Boris Becker in court: indictment, trial and possible verdict

Insane court thriller in the ticker: Should Boris Becker go to jail? The judge sends him first on the lunch break

Boris Becker is currently accused of delaying bankruptcy in a London court. The verdict will be announced today. The specific claim, the course of the process and a possible verdict – you can read an overview of all information about the case here.

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The verdict: Boris Becker risks up to seven years in prison

15:13: What happens if Becker is sentenced to prison? According to “Bild”, Becker would then be taken into direct custody by police officers in court and taken to a special security area. From there, a prison car would take him to a penitentiary.

14:57: Several journalists in the courtroom report heartbreaking scenes: When the judge announces the break, the bailiffs unlock the glass cabinet, where Becker follows what is happening. Lilian hurries to him, they hug close.

14:34: The verdict will not come until 4 pm! The simple reason? It’s lunch time now, an hour and a half long.

14:25: “This defendant has really lost everything. Boris Becker has nothing left. Nothing! It’s a direct tragedy. And the humiliations he had to take. Through the press and the world. His career has been ruined. He will no longer find work. He will need the good nature of others to survive. ” Moving words from his lawyer. Considering that Becker bought a bag at Harrods on Thursday, the final sentence is put into perspective.

14:05: Becker defense attorney Jonathan Laidlaw has just begun his prayer: “I stand by my opinion, he was in a desperate financial situation. He himself chose who he paid and when. But it was not done on purpose of malice.”

Update, Friday at 13.40: Boris Becker is still waiting for the referee to decide. So far, prosecutor Rebecca Chalkley has reiterated why Becker is guilty. Now Becker’s defense can say its opinion.

The trial of Boris Becker at London’s Southwark Crown Court has been ongoing since March 21. Day out, day in, the former Wimbledon winner sat in the glass reserved for the accused in the middle of courtroom 3. The verdict now falls on Friday.

You can read all information about the charge, the trial and the possible punishment here.

The charge: Boris Becker has hidden parts of his assets

“The Queen v Boris Franz Becker” (The Queen v Boris Franz Becker) – this is what the summary of the indictment says. As head of state, the Queen is the representative of the British state.

The prosecution had accused Becker in 24 cases of having hidden parts of his assets – including real estate, accounts and some of the most important trophies of his career (Australian Open 1996!) – after his personal bankruptcy in 2017 and blaming his advisers, who according to himself was nearby and took care of his finances.

The trial: Boris Becker denies all charges

Becker himself denies all charges. How many accounts does the former tennis star own, where property was kept in his name and where the trophies he won are kept? Becker has no idea, as he has stated several times. He stressed that financial matters were always left to his advisers and that he had not read any contracts.

Property: Among other things, it was about his parents’ house in Leimen, where Becker was registered as the owner – without his knowledge, as he claims. Other properties were also mentioned, according to the star athlete, he was not sure of the ownership structure either.

Accounts: A similar picture accounts for accounts. That his parents opened an account in his name in 1989? “I’ve been busy traveling the world playing tennis,” Becker said. He also did not know why he had three accounts in a US bank in Belgium. They were probably opened as part of an advertising partnership.

“I’ve been busy traveling the world playing tennis.”

Boris Becker

Trophies: The tennis star withdraws access to the trophies the accusation accuses him of. It rejects Becker. He just does not know where the trophies are. In general, it is not about the originals that he was handed over on the field after the final. Agents or supervisors usually received a much smaller copy version, Becker said. Even he was already on his way to the next tournament. “The trophies themselves were not important to me,” he said. For him, the title itself was more important. Now he regrets this view. If he finds the trophies again, he will hand them over immediately, he assured.

Defender: Becker “naive but innocent”

The former tennis star always trusted the advice of his advisers and never took care of financial matters himself, Becker’s defender Jonathan Laidlaw emphasized. The 54-year-old had neither the time nor the patience to read contracts and he never paid any bills himself. That’s how it is “unfortunately” still. Becker kept saying to his lawyer’s statements, “That’s correct.”

His defense attorney said his client was naive but innocent. Relying on advisors is not a crime.

The jury finds former tennis professional guilty

In 20 out of 24 points, the jury followed this line of thinking. But the verdict was “guilty” on four counts. The laymen are convinced: The ex-tennis star deliberately did not fully disclose parts of his assets during the insolvency proceedings. According to the jury, he has, among other things, hidden a property in Leimen and illegally transferred large sums to other accounts.

The verdict: Boris Becker risks up to seven years in prison

Theoretically, Becker risks up to seven years in prison. Whether he actually ends up behind bars is not decided by the eleven jurors, but by the professional judge. The tremors will continue until Friday (April 29), when Judge Deborah Taylor plans to announce his verdict.

Surf tip: If Boris Becker is found guilty – what prison can he end up in? These are available to choose from.

Becker can still appeal – both over the guilt and over the verdict.

You can read more about the Becker case here:

This Friday, the verdict against tennis legend Boris Becker, who hid significant assets in his bankruptcy proceedings, will be announced in London. In an interview with FOCUS Online, lawyer Hubert Preisner from Heilbronn explains what punishment Becker would expect in Germany. And he describes the tricks that debtors use to try to cheat their creditors.

Boris Becker lost the decisive battle for the time being: After several days of trial, the jury found the star guilty of deliberately hiding parts of his assets. An insider told the magazine “Bunte” that this time has changed him more “than anything else”.

The jury at Southwark Crown Court in London found Boris Becker guilty a few weeks ago. Today, the ex-tennis star will find out if he risks jail time. Attorney Patrick Jacobshagen considers it likely that Becker will be jailed.

Insider on Boris Becker: “This is the drama of his life”

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