Werder Bremen: Kiel manager nobleman Ole Werner – “What do you need to be a top coach!”

Kiel – Uwe Stöver tried everything then, literally to the last minute, but in September last year, Ole Werner, with the best will in the world, could not change his mind – and resigned as coach of Holstein Kiel. “Even on the day of his resignation, we still had talks in this regard. We tried everything to convince him to stay,” said the sports director of Holstein Kiel, who now meets Ole Werner as an opponent for the first time on Friday night. interview with DeichStube told Stöver earlier in detail about Werner’s move to Werder Bremen and his qualities as a coach.

Sir. Stöver, your club is still missing a point to make it perfect for staying in the league. Are you trying to ensure that you stay in the league in Bremen on your own so that you are not dependent on the help of competitors?

The goal is always to score points. We also have the right to travel to Bremen and take something with us there. And we have legitimate hopes of surviving there.

Kiel won the first match 2-1. Can such a success repeat itself, even though Werder is in a completely different form now?

The other leg is in completely different circumstances. At the time, a new coach, a temporary coach, was in charge of Werder (U.19 coach Christian Brand looked after the team during the match, editor’s note). The eleven were not as good at the table as they are at the moment. Werder has now had a race and an impressive series with Ole Werner – only one defeat in 16 games. A challenging task awaits us.

Holstein Kiel sports director Uwe Stöver: “Werder Bremen is my favorite for promotion”

Who or what can still slow Werder on the road to promotion?

There are still three matches left, there are still three opponents. In this special league and especially in the final phase of the championship, each team must be one hundred percent focused and prepared – this is where the head will play a particularly important role. I consider Bremen’s starting position to be very good, they are a promotion favorite for me.

You talked to Ole Werner, your team’s former coach. It is said that Werner’s engagement in Werder had already been determined before the first stage, but had not yet been announced due to its explosive nature. Was it like that?

no First this weekend, in parallel with the first stage, all modalities were clarified and the change was finally corrected.

Werner resigned from Holstein after the slow start to the season. How were you doing at the time? Were you disappointed? Were you shocked?

We signaled very early in the season that we would extend Ole Werner’s contract. Even on the day of his resignation, we still had conversations in this regard. So we tried everything to convince him to stay. But Ole was firm in his opinion and attitude. He felt the team needed a new impetus. He could not be persuaded. It was not an easy time and it was emotional for all of us.

Holstein Kiel’s sports director Uwe Stöver about the Werder Bremen coach: “Ole Werner has what it takes to become a top coach”

You know Ole Werner well. What kind of coach is he??

In Kiel, we made him from U23 coach to head coach. It had its reasons. We were convinced of him. Ole is someone who lives football and puts a lot of effort into his job. At Holstein, he had the status of a talented coach, but he left that level a long time ago. He has long since grown into a seasoned coach in professional football – and he has what it takes to become a top coach.

Where do you see its special qualities?

I do not even have to go into detail. Ole has many competencies that cover the entire breadth of the job profile. He may still lack experience, which is in the nature of things. Everyone gets experiences – both negative and positive – over the years. It will be the same with him.

Werner has already experienced both sides: successes like reaching relegation with Kiel, failures like the bad start to the season.

But he will still be confronted with completely different events. He is still a young coach who has to face the challenges. I’m 55 years old, nor have I experienced everything in professional sports.

Holstein Kiel sports director Uwe Stöver: “Ole Werner has the format to make a name for himself in Werder Bremen”

Is Werder, for example, such a challenge?

Werder has a completely different status. The size and history of the club, a different environment, a special public and a different media landscape. Thus, Ole has taken the next step in his career.

Do you trust him to master this step without stumbling?

I am convinced that this is the right move for him. He has the format and quality to make his mark in Bremen.

You worked as a coach and then switched to management. What were your reasons for taking this step?

In 2003, I was offered the opportunity to leave my coaching career in the then Bundesliga club 1. FC Kaiserslautern and switch to the youth academy’s organizational and administrative area. At the age of 35, I decided to take this step – and I’m glad I did.

Is Werder Bremen ready for the 1. Bundesliga? Holstein Kiel sports director Uwe Stöver: “The jump is extreme”

There will never be a coach Stöver again?

I can not imagine that. I have never thought about returning to coaching.

If the promotion is successful – is Werder ready for the 1st league?

It is not my job to assess it. I have no deeper information about that. Basically, I can say what every expert and fan knows: The leap from the second division to the Bundesliga is extremely and without a doubt a challenge.

Last question: Jan Fiete Arp is one of the most famous players in the Kiel squad. How do you see the development of the once highly acclaimed super talent?

Despite his young age, the boy has already experienced a lot. In the summer, he decided with us that he would go a new way, that he would take an intermediate step. So we borrowed him from Bayern Munich. Fiete, whose career has stalled a bit, has faced new challenges. It has benefited his development as a professional athlete and his personality. He got his assignments from us. We at Holstein are happy for him.

And what’s next for him?

I stick to the facts. His loan expires on June 30th. From today he returns to Bavaria.

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