Kamenz: Kamenz: The witches are flying here on Saturday





Kamenz: The witches fly here on Saturday

On Valborg’s night, witch fires traditionally burn everywhere. There are a number of special events in Kamenz and the surrounding area.

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Ina Förster, Diana Heinrich, Gert

Ina Förster, Diana Heinrich, Gert “Spinne” Müller, Antje Schäfer and Kathrin Bräunig (from left) flock in as witches and devils in the Tomogara sports and leisure center in Kamenz on 30 April. A special witch test awaits the children.
© Anne Hasselbach

camenz Walpurgis Night casts its eerily beautiful shadows. On Saturday, the witches fly to Upper Lausitz. In addition to numerous smaller and larger bonfires everywhere, there are also unusual events here and there that have a lot in store for children in particular.

In Kamenz, for example, it flares up in several places. For example, on the grounds of the Tomogara sports and leisure center. The pile of wood has long been stacked, the preparations are complete. And the bosses Jan Geppert and Jens Skarupski have already done a dressing up exercise these days. All comrades-in-arms were equipped with pointed witch hats. It is new.

Two years without witchcraft have made the Tomogara crew try new things. “We would actually have celebrated our 20th fire in 2020. It went horribly wrong because of the corona pandemic. And now we do it just twice,” says Jan Geppert.

Witch baptism in the sports and leisure center

Witches and devils are not usually seen in the sports and leisure center in Kamenz. Karate fighters come and go here, as well as kickboxers, little samurai, fitness users, rehabilitation athletes and wellness fans. But these days, one or the other witch flew into the place. At least virtually – via social media. Inlet maneuvers were practiced, young witch training contracts were awarded, the goulash cannon for spooky dishes was made ready.

The focus in the afternoon is on the special children’s entertainment. From kl. 15 things get started: sticky dough by the children’s fire, bouncy castle, crafts with Knopfs Holzwerkstube, face painting, glitter tattoos, sports games, chalk street painting and test shooting with the laser gun are waiting for the children.

Little witches and devils – even in costumes – can take a proper witch test with baptism and diploma. “Could be a little disgusting,” warns Jan Geppert with a laugh. But it should probably be more fun, the dedicated over-witches soothe. Around 9 pm, the big bonfire is lit. And then the party takes place at bars and with a DJ for the adult guests.

Spectacle for families at Malzhaus

In the old town, the Kamenzer Carnival Club creates a great atmosphere. After a two-year break, he presents himself at Malzhausplatz – in appropriate costumes and roles. The play is especially suitable for families, although the fire is a bit smaller here. KKC’s big and small witches will enjoy the evening with their guests with stick cake, face painting, handicraft stand, lantern parade followed by a play and of course lighting the witch bonfire in a rustic atmosphere. Scary, witch-like drinks and food are offered.

The Maypole has been erected in Brauna

The old tradition of putting up the maypole has also been maintained in many villages in the Kamenzer area. This time, however, there is no maypole on the Kamenzer Marktplatz. In the years before the corona pandemic, the Kamenzer Stadtwerkstatt campaigned for the custom. Young people even guarded the Maypole on Valborg’s evening. But this year, no one was found to take up the beautiful tradition again. But there are new ideas for the coming spring.

The small Kamenz district of Brauna, for example, shows how this is done. The maypole will be set up at Mühlteich on Saturday around kl. With a procession of torches and lanterns, it then goes to the traditional square on the Brauner Bauernberg at the dawn of darkness. The witch’s bonfire is lit, and there is also a bouncy castle for the children.

Dance into May at the Steinaer Fire Department Depot

In many places, the maypole and witch fires go hand in hand with another heartfelt tradition: a “dance into May”. The Steina fire department is looking forward to yet another in the equipment house after the Corona break. Before then, the little guests can bake log cakes by the campfire from 5 pm or drive around in the fire truck. The common lantern parade of the stones begins at the dawn of darkness. Afterwards, the party starts at the fire station.

Castle tour, maypole and parade in Schwepnitz

In Schwepnitz, the youth club is involved in everything that has to do with Valborgsaften. The witch fire also takes place there in the evening. As early as 3 pm, residents of Schwepnitz and guests are invited to Schwepnitz Castle for coffee and cake. A tour of the property, whose renovation began last year, is also possible this afternoon. Around 5 pm, the Maypole is raised and at 7 pm the torchlight procession starts through the village by the primary school, supported by the fire brigade. (if)

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