Boris Becker: Wandsworth Prison as Becker Prison? The tennis star could be jailed HERE

A jury found tennis legend Boris Becker guilty of 4 out of 24 charges. Today, the judge in London will announce the verdict. If Boris Becker were to go to jail, he could be jailed in the infamous Wandsworth Prison.

On Friday, April 29, 2022, it will be announced in London whether Boris Becker will serve a prison sentence.
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Fateful day for a tennis legend: In the criminal case against Boris Becker the verdict is awaited in suspense today, April 29, 2022, at. 13:00 CEST. Theoretically, the former exceptional athlete faces several years holding backbecause he had not disclosed assets of more than one million euros in his bankruptcy proceedings.

Boris Becker found guilty on 4 out of 24 charges

Three weeks ago, a jury found Boris Becker guilty of several charges. However, he can still appeal afterwards – both over the guilt and over the verdict. The 54-year-old had denied the allegations. Becker, who lives in London, was declared insolvent by the court in 2017. After that, he had to disclose his assets to the insolvency administrators – but according to the jury, he omitted important parts.

Is Boris Becker going to jail? The judge rules

The lay judges at London’s Southwark Crown Court, on the other hand, had concluded that Becker had hidden a property in his hometown of Leimen, illegally transferred large sums to other accounts and hidden shares in an artificial intelligence company. Judge Deborah Taylor decides on the punishment against the German.

Legal experts expect jail time for tennis star Boris Becker

Legal experts are also unclear about what punishment Boris Becker now faces. Observers are confident Judge Taylor will not impose the maximum sentence of seven years. That Boris Becker should be jailed is believed to be quite likely.

Becker lawyer in court: Client naive but innocent

The public prosecutor had filed a total of 24 charges against Becker. Prosecutor Rebecca Chalkley found it proven that he had deliberately concealed several possessions and now blamed his advisers who he said had handled his finances. The tennis legend’s defender had said his client was naive but innocent. The jury followed this argument in 20 points, also when it came to the issue of missing trophies. But the four-point guilty verdict may be enough to fundamentally change Becker’s life.

Wandsworth Prison in London: THIS could be Becker Prison

In theory, the judge could send Boris Becker to prison for seven years on each of the four charges. Should the tennis star go to jail, the famous Wandsworth prison could become his new home, according to “Bild”. This is located in the south London Borough of Wandsworth and is known for its tough guards. Wandsworth Prison used to be a prison for men, but today it holds nearly 1,500 prisoners.

Famous prisoners in Wandsworth Prison

Wandsworth Prison already has some prominent prisoners. In addition to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, author Oscar Wilde, musician Pete Doherty, journalist and former energy minister Chris Huhne and 70s music star Gary Glitter were also jailed here. Assange, who was temporarily detained in the wing of the sex offenders, later said of his time in Wandsworth Prison: “There were crazy pedophiles out there shouting loudly about their crimes all night. You could hear their cries all night.”

Past Dining Room Executions: This is what you need to know about Wandsworth Prison

According to British journalist Chris Atkins, who has also been jailed in Wandsworth, there are no VIP treatments. Violence and drug abuse reign here. According to Atkins, the inmates must share a 6.5-square-foot cell in pairs. Particularly macabre: where executions used to take place are now the inmates’ dining room. According to “Bild”, the last execution was carried out here more than 60 years ago.

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