Europa League: Eintracht Frankfurt excited in London

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Eintracht Frankfurt wins in London. © IMAGO / Kevin Voigt

Eintracht Frankfurt wins the semi-final of the Europa League at West Ham United and can secure a place in the final in the second round.

West Ham United 1-2 Eintracht Frankfurt (1-1)

Areola — Johnson, C. Dawson, Zouma, Cresswell — Rice, Soucek, Bowen, Pablo Fornals, Lanzini — Antonio
Trapp – Tuta, Hinteregger, Toure – Knauff, Sow, Rode, Kostic, Lindstrom, Kamada – Borré
0-1 Knauff (1st minute), 1-1 Antonio (21st minute), Kamada (54th minute)
Gözübüyük, Serdar (Netherlands)

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END: That’s it in London! Eintracht Frankfurt delivered a convincing performance and won the first match of the Europa League semi-final at West Ham United 2-1. It gives the SBU the best chance of getting to the finals in a week.

92 minutes: Spectacular scene! Bowen starts the overhead kick in Eintracht’s penalty area and hammers the ball to the bottom edge of the crossbar. Good luck to SGE!

90 minutes: Overtime is three minutes.

89 minutes: Now is the chance, but Bowen’s header is sent to the corner, which brings nothing.

87 minutes: West Ham fail to build pressure and put Eintracht under pressure.

84 minutes: Only the 3,000 Frankfurters who traveled with them can currently be heard at the stadium, and there is very little from the hosts’ fans.

81 minutes: Martin Hinteregger has been giving his marching orders, his manager will not be happy.

79 minutes: Kamada made it 3-1, but his shot hit the post.

77 minutes: Hinteregger is down, but West Ham continue to play. Captain Rode is out of his mind and shows it to the English.

75 minutes: The final quarter has begun and SGE continues to lead 2-1 in London.

69 minutes: Substitute Benrahma plays two SGE players and flickes from over 20 yards to the far corner, but the ball misses with a hair’s breadth. Take a deep breath!

65 minutes: West Ham have not come up offensively in the second half so far. Eintracht Frankfurt leads clearly and goes after the third goal.

62 minutes: Hauge comes on the field for the injured Lindstrom.

61 minutes: Lindström is injured and remains on the ground. It does not seem to go any further for the Dane.

54 minutes: TOOOOOOOR for Eintracht! SGE combines on the left, Lindström releases Sow, who still fails at goalkeeper Areola, but Kamada is there and pushes the ball over the line.

49 minutes: Soucek tries to catch it just after a cross from Antonio, but his shot clearly misses Trapp’s goal.

48 minutes: Incidentally, both teams came out of the locker room unchanged.

46 minutes: Let’s continue with the second half.

half time: 45 intensive minutes are over and the score is 1: 1. SBU took the lead after a few seconds, West Ham equalized with a standard situation. It is a duel on an equal footing, Eintracht Frankfurt has done very well so far.

45 minutes: Sebastian Rode with an uncompromising straddle on the center line – strong action by the SBU captain.

39 minutes: Great chance for Eintracht! A pass into the penalty area for Knauff does not work, but the goal scorer to 0-1 wins the ball, turns around and finishes, but his attempt barely misses the hosts’ goal.

37 minutes: Toure drops the ball on his own goal line, then it goes fast. The Eintracht defense can prevent the pass on Antonio in the penalty area with combined forces.

35 minutes: Kostic tries from just 25 yards out, but his shot lands in the stands at London Stadium.

32 minutes: West Ham continue to control what happens on the pitch, but the enormous pressure has now been eased.

27 minutes: Kamada dances his opponent out and could shoot with the left, but he decides to cross the pass and misses the chance to take the lead again.

21 minutes: West Ham with the equalizer that has been hinted at in the last minutes and it falls through a set piece. A long ball finds Zouma, who puts her head over to Antonio, who has no trouble overcoming Trapp from close range.

19 minutes: West Ham now control the game and keep trying from the outside. Eintracht are extremely dangerous on the counter attack.

