Rapper Ludacris gets fit for Fast & Furious 10

Action-packed stunts and wild car chases: Filming for “Fast X”, the grand finale of the “Fast & Furious” series, has begun. Of course there again: the rapper and actor Ludacris. And thanks to a special training, he is in top shape.

The 44-year-old has already starred in six of the nine films in the “Fast & Furious” series that have been released so far. He knows: Shooting is not only fast-paced and exciting, but also physically challenging. To get in shape for the grand final, Ludacris put on a very special training routine. FITBOOK took a closer look at his training.

He goes to his gym almost every day

As Ludacris revealed to the American magazine Men’s Health, he trains six times a week in his in-house gym. He focuses on a different part of his body every day, but does “a little tummy and a little leg” every day. Although exercise is an integral part of his daily routine, the 44-year-old regularly changes his exercises. And with good reason: “The longer I train, the more I have to challenge myself. You have to confuse your body. The body is much smarter than you might think. ”

In addition to strength training with weights and combat ropes, Ludacris also uses yoga and HIIT to stay in shape. He also runs and does bodyweight exercises. His goal: “To be better than yesterday. Keep getting better.”

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Hammer training for hardened muscles

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On “Instagram” Ludacris shows how he steels his body. His core training consists of several steps:

  1. Warm up on the treadmill
  2. Hanging leg lift with a twist
  3. Hammer training with rotation
  4. Body weight triceps dips
  5. Plank / ab-wheel combination
  6. Cool with a massage gun

To challenge his body as best he can, Ludacris relies on fitness equipment and other aids. His favorite tool for strong muscles is the Sledgehammer. What initially looks extraordinary turns out to be excellent six-pack training. He swings the hammer with both hands from back to front. Incorporating a rotational motion uses not only the straight but also the oblique abdominal muscles. After a blow to the tire, change sides. The sequence takes place at a pace so that the entire cardiovascular system is activated. A real pro exercise!

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There is also leg lift on the bar and a combination exercise of plank and ab-wheel, the so-called “HIITAX”. As he moves forward using the Ab wheel, his feet rest on a rollable plate. The plank is held all the time, the curvature increases the intensity even more. In his training, Ludacris clearly focuses on the center of the body.

Cooling down and regeneration are part of the training

Ludacris attaches great importance to a relaxing cooling down during his training. In this way, he prevents sore muscles, avoids injuries and relaxes the body after a strenuous sports session. He likes to use a massage gun for this. He is also regularly treated by the well-known chiropractor Dr. Pamper Beau Hightower.

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He keeps an eye on his diet

Of course, Ludacris also knows very well that the best training is not enough without the right nutrition. As a result, his refrigerator is densely packed with lean, high-protein foods like turkey and chicken. When it comes to vegetables, the rapper likes to use peas, green asparagus and baby spinach. He also drinks a lot of water and occasionally protein shakes.

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