The Sixers make everything clear in Canada, winning the series 4-2 and deservedly advancing to the second round.

Excellent in the 76ers: Joel Embiid, who made 32 points and 10 rebounds. Throughout the match, the center giant was severely offended by the Toronto crowd. And what does he do? He also provokes the fans and puts his hands over his ears.

In the next round, the Miami Heat are now waiting for Embiid and the Sixers (No. 4 East). Raptors (No. 5) are now on summer vacation.

Utah Jazz-Dallas Mavericks 96-98

curious: Before the match, the French jazzman Rudy Gobert is stung by his own bees at home – in the face! The defense giant can still play.

Gobert takes it with humor and joker before the fight in relation to his swollen face: “There were seven guys. But I’m the only one who left the room.”

The Mavericks around superstar Luka Doncic will close the bag here and get into the next round 4-2. But the Jazz did not play and led 53:41 at the break.

In the third quarter, however, Doncic and Co turn up the heat and hit one three after another. German Maxi Kleber succeeds with a spectacular throw a second before the end of the shot clock. With 77:72 against Mavs in the fourth quarter.

Finally, there is high tension! Ten seconds before the end, Doncic misses a shot to make everything clear in 97:96. So Utah to counterattack – stepping error! Insane!

5 seconds left, Mavs is back on the ball. Brunson makes a mistake. frikast. The first throw does not go in. The nerves! Number two – in! 98:96. Time-out for jazz!

What is Utah doing now? Triangle to win? Or twos on overtime? 4.3 seconds are still left. Bodganovic gets the free triangle – and forgives! End!

The Mavericks have not reached the second round since 2011.


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