Why the last two matches in the Würzburg Baskets are special

Let’s go into the final sprint: With the two away games in EWE Baskets Oldenburg (Friday at 19) and in FC Bayern München (Sunday at 20.30), the basketball Bundesliga club s.Oliver Würzburg ends this quite turbulent season, where among others. a. club takes not only itself, but also its followers, on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The five most important questions and answers before the end of the season:

Is it still really about something sporty for Baskets?

None! Apart from possible victory bonuses for players and coaches as well as possible bonuses when reaching a certain place in the table, the mileage across the republic is purely sporting quite uncomfortable for the Würzburg team. After they mathematically ruled out relegation on Holy Saturday in Gießen with the success 110: 97, it was time for a show. Despite the defeat at Chemnitz, this was of course quite impressive with home victories against MBC (92:86) and most recently Ludwigsburg (92:86) and has already won eleven victories for the most successful second half of the season in the club’s Bundesliga. history. The Baskets have won nine of the last ten matches – only the leaders Bonn were even more successful after the defeat in Würzburg. Oldenburg is also in the middle of nowhere in the table with a total of twelve wins with two games left.

Can Würzburg still reach the play-offs?

Also no! Although the eleventh in the table should win his last two matches and thus achieve 16 successes, he can not extend the season. On the one hand, when looking at the remaining program for Crailsheimer (currently 16 wins with three games left), Göttingen (16, two games left) and Bamberger (15, three games left), which is placed in front of the baskets, it seems extremely unrealistic that all their games should lose. Baskets won the direct comparison against Göttingen, but lost against Crailsheim and Bamberg. In a three-way comparison with Göttingen and Crailsheim, the Swabians would win, in a four-way comparison (if Bamberg only wins one match more) then Upper Franconia.

Why are the meetings in Oldenburg and Munich still something special?

Because it’s about saying goodbye to faces that have marked the Bundesliga. In Oldenburg, Rickey Paulding will play his last home game after 15 years in Lower Saxony before the 39-year-old (if he hopefully remains unharmed against Würzburg) retires on Sunday afternoon in Ludwigsburg after 584 games in the German upper house. Würzburg’s Alex King wants to extend his record with his game numbers 637 and 638 – since the data was recorded, no other player has had more matches in the premium class under his belt than the 37-year-old.

Why is the last match of King’s career in Munich extraordinary?

For the winger, who was born in Ansbach and grew up in Munich, was pretty roughly sorted out in 2020 by Bayern’s then new head coach Andrea Trinchieri. King was in Bayern for four and a half years, where he was captain of the team and won the league in ’18 and ’19 and the trophy in ’18. “I had good years there and also felt very much at home,” King told the editorial staff. The plan was that he should also be involved with the club after his career. “But as it is in life, I am just suddenly here, in Würzburg. I was not taken into account from the start. I was no longer captain and I realized that I was no longer wanted. It was an ugly one end. . ” Nevertheless, he is looking forward to guest appearances. When he looked at his last season’s list, he wondered: “Who invented it? Who arranged it so that the last match for me is in Munich? It gets very emotional because I thought I would end my career in Munich. It did not happen now, but it did somehow. ” King is curious to see, “whether the people of Munich will do something or not, or whether something will come from the fans”.

What impact will FC Bayern’s Euroleague quarter-finals against FC Barcelona have on Sunday’s match?

Hard to predict. After 66:75 (31:49) in Munich, which on Wednesday night had less chances than the result might suggest, they are 1: 2 behind in the best-of-five series. This Friday night (20.45) they have to win their fourth match to enforce a fifth match in Barcelona next week and thus retain their chance to be the first German team to reach the Final Four (19-21 May in Belgrade) should move in. Should Bayern manage another big surprise after 90:75 in match two in Spain, it seems unlikely that they will focus on the match against Würzburg. If they are eliminated, they can also start with stomach upset on Sunday night.

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