Market fitness and health services in a targeted way and win new members

Health training, prevention or rehabilitation sports: it is important to market fitness and health services in the best possible way. An interdisciplinary approach helps here. The trained sports teacher prof. Dr. In an interview, Arne Morsch (DHfPG) provides practical tips for the ideal offer structure and the success factor for physical activity specialists with the right qualifications.

fM: The positive effects of regular cardio training on physical and mental health are extensive proven. Can you give us the main arguments with which studies are even more evident in marketing the health benefits of fitness trainingcan draw attention to?

Prof. Dr. Arne Morsch: In the context of exercise and health, the concept of fitness should first be put in the right light. In Germany, it is often more associated with lifestyle and body culture.

In international jargon, on the other hand, one speaks of “physical fitness”, ie physical performance, as well as metabolic, cardiovascular or musculoskeletal fitness.

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This is a much better expression of what fitness training can achieve. People who exercise regularly have a higher performance of the various organ systems – health is an “inevitable by-product”.

Individual regular strength and endurance training leads to an improvement of metabolism, cardiovascular function and the musculoskeletal system and reduces the risk of serious diseases. This works best in the gym and you should take advantage of it in marketing.

The need for prevention has never been greater than it is today. What do students now need to do in terms of public image and marketing to maintain their status as professionals Fitness and health providers continue ofbuild and position yourself even more clearly in the market?

In the last few decades, there has already been a clear image shift away from the 1980s “gymnastics shop” to a healthcare company. In my opinion, though, just calling yourself a health study is not enough.

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This must also be reflected in the structure of the offer and in the competence of the employees. The facilities also need, for example, specific prevention offers or staff qualified in sports therapy who can care for customers with health problems and develop needs-based training concepts.

Such quality and competence can be used to publish the external image. Collaboration with physicians and medical institutions can also increase the acceptance of fitness and health training among the population.

You mention collaborations. What place can z. B. Health insurance companies or companies in the field of occupational health promotion (BGF) or company health management (BGM)? What new opportunities and synergies can arise for studies?

Exercise-related prevention measures financed by statutory health insurance companies play e.g. B. plays an important role in reaching out to people who would not normally have found their way to a gym and may have only come because of a medical recommendation for prevention.

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As these are temporarily funded offers, the fitness centers should in the long run try to tie this new target group to their own facility. For this to succeed, high-quality support from competent staff is essential.

Collaboration with WHP companies also offers a wide range of potential. Due to the corona virus, many employees currently work from home and can only be reached digitally.

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Health-promoting initiatives are also increasingly taking place digitally and most companies are dependent on support here. Fitness studies should use this opportunity to establish partnerships, e.g. B. via prevention courses, training or health lectures, to start digitally.

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In addition, these solutions should be combined with individual activities on site (eg “active lunch break”) under expert guidance. This can significantly support the sustainability of the offerings and the utilization and make the company’s fitness an important success factor.

In summary, what do you think it takes to be perceived in the market as a professional healthcare provider and to meet the growing demands of customers?

Fitness studies need an offer structure that can cover a wide range of training and health, starting with guidelines for self-directed health training, prevention or rehabilitation sports for competent care for people with health problems.

In order for a similar service to be implemented with high quality, movement specialists with the right qualifications for the respective areas are required.

About the interviewee

When Head of the Department of Health Sciences and Health Promotion at the German University of Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) and the BSA Academy are the focal points of the graduate sports teacher Prof. Dr. Arne Morsch within the areas individual prevention and health promotion.

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