The current Corona situation in Portugal

Life in Portugal is returning to normal. The popular holiday destination already overturned the 3G rule in mid-February and said goodbye to the general mask requirement on 21 April. Since the beginning of the week, holidaymakers have also been able to enter the country more easily. What corona restrictions apply in Portugal and Madeira and what the current corona situation is in place – TRAVEL BOOK provides an overview.

Many holiday countries in Europe have already abolished entry forms, and now Portugal also escapes without electronic travel registration. Since 23 April, holidaymakers will no longer have to fill out the document. Mouth and nose protection may only be worn on public transport and in health facilities. Further information on the current corona measures in Portugal and Madeira and on the entry requirements can be found in the following sections.

Current corona measures in Portugal

On 21 April, Portugal’s Minister of Health Marta Temido announced the end of the general obligation to wear masks, which had previously been in force in all enclosed and public spaces. Holidaymakers no longer have to wear protective masks in cafes, restaurants or in shopping malls and cultural institutions. However, mouth and nose protection is still mandatory in all public transport, in hospitals and in nursing homes.

In mid-February, the 3G rule and the restrictions on the permitted load – for example at restaurants or at events – were abolished in Portugal. The obligation to test for access to sporting events, discos and bars was also overturned in February.

What applies when entering Portugal?

Since February 7, travelers who have at least a full basic immunization against the corona virus have no longer had to show a negative test when entering Portugal. In the case of vaccinated persons, it is sufficient to present proof of complete vaccination recognized in the European Union. Entry into Portugal without a test is also possible if holidaymakers can present a certificate of cure from COVID-19 no more than six months ago.

Holidaymakers who have not been fully vaccinated against Corona must show a negative PCR test or antigen test when entering Portugal. This must not be older than 72 hours (PCR test) or 24 hours (antigen test) on departure and must be presented to the airline. Holders of a valid EU Digital COVID certificate have been exempt from testing since 7 February 2022.

Previously, all travelers to Portugal, whether vaccinated or not, had to complete an electronic travel declaration of entry – this is no longer necessary since 23 April.

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What applies in Madeira?

Unlike when entering (mainland) Portugal, there are no restrictions on entry into Madeira or the neighboring island of Porto Santo. Even unvaccinated people have been able to enter the autonomous region of Madeira since mid-February without a coronate test. However, all holidaymakers are advised to register on the website, according to the Madeira Tourist Board’s website.

In the Autonomous Community of Madeira, the 3G rule continues to apply in large parts of public life. Restaurants, bars, discos and gyms may only be visited with proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination, proof of cure or proof of a negative antigen test. The same applies to participation in sports and leisure activities as well as in cultural, social and similar activities.

In Madeira, it is mandatory to wear a mouth and nose protector from the age of 6 in all open and closed spaces as well as on public paths.

The current Corona situation in Portugal

Portugal has a very high vaccination rate of more than 92 percent in terms of complete vaccination protection. The number of new infections detected daily is currently 10,584. The seven-day incidence has been significantly declining since early February and is currently just over 700 (Status: April 27, 2022, source:

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