15 minutes: Post! First time, West Ham can combine through half of Eintracht, and directly there is a great chance. The bow is sent steeply and comes out of Trapp. The SBU goalkeeper is still a bit on his shot and steers the ball to aluminum.

12 minutes: SBU are relying on their ability to counter-attack. West Ham have a lot of ball possession, but so far have not been able to do much about it.

7 minutes: Harmony again, but Zouma manages a cross from Filip Kostic.

4th minute: What a start for SGE, who takes the lead after a few seconds. There is no better way to start a game.

Min.1, Gooooool !!!, GOOOOOOOOOOR! After less than 60 seconds, the SBU leads in London! Ansgar Knauff heads a Borre post in the far corner – 0: 1!

1st minute: Kick-off at London Stadium, Eintracht plays in black and white from right to left

++ 20.55: The 22 players stand in the player tunnel and get ready to enter the field. London Stadium is sold out in total with 60,000 spectators.

++ 20.43 kl: The atmosphere is fantastic at London Stadium. The 3,000 Eintracht fans who traveled with them are celebrating in the guest block and making themselves heard loudly, even before the game begins.

++ 20:29: West Ham United have great respect for Eintracht Frankfurt, as coach Moyes confirmed: “Beating Barcelona over two matches was an incredible achievement. It shows the qualities of the people of Frankfurt. I see some parallels with my team, it will be an interesting match. “

++ Update from April 28 at 19:46: West Ham United and Eintracht Frankfurt line-ups are included. The two coaches have decided on the following staff:

West Ham United: Areola — Johnson, C. Dawson, Zouma, Cresswell — Rice, Soucek, Bowen, Pablo Fornals, Lanzini — Antonio

Eintracht Frankfurt: Trapp – Tuta, Hinteregger, Toure – Knauff, Sow, Rode, Kostic, Lindstrom, Kamada – Borré

First report: London – Europa League continues for Eintracht Frankfurt. Two weeks after the glittering football night and the 3-2 victory at the Camp Nou against FC Barcelona, ​​the semi-finals are now upon us. In the first match, SGE will play against West Ham United in London, and a week later against the return leg in the Main metropolis. The Eagles want to get the best possible starting position in the battle for a place in the final and return from London with a good result.

Eintracht Frankfurt are confident in the match against West Ham United

“The team is in good shape. We have great respect for West Ham United, but we also enter the match with a lot of confidence. The expectation is high,” coach Oliver Glasner said at the pre-match press conference. “We are in the semi-finals of the Europa League . We are among the top four in this competition. And we stand there, just like West Ham, deservedly. I think it will be a hot duel tomorrow, “the coach continued.

Respect for the opponent is great, but SBU is warm for the duel at London Stadium, as Glasner revealed: “West Ham is very compact. They are physically very strong, prefer a quick game into the top and are hugely dangerous from set pieces. It will be a difficult battle, but we look forward to the challenge. ” Midfielder Djibril Sow reiterated his coach’s statement: “English teams are entering the match with high intensity. We know this well, we must be ready for it. But the expectation in the team is very high. Also for me that I am fit in time and can be there again. “

Eintracht Frankfurt want to play to win in London

Tactics and play for a possible draw are out of the question for Eintracht Frankfurt. “After Hoffenheim, we turned our eyes directly back to West Ham. And tomorrow’s game plan is also clear: We play to win,” said Oliver Glasner with his usual confidence. Djjbril Sow already felt the tingle before the first match in the Europa League: “You started to “Play football for matches like this. You notice this special excitement days in advance. You do not need any extra motivation. We have a huge opportunity to achieve something incredible this year.”

Eintracht Frankfurt fans will be significantly fewer at the stadium in London than in Barcelona, ​​because the SBU only got 3000 tickets. “West Ham fans will definitely be in the right mood tomorrow. But the 3,000 Eintrachtler too. We are happy for every single Frankfurter who is here and supports us”, Glasner is sure of the support from the visiting fans. (Smr )

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