Corona rules from 3 April in Bavaria: many simplifications in the Free State

  • Corona rules in Bavaria: Extensive easing from 3 April
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Despite the high prevalence throughout Bavaria, the Free State is not affected by hotspot regulation Make use. This was officially announced by the Bavarian Cabinet after the meeting on Tuesday (March 29, 2022). This means: A large part of the previously applicable Corona rules expire after 2 April. In some areas, however, this is still the case Mask and test duty.

Hotspot regulation is not implemented in Bavaria

“We do not want to create hotspots for the whole of Bavaria. At least not in the foreseeable future,” he said. Markus Søder (CSU) already clarified in advance. This was confirmed by the head of the State Chancellery Florian Herrmann (CSU) at a press conference: The state government refrains from declaring the whole of Bavaria or even individual regions to be hotspots.

However, that would have been the only way to continue e.g. to one Masks are mandatory in all indoor areas to hold on. However, the state government no longer goes beyond a mere recommendation. “We recommend things like minimum distance, like masks indoors,” Herrmann said. These are simple ways to protect yourself. But you can no longer binding. Indoors, for example in retail, in leisure facilities, but also in schools, except in the classroom, it still makes sense to wear them.

From Sunday (April 3, 2022) the following applies in Bavaria:

  • Access: There are no longer any 2G or 3G access rules – even those who have not been vaccinated have access to all areas of public life again without a test.
  • Test obligation: Visitors and staff should only take daily or regular tests at clinics, old people’s homes and nursing homes, ie in areas where there is contact with vulnerable groups.
  • Also in schools and day care centers will continue to be tested, initially until Easter – how it continues thereafter will be decided only later.
  • Mask requirements: From Sunday onwards, an FFP2 mask requirement will only apply in local public transport, in medical centers, hospitals, nursing homes, refugee housing and similar “vulnerable facilities”. Everywhere else there are no mask requirements, eg in the retail trade, in all kinds of leisure activities, but also in all schools.
  • In all other areas, the mesh requirement is only one recommendationthe decision is up to the citizens themselves supermarkets Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach had appealed from her residence rights To make use of it and extend the mesh requirement in their branches.

“Sloppy law”: Söder rejects strict rules

With its decision, the state government follows the specifications of the new Federal Infection Protection Act, which the traffic light parties SPD, Grønne and FDP had pushed through in Berlin against much opposition. After the expiration of one Transition period on 2 April The federal states can only adopt stricter rules under very specific conditions, namely if a more dangerous virus variant appears in a “local authority”, or if there is a risk of overloading the hospital capacity. In any case, this is not currently the case in Bavaria, although the number of infections is still so high.

Markus Søder had therefore already on Monday declared that Bavaria should not be declared a hotspot “in the foreseeable future” – that “shabby” law, which was enforced by the traffic light in Berlin, can not be legally implemented in this way. Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) stressed that one “actually” would have liked the mask requirement indoors to last at least four weeks. Because the pandemic is not over yet. According to Holetschek, the rules for those quarantine and isolationas the different handling of individual federal states is currently counterproductive.

Söder emphasized in advance: “We really no longer have a reliable base in Germany should it become even more difficult.” Söder has already vetoed the new Corona rules. Bavaria will continue to monitor the infection situation. At the same time required Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach Monday the federal states again to use the hotspot rules.

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Also Bavaria’s Deputy Prime Minister and Free Voter Chief Hubert Aiwanger had spoken out against declaring the whole of Bavaria a corona hotspot. “The conditions are not met because we do not have a specific one dangerous virus variant has, nor does the health service nationwide before it overload standing, “he said Passau New Press on Monday. In the event that the whole of Bavaria is classified as a corona hotspot, the FDP has threatened the state government with a lawsuit.

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