Tough accounts: MSV Duisburg’s self-destructive week

Hard bills
MSV Duisburg’s self-destructive week

By Tobias Nordman

What a disastrous week for MSV Duisburg. First, the third division football team received a bad home blow against 1860 Munich, then followed the embarrassment of the Lower Rhine Cup. Noble fan Joachim Llambi is shocked by the development of his heart club.

MSV Duisburg returns to the scores again. Now it is not as if they have not had any experience with this job in the traditional club on the Rhine and Ruhr. But of course they do not enjoy it. After a shocking week of football with a disastrous home defeat of 6-0 against TSV 1860 Munich and an embarrassing 1-0 defeat in the semi-finals of the Niederrheinpokal in SV Straelen in the fourth division, frustrations erupted at all levels in the third division. President Ingo Wald, for whom the whole football drama must have seemed like a crazy déjà vu – last year MSV collected a crashing 2: 6 in the same competition in the same round against Wuppertaler SV (also a fourth division team), – railed at. reviersport. en: “We’ve only been playing grits for two years. We want to put everything to the test.”

A message that should bring painful insights to light. For example, for coach Hagen Schmidt. He had already had to tremble for his job this season, but then had a surprising series of successes and at least averted the disaster, the relegation from the 3rd division. Relegation is not certain yet, but it is at least imminent. After the embarrassment, Schmidt admitted to having seen a “lifeless team without will and joy of play”. There are only two or three players who want to win the game. The coach, who has only been at the post since mid-October, felt the next “slap in the face” in Straelen. In a season where so much goes against this club. Among other things, the match was abandoned against VfL Osnabrück. Due to a racist incident in the stands, which ended up not being so.

Documentary about MSV Duisburg

A past imbued with tradition, a challenging present – always absolute passion: MSV Duisburg used to play at the top, but have been stuck in the relegation swamp in the 3rd division for some time and are fighting for economic survival. The current situation requires a lot of endurance on the pitch and in the stands. And behind the scenes, there is also a lot of rumbling in such difficult times. The documentation “MSV – My heart beats numa here” follows the traditional club for more than 12 months and gives an authentic portrait of the Ruhrpott club. She has been on RTL + since 17 February.

These are phrases that simply surprised the most prominent fan of the club, who has been stuck in the elevator between the 2nd and 3rd divisions for years. “How can I as a coach let the same team run up with the same problems that lost 6-0 to 1860 Munich at the weekend,” said dance sports expert Joachim Llambi in an interview with ntv. “I do not understand why a coach like Hagen Schmidt, who comes from the youth department, does not have the ass in his pants to let the young guard play.” Top talents like Julian Hettwer (own youth) or Alaa Bakir (from BVB) are only sent on the field when “the cow has already broken the ice.”

“No coach suitable for MSV”

Llambi’s verdict: “Hagen Schmidt is not a coach suitable for MSV Duisburg”. In fan circles he finds many like-minded people. Schmidt is not good for the rest of the season. And not at all for the reconstruction that Wald has now called out after the embarrassment. Wald also substantiated his frustration over the existential carelessness of his footballers: “I am shocked. We have just lost 300,000 euros, and that at a time when we have to turn over every euro,” the president said on the brink of tears, according to “Reviersport”. Llambi even goes a step further in his assessment of Schmidt. “It did not go right from the start.”

A wrong decision by the bosses, as with Gino Lettieri, whose return campaign the dramatic fall of the zebras had been massively accelerated in the last season. After just two and a half months, he had already been released after six defeats and four draws in twelve games. Only with Pavel Dotchev was the looming relegation prevented. But even this staff was not tenable, in October 2021 he had to leave his post. Schmidt came – and should now disappear again at the latest. “In the last three games, it’s still about being up in league three. Which is not a success, but should be a matter of course.”

For a club with such a tradition, with such a history. He is still 17th in the Bundesliga rankings of all time, even reaching the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup (1979/80 season), playing in the Cup Winners’ Cup (1999) and the Intertoto Cup in the 1970s. For a club where legends like Bernard Dietz, Joachim Hopp and Roland Wohlfahrt once tied the knot.

Dance sports legend Joachim Llambi is a big fan of MSV Duisburg.

(Photo: image images / Future Image)

For Llambi, Schmidt is not only the completely wrong man, but also a victim of the numerous mistakes of the past. Especially when it comes to squad planning. The defense has been a torso for two years. “I feel sorry for him too, he can not make candy out of shit, but he is bewildered, does not know what to do with people, how to motivate them and make them play.” When a coach is at that point, he’s done. Failed. With an average of 1.18 points in 22 games (12 defeats), his record is weak, sober, disastrous.

A heck of a lot of old problems for rebuilding

But Llambi does not fear GAU this season, crashing in the regional league. The remaining programs from the competitors around Viktoria Berlin and SC Verl seem too difficult. MSV play against these opponents on the last day of the match. A drama finale is not likely. But not excluded either. What a scenario for a club that, despite all the existential struggles on a financial level, still has the self-image of having to be at least a second division team.

A dream to dream for a long time. Two years ago, Duisburg was close to coming straight back to League Two. Until the pandemic, MSV played a top season and had a fantastic squad with players who drew attention to themselves. Something like Lukas Daschner or Yasin Ben Balla. But nothing worked at home after the Corona restart, the climb was actually lost. That was the beginning of a series of capital mistakes. With the coaches, with the squad planning. Eternal sports director Ivica Grilic flew around the ears in early February. Fans have been raging for a long time, the 46-year-old volunteered.

His successor has been in office for a few weeks. And the task for Ralf Heskamp could hardly be bigger or more challenging. He has to give the clammy club a new football face and deal with 17 “legacy issues”, so many players from the current squad still have a contract with MSV. Not everyone is actually a burden, such as their own talents Hettwer and Jander. Other players like Marvin Knoll or Marvin Bakalorz, who have already played in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, have so far delivered little or not at all. “One can only hope for Heskamp that one of these players finds a new club despite their contract,” said Llambi.

What gives him hope? Well, maybe the question is worded incorrectly. He was born in Duisburg and hopes that all levels will be swept up properly. That all the old crusts break. By the way, Ingo Wald, the sad boss, protects Llambi. “He wanted to change something after last season, he gives so much for MSV” – and now he has to sweep the broken pieces again.

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