Separation with background noise: Stefan Leitl leaves Fürth in summer – SpVgg Greuther Fürth

– Shamrocken is facing a fantastic new beginning. On Wednesday, coach Stefan Leitl announced those in charge that he would like to leave the club. He had previously traveled to Hanover to speak without his boss’ knowledge.

If everything is as it is said to be in Fürth and Hanover, then last Monday was a very strenuous day for Stefan Leitl. In the morning he and his team started preparing for the away game in Union Berlin (Friday at 20.30), in the afternoon he apparently spent several hours on the autobahn. Destination: Großburgwedel near Hanover.

The coach of the gaming association is said to have met with 96-boss Martin Kind and Hanover’s sports director Marcus Mann to talk about a future together. Leitl must have left a strong impression. At least that suggests the media reports from Hanover, which gradually appeared from Tuesday night.

First, the newspaper “Bild” wrote about a “secret meeting”, a few hours later the TV channel “Sky” even reported that Leitl would be the new coach of Hannover 96 in the coming season. On Wednesday, various media in the Lower Saxony suit followed. The trio has agreed on “a common future from the coming season”, wrote “Neue Presse Hannover”. “If it were not for the many conditions. Time is pressing.”

According to the newspaper, Leitl can only leave the cloverleaf until Saturday and for a fee of 500,000 euros. Hannover, who are once again lagging behind expectations, can still relegate to the third division and have an important match against Karlsruhe on Friday. While the sports director was careful to spread calm and not comment on Staff Leitl, patriarch Martin Kind spoke to “Sport 1”.

“I hope so and I am also confident he will be the new 96 coach for next season,” the 77-year-old said. Leitl made a “very open, sympathetic and qualified impression” on him, “very committed.” We are convinced of him and his work. “This is how Fürth’s CEO Rachid Azzouzi was until recently – and despite being relegated from the Bundesliga on Saturday. He recently presented his most important employee with a long-term contract until 2027. , because he wanted to make a fresh start in the Bundesliga, would tackle the other Bundesliga with Stefan Leitl.

It was not for nothing that Azzouzi held on to the coach even in the biggest sporting crisis, after 14 defeats in the first 15 matches. But the great confidence in Leitl, which the coach had always raved about, did not pay off for the club. On Tuesday night, while taking part in the U23 match against Augsburg, Rachid Azzouzi found out about his coach’s trip to Hanover. “Of course I’m disappointed,” the CEO said when asked. “I would have been glad not to have heard of it from the newspaper.”

Eventually, the “open and honest communication” that Leitl kept talking about apparently did no longer exist. “I did not receive these signals,” Azzouzi says. “Neither that he will continue 100 percent, nor that he will move to Hanover.” On Wednesday afternoon, Leitl told his boss in a personal conversation that he and assistant coach Andrej Mijatovic would leave the club this summer.

But there is still no agreement with Hannover 96.

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