American football in Erkner: “The team spirit is very big”

American football in Erkner

“Team spirit is very great”

Sound: Antenna Brandenburg | 14/02/2022 | Stefan Kunze | Picture: Recognizes Razorbacks

That’s the highlight for football fans: The Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl Monday night against the Cincinnati Bengals. The sport is also popular in Brandenburg. “Razorbacks” has been playing in Erkner for almost 30 years.

American football in Erkner (Oder-Spree) has been around since November 1992. The Razorbacks team was initially ridiculed, cornerback Sebastian Rothe recalls when the club was founded: “It was the first club to be founded in Brandenburg. However, it became known as the so-called Farmer’s football team. That means: always with your head against the wall. “

Rothe emphasizes that this has now changed. The club has evolved, they are now more dependent on technique and finesse. “

200 members count “Razorbacks”

The “farmers’ football team” has improved markedly since 1993 with the game operation in the lowest division, the development league. More finesse brought the championship title in 2002 in their division. The Razorbacks are now in the fourth division, the big league. Only Cottbus Crayfish from Brandenburg is better placed, a league higher in the regional league.

American football is still more of a niche sport in Brandenburg, but in places like Erkner the club is anything but small, says Sebastian Rothe: “We now have about 200 members. Thanks to the cheerleaders, the proportion of women will increase. Amount to approx. about 20 percent. “

Three or four women train on the men’s team

The women’s team, which was tried to be founded last year, is still relatively small with 10 members. Three to four women are currently participating in the men’s training. A start for cornerback Sebastian Rothe, who is also the club’s press manager. He reckons the Razorbacks will eventually pose with a team made up entirely of women.

Razorback Jasmin Buch could also join. She especially likes the mutual motivation during training: “Team spirit is especially important. Everyone is motivated, whether you are not catching the ball or throwing it fun, you are not exactly a bogeyman, you are motivated to keep going.”

openness and team spirit

With team spirit and openness, the Razorbacks want to score points in the 30th year of their existence, to reorganize the club and win even more people to American football in Erkner, says head coach Henning Papke: “It starts with the members’ participation, through integration from women. We have now been allowed to write various things into the statutes. So we open up to families, to children, we want to appeal to a lot of people and have an offer for them. “

Broadcast: Antenna Brandenburg, 14 February 2022, at 15.10

With material by Martin Krauss

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