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Munich (ots)

FC Bayern beat Barcelona with a lot of heart, match and an excellent defense with 59:52, thus securing the decisive match in Barcelona on Tuesday (from 7.30 pm live on MagentaSport) to the semi-finals of the EuroLeague. “It was one of the nicest nights I’ve spent here,” President Herbert Hainer said excitedly after the match. In his opinion, it is also permissible to dream now, “because all we can really do is win. Now everything is possible on Tuesday.” The decisive point for the victory was Munich’s strong defense, which allowed only 52 points. Head coach Andrea Trinchieri also emphasized this: “We won without hitting many open shots. This shows how it pays to play good defense for 40 minutes.

Below are the most important voices of the match day – if they are used, please name the source MagentaSport. On Sunday, there is basketball all day long in easyCredit BBL, before the decisive match 5 between Barcelona and FC Bayern is scheduled for Tuesday – from 7.30 pm live on MagentaSport.

FC Bayern Munich – FC Barcelona 59:52

FC Bayern Munich actually snatches match 4 and thus secures the decisive match against the main round winner from Barcelona on Tuesday. Expert Denis Wucherer summed up the match in the 3rd quarter with a lead of 14 points: “Barca is dominated here by Munich.” CEO Marko Pesic had already explained the route before the match: “We need to play much more freely. Of course we need respect, but we have 6,500 people in the hall. We need to absorb this energy. We need to enjoy more and not think so much.”

The result of the announcement: Big fight, lots of heart – President Herbert Hainer excited after the fight: “A fantastic evening. The team fought enormously and played excellent. Excellent defense and the atmosphere here was fantastic. It was one of the best evenings I have spent here. The spectators cheered on the team from the first minute to the last. You could always see the team cheered on the spectators. It was really fantastic. “

If he already wants to dream: “Yes, because we can only win. The team deserves so much respect that they even get in a 5th match. No one thought we could do it against Barcelona, ​​probably the best team in Europe. Now everything is possible on Tuesday . “

Head coach Andrea Trinchieri: “Of course I’m very proud and I’m very happy with my players. I think we played great in defense. We won without hitting a lot of open shots. It shows how it pays to have 40 minutes of great play defensively. . “

Vladimir Lucic: “The defense won this match. Our energy was very good … It’s a great team performance.”

Augustin Rubit: “It was a fantastic defensive performance from us. Of course we could not foresee that they would only score 52 points, but we wanted to make it as difficult as possible for them. We are very happy to accept that.” How to tackle Game 5: “Everything is possible in a match. We have to be ready. But just having the opportunity to be in a match to go to the next round is fantastic. We have to be completely focused and fight a lot. Then anything is possible.”

Nick Weiler-Babb: “We played a very tough match from the start. We came out as a team, front and back.”

BBL_Voices: Giessen 46ers – NINERS Chemnitz 70:91

After the defeat against Chemnitz, the Giessen 46ers are the 2nd relegated team and move into the ProA.

Head Coach Pete Strobl: “We are very frustrated. I can not speak for the whole team, but personally I am very frustrated. We lost and we have lost many matches this season.” What’s next for him: “That’s a question for our sporting director.”

Bjarne Kraushaar on the descent: “It takes a few more days to process it. It’s just disappointing and sad. Second time in a row. Something needs to change in the club and that’s all I can say about it.” To defeat: “We just played without energy, and that should not happen in a do-or-die match like this.”

Basketball LIVE at MagentaSport

easyCredit BBL

Sunday, May 1, 2022

From 2.45 pm: FRAPORT Skyliners – medi Bayreuth, MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg – EWE Baskets Oldenburg, ALBA Berlin – MLP Academics Heidelberg

From 17.45: ratiopharm ulm – HAKRO Merlins Crailsheim, SYNTAINICS MBC – Hamburg Towers, Brose Bamberg – Löwen Braunschweig

From 20.15: BG Goettingen – Gießen 46ers, FC Bayern München – s.Oliver Würzburg, NINERS Chemnitz – Telekom Baskets Bonn

EuroLeague quarter final game 5

Tuesday, 05/03/2022

From 7.30 pm: FC Barcelona – FC BAYERN MUNICH

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