The most common mistakes in burning fat and building muscle

Most people who go to the gym have two primary physical goals: to burn fat and build muscle. And yet many fail without knowing exactly why. Celebrity coach Don Saladino explains what is without a doubt the most common mistake.

Sometimes it’s crazy. You go to the gym regularly, do your exercises diligently and yet the results leave a lot to be desired. One often wonders why fat burning and muscle building stagnate – ie. no physical changes are noticed. Where is the error? That’s the number one question desperate gym-goers keep asking famed coach Don Saldino. In a YouTube video, he gives a very simple answer as to why that might be.

Do not forget the legs!

According to Don Saldino, who helped Hollywood greats like Hugh Jackman achieve impressive physique, the main problem is neglected leg training. For most people are so focused on their upper body that they often do not train their legs at all. Also, many people think that cardio training is enough for the legs, so why spend extra time on leg exercises? But it is precisely the biggest mistake and one of the main reasons why fat burning and muscle building stagnate in many amateur athletes.

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Leg training is not endurance training

“Leg training is not the same as running, cardio, cycling, step running or whatever,” says fitness trainer Don Saldino in his YouTube video. You must specifically challenge your legs with resistance exercises, ie strength training. Because it ensures a greater basal metabolic rate of calories in the body. And that means strength training burns more fat and calories than cardio alone. “So remember, when you train your legs, you get the fat-burning effect, which is very difficult to achieve with endurance training,” advises Saldino.

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Leg training strengthens the abdominal muscles

But if you train your legs, you increase not only the fat burning, but also the overall muscle building. In particular, it is ideal for strengthening the abdominal muscles. Because leg training is usually very intense, it requires strong body tension. “You get one of the best abdominal workouts by training the lower body muscles,” says the expert.

The most effective leg exercises

  • Squats (squats with or without weight on the back)
  • Goblet Squats (squats with a boiler bed on the chest)
  • Deadlift
  • Lunges (with or without dumbbells)
  • Split squats

According to fitness trainer Don Saldino, not everyone needs to do all of these exercises. Instead, try the one that suits you best. “I’m not saying everyone should put a barbell on their back and squat with it,” instead you can do squats without weights at all or with a kettlebell supported with both hands on your chest (goblet squat).

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Saldino also has a simple explanation for why squats are healthy: after all, you squat every day when you sit on the toilet bowl. It is therefore good if we train the muscles required for this with a similar movement sequence, such as with squats.

At least one leg workout per week

So the advice from celebrity trainer Saldino for better fat burning and more efficient muscle building is very simple: “To put it simply: Exercise your leg muscles at least once a week.” You do not have to train so hard right away that you can do it the next day can no longer walk. Instead, you should slowly start strengthening your legs and also make sure to have a good movement. And the successes come naturally. “You can lose weight. Your abdominal muscles could get better. And you become much stronger,” Saldino sums up the effects. In the long run, this not only ensures a better appearance, but also increased well-being.

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