Stick to fitness solutions: With these 5 tips, it works!

Fitness Resolutions 2022: With these tips, you can really pull them off

The trend towards ambitious fitness decisions and a healthier everyday life is not new. Especially in January, the month par excellence for new beginnings, fitness apps have recorded a peak in app downloads for years. Particularly interesting: This number has increased dramatically since the pandemic. While there were 8.93 million downloads worldwide in January 2019, the leading fitness and training apps announced a record number of 16.20 million downloads in January 2021, just two years later. So you are in good company with your ambitious fitness goals. But how do you maintain motivation and your goals? We have the best tips for you.

Tip 1: Step by step instead of full speed forward

Psychologists agree: We give in when we are mentally overwhelmed and expect too much at once. As tempting as it may be to do a new high-intensity fitness workout that promises maximum weight loss, for example, it also risks creating unrealistic goals. Disappointment and the associated loss of self-confidence are the natural consequence of exaggerated decisions. You can avoid this by setting yourself objective, smaller goals and then working your way through them step by step. You will see that these successes will boost your motivation and encourage you to keep going. Good things come to those who wait – a strategy that experts say leads to better results than banging your head against a wall.

2. Tip: Start at an individual time

While the first day of January for many is the unofficial deadline for a new, better, healthier and fitter version of itself, that does not mean you have to finish all your fitness intentions on January 1st each year and should have the finished action plan ready . Instead, for professional reasons, fitness professionals recommend treating the first week of January as a kind of “training and test week” where you slowly but surely integrate your decisions into your daily routine while still allowing yourself an occasional old habit. General: It is never too late to start and your body and mind will at all times thank you for healthy and beneficial decisions.

3. Tip: Write down your sense of accomplishment

Whether you jot down your fitness goals and achieve them in a notebook or use apps like Strava or a Fitbit wristband to track your results, the journey is the reward. Keeping track of your fitness routine will make it easier for you to gather yourself and get through your workout on days that are weak and demotivated. This way, you can keep a watchful eye on your success and celebrate your personal milestones.

Tip 4: New habits take time

It is said that we have integrated a new habit into our lives after 21 days and after another 90 days one can talk about a sustainable change in lifestyle. So keep in mind that it is perfectly normal not to see results and success right away. Sticking to it is worth it, because it is the long-term changes that lead to the long-term goal. Everything else is temporary and more of a yo-yo effect whose consequences are even harder to get rid of.

Tip 5: Combine different solutions with each other

A good tip to help you pull yourself together and follow your fitness decisions is to combine different decisions and activities. Fitness experts recommend combining daily rituals and activities with your personal fitness goals. Specifically, it means doing a fitness exercise like squats while brushing teeth or effectively bridging the wait for coffee from the coffee machine with push-ups. It does not feel like a workout or a task, but the “on the side” effect increases, seen on a daily basis, allowing you to maintain a consistent routine.

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