Aglasterhausen: The bottom line in the profit budget is a minus – Mosbach

Students must be able to let off steam in a new sports field with two seesaws, a ground trampoline, a bird’s nest swing, a roller coaster and a “wobbly avenue”. Photo: Bernd Kuehnle

By Bernd Kuehnle

Aglasterhausen. The bottom line is minus 530,000 euros in the surplus budget. However, the municipality does not have to take out new loans, explained Frank Herion, head of the Accounting Office in Aglasterhausen, at the most recent municipal board meeting. In addition to the adoption of the budget for 2022, there were also two redesigns on the agenda: Both the beautification of the primary school schoolyard and a comprehensive update of the community website were launched.

Mayor Stefan Kron announced at the beginning of the meeting that at the last non-public meeting of the council it was decided to appoint a department head in the area of ​​”Public safety and order”. After this, architect Thomas Müller spoke and explained the initiatives for the redesign of the schoolyard and the outdoor area of ​​the primary and lower secondary school.

Based on the bids received for the limited offer, the company August Mackmull from Elztal-Muckental proved to be the cheapest bidder with 412,512 euros. On a standing and a double girder, with a floor trampoline, a bird’s nest swing, a wide slide and the balance unit “Wackelallee”, the students should be able to let off the steam on the integrated playground during the breaks, Müller explained. detailed planning. A safety fence must also be attached to a sports field area where a basketball hoop is placed over the goal structure. The Council unanimously decided to award the contract to Mackmull.

During the consultation and decision on the 2022 budget, the Head of the Accounting Office, Herion, presented the drafts that had already been discussed at various meetings: minus 530,060 euros. Despite this, the funding balance, according to Herion, is improving thanks to higher key appropriations, the municipal share of income tax and the reduced appraisal rate for the district tax.

After also explaining the facts about surplus payments and demand as well as liquidity, Herion stated that no loans should be planned for 2022. Overall, the municipal council approved the surplus budget, the financial budget in the area of ​​ongoing administrative activities (payments 11,510,210 euros / payments). 11,543,870 euros) and the financial budget in the field of investment activity (deposits 6,383,100) euros / payments 4,952,800 euros) agree. Furthermore, no borrowing and no commitment authorization were decided as well as the medium-term financial planning 2023 to 2025. The budget statute has yet to be submitted to the supervisory authority for the necessary approval.

The committee unanimously decided to release plans amounting to 29,700 euros for necessary purchases: 4,900 euros go to the fire department, 6,800 euros to the primary school in Aglasterhausen. For the Brothers Grimm school in Daudenzell it is 4,000 euros, new software in building regulations costs 10,000 euros, 2,500 euros flows into the street area and 1,500 euros to the communal forest.

Mayor Stefan Kron went into the redesign of the community’s website. The company Hirsch + Wölfl from Vellberg was unanimously awarded the contract for one-off costs of 15,351 euros and an estimated 2,300 euros in annual expenses. The latest questions and concerns from the public and local councilors revealed that trucks had been parked in a forest car park in Breitenbronn for a long time and that the sports hall in Breitenbronn was left in a wrong condition after a party. Mayor Kron promised to take care of the cases before moving on to the non-public session after a break.

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