Braunschweig – Magdeburg LIVE: 2: 1! Lions in second place

Brunswick. Top match in the 3rd league! The match came on the 36th match day Eintracht Braunschweig – 1. FC Magdeburg.

in the meeting Eintracht Braunschweig – 1. FC Magdeburg the third in the table met the current table leader, who has already moved up to the 2. Bundesliga and no longer has to worry. The Lions, on the other hand, are still fighting for promotion.

Eintracht Braunschweig – 1. FC Magdeburg in live tickers

You can read the live ticker for the match Eintracht Braunschweig – 1. FC Magdeburg here.


Brunswick – Magdeburg | game info

  • Kick-off: Friday, April 29 at
  • Stadium: Eintracht Stadium
  • Transmission: MagentaSport


Confirmed lineups:

Brunswick: Fejzic – Marx, Behrendt, Schultz, Kijewski – Krauße, Nikolaou – Müller, Br. Henning, Multhaup – Lauberbach

Magdeburg: Reimann-Obermair, Tob. Müller, Bittroff, Bell Bell – A. Müller – Condé, Krempicki – Ceka, T. Ito – Schuler


Eintracht Braunschweig – 1. FC Magdeburg 2: 1 (0: 0)

Goals: 1-0 Nikolaou (49 ‘), 2-0 Lauberbach (59’), 2-1 Ceka (61 ‘)

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WHISTLE! Eintracht Braunschweig defeated the third division champions from Magdeburg 2-1 and secured – at least overnight – the second place in the table.

90. +5 minutes: Magdeburg send another cross into Stafraum, but the header flies over goal.

90 minutes: There is a five minute break.

83 minutes: Zauner and Otto replace Müller and Multhaup at Eintracht. The home fans are in a good mood and in the meantime things have calmed down a bit. Can the Lions save the close 2-1 here over time? There will definitely be a full break after the almost equalizer …

71 minutes: TOR for Magdeburg? Fejzic collided with Schuler and Marx while trying to clarify, both Braunschweiger lay down. Brünker grabs the free ball, nets it – and Siebert gives the goal first. packing! Paramedics take care of Fejzic … and Siebert actually takes the fight back because FCM striker Schuler slipped against Fejzic with his leg stretched out under the affected scene.

Wild scenes in Eintracht Stadium!

69 minutes: Almost 2: 2! Braunschweig flies his own free kick around the ears. Magdeburg countered via Ceka, but his shot went just past goal.

62 minutes: What happens here? Henning gets the ball free in front of the Magdeburg goal – and has the leather in the Braunschweig sky! It MUST be 3: 1.

61 minutes: TOOOOOR for Magdeburg! The master’s direct answer. In case of a fall, Müller puts the ball past Feijzic and Ceka pushes the ball over the line. Only 1: 2.

59 minutes: TOOOOOOOR for Braunschweig! Eintracht counterattacked the league lead after a free kick. Lauberbach turns on the turbo, runs a long ball and puts it flat into the right corner of the goal with his left hand!

49 minutes: GO YYYY for Braunschweig! After a corner kick, Nikolaou climbs right in front of the field and nods off! Guide to the Lions – and second place in the lightning table.

46 minutes: It continues. Hopefully both teams dare to push a little more forward in the second half.

HALF TIME! After a brave start, the Lions became more and more passive, but the missed penalty made the Lions rise again towards the end. Still, it is goalless at the break.

45 minutes: Really great thing before the break! Eintracht come to the penalty area again, Lauberbach dribbles against three defenders in the penalty area and can not finish. Then Krause gets a shot 18 meters from goal, but FCM goalkeeper Reimann steers the leather around the post with his fingertips.

39 minutes: PENALTY TO BRAUNSCHWEIG !!! Müller kicks Henning off his feet in the penalty area. Lauberbach starts – and misses! Reimann smelled the roast, dived into the right corner and parried.

31 minutes: Best chance for the third division champion! Ito checks Fejzic with a powerful shot, but the goalkeeper parries. The lions become more and more passive and leave the ball to the guests.

26 minutes: Goal chances decrease, duels increase. Lauberbach has already got a foot in the face of Müller, players from both teams are always on the ground. Siebert has not yet had to draw a yellow card.

