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Local teams start the new tennis tournament this weekend. Ambitious teams in the youth and active field are mainly provided by RW Giessen.

If the tennis media round 2022 starts for some this weekend, the home focus is on ambitious youth and active tennis at TC Rot-Weiss Giessen. Six teams from the Gießen district play in the junior or active area of ​​the group league or higher – five of these six teams are provided by red and white.

While there is still a wide range of active clubs in domestic age group tennis, there is a problem in the younger segment. Only TV Watzenborn plays with its group of league women away from RW in the higher area.

“I’ve noticed this for years at tournaments or district championships: the kids come mainly from RW Gießen,” says Steffen Nebeling, team leader for the men’s 30s at TC Grünberg. From childhood, he underwent the classic development from ambitious beginner to age group player.

“We have problems creating an active team. This is because rural areas have not been able to focus on youth. If you want to play performance-oriented, it will be difficult in the country. “

Stefan Sättler, chairman of the Gießen tennis district, supports the view: ‘The impression is correct. We have lost teams at the youth level in recent years. Corona has also made some people change their minds: Suddenly training twice a week is enough. But you don’t play in the Hessian top with that. “

Sättler reports a “bulge in performance and volume” in the years 2006 to 2010. “But now we also have aspiring talents again in the years 2013 to 2016, including some from more remote regions.”

An extended basic training is planned in Nidda to be able to support children from, for example, Schotten, Hungen, Lich or Langsdorf sufficiently. ‘There are a few corners in the circle where something happens. And then there are children and young people. We will build a bridge between the years 2006 and 2010. “

The tennis club is also planning a series of tournaments for U8, U9 and U10 to promote access – Sättler: “To reduce fear, children should start playing.”

Grünberg is also trying to counteract the trend: This Saturday, about 30 children are expected in the facility on Jakobsvejen, which will be introduced to the movement coordinated according to the principle of Heidelberg Ball School.

“We’re trying to get the parents involved,” Nebeling explains. “When they get involved, a completely different dynamic emerges.”

Nebeling knows what he’s talking about: “My parents always drove me.” He has played with Marc-René Müller, Philipp Hessler, Robin Wagner and Andreas Lenz since he was young – “you make a lot of contacts. When you succeed as a team, it brings you together. We are good friends, and so are players like Steven Moneke and Sebastian Dietz. You spend your free time together, going to birthdays. It is important that we can do the same among today’s young people. “

Sättler and Nebeling agree that the club needs an “engine” for this. Like the Rustige family in Watzenborn. Father Burkhard is chairman, mother Barbara Southwest League player and with daughter Pina youth director. She and sister Victoria play in the group league, coach on TV, which teaches tennis to about 100 children.

Pina Rustige knows: “This family bond plays a super big role. We have been on the tennis court since we were little. ”Here, too, friends have found each other, proving that if they succeed in creating a gang, it often forms an entire era in the club.

The sisters Rustige, Leni Haller, Adriana Hermann, Jessica Langer, Carolina Ringstmeyer and Emilia Luh, have known each other most »since kindergarten or primary school. I just love that I spend Sundays playing games with friends I’ve known since we were little. “

For this, they train at least two to three times a week, ”some are on the field five to six days a week. If you invest something, you will also succeed. “

Regardless of club, one thing is clear: today’s young people are tomorrow’s age group. It still looks good from a domestic point of view: Clubs like TC Wettenberg, TV Lollar or TC Krofdorf-Gleiberg provide a foundation that only threatens to crumble in the future. For Pina Rustige and her friends, all 25 years or younger, one thing is for sure: “We want to play tennis together for as long as possible.”

Nowhere else in the Gießen district will there be as many high-class tennis matches in 2022 as at the RW Gießen facility on Grünberger Straße. FRIEDRICH © Harald Friedrich

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