17 minutes: Meanwhile, Magdeburg also has the first chance to score, but the shot flies over the field. The Braunschweiger shooting attempts were also inaccurate.

8 minutes: Eintracht starts boldly and puts Magdeburg under pressure early. However, the home team has not yet created any real big chances.

1st minute: 19.00 – STARTER! The ball rolls.

18:18: The line-ups are there: In relation to the 1-0 victory against Würzburger Kickers, Schiele makes one change: Hartmann is replaced by Multhaup, who celebrates his comeback in the starting 11 immediately.

17:08: 1. FC Magdeburg won the first match of the 17th match with 2-0. The goal scorers were then Bell Bell and Atik.

15:35: MagentaTV (for a fee) broadcasts the match at the Eintracht Stadium in Braunschweig live on TV and in the stream.

14:28: The plot is almost sold out. Therefore, almost 24,000 spectators are expected.

13:26: Does the struggle for promotion affect the preparation of Eintracht? “We do not talk much about it. One or the other is probably already counting on something. It would be bad if you did not. Dreams are there to live them out. But we still have a lot to do for it. We still have three difficult matches ahead of us, ”Schiele clarifies.

10.11: Today’s match is judged by a very experienced man: Daniel Siebert is the referee in today’s top match.

Friday, April 29 at 07.42: Good morning to all football fans. match day! Top games in the third division. Brunswick pushes the gate to the second division wide.

22:23: In their last matches, Eintracht’s direct competitors for promotion gave valuable points. But Schiele warns in “Kicker”: “We must not trust it to be the same again. Therefore, we are willing to focus on tomorrow.”

21:43: The Lions are under great pressure against Magdeburg. Schiele wants to take advantage of this: “The team has developed the positive pressure that is there at the moment. Just as I saw the team this week with both focus and ease, so it will be tomorrow. It’s important to have a unit on the pitch. “

17:19: Magdeburg, according to his own statement, does not want to give away the season. “The coach has a very clear line there and that’s why we do not go to Braunschweig to sing La Paloma there,” said captain Tobias Müller in “Volksstimme”. He makes it clear: “We want to play our games and win – that’s generally the case for the last three games.”

16:29: Eintracht Braunschweig with an emotional message to the fans (more on this here).

15:32: Jomaine Consbruch will definitely miss the match. Luc Ihorst had to stop training on Thursday and is in treatment. “We hope it will be enough for him tomorrow. Jannis Kleeberg has also returned to the long-term injured team,” said Schiele. But the best news is that Maurice Multhaup is back and also a chance to start XI. The 25-year-old missed the last three games due to a foot injury.

14:49: Löwen coach Schiele is looking forward to the match: “It’s great that the cabin is full tomorrow. I think there will be a good atmosphere. We will defend uncomfortably and also put important needle sticks in front. It looked good at the training, and we would like to take that with us, “the coach said at the press conference on Thursday.


messages to Eintracht Braunschweig:

Eintracht Braunschweig: If they are not promoted – lions face a big problem

Eintracht Braunschweig wants to go up – will THIS scenario happen?

Eintracht Braunschweig: The competition is looking very closely – will THAT be an advantage for the Lions?


13:11: You have it in your own hands! Eintracht Braunschweig can achieve direct promotion to the second Bundesliga on their own. In the table in the 3rd league it is very close. Magdeburg has already climbed by 72 points. Behind them, Kaiserslautern and the Lions are fighting for second place in the table. The Red Devils from Kaiserslautern are there right now with 63 points, just after Eintracht with 61 points in the relegation zone. With a win, coach Michael Schiele’s team would survive.

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Table in the 3rd league

  1. 1. FC Magdeburg 33 matches 72 points 73:36 goals
  2. 1. FC Kaiserslautern 34 matches 63 points 55:22 goals
  3. Eintracht Braunschweig 33 matches 61 points 57:31 goals
  4. 1860 Munich 33 matches 55 points 58:43 goals
  5. VfL Osnabrück 33 matches 55 points 53:39 goals

The first and second move directly up, the third must be moved down

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Thursday, at 12: Hi and welcome. We return to you with the live ticker for the match between Braunschweig and Magdeburg. Will the Lions succeed in their next victory tomorrow? Three points would be important for promotion.

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