Pregnant Fiona Erdmann – Worry about her baby in the sitting position

Fiona Erdmann wants a natural birth. But her baby has been in a sitting position for two weeks now. In her adoptive home Dubai, it means a caesarean section – and not just there by the way. The influencer opened up to his fans on Instagram.

Fiona Erdmann’s Instagram account is something like a diary with pictures of her pregnancy. In a way, your fans can experience live how the 33-year-old’s life and body change. And for a few days now, Erdmann has been a little worried about the expectation of the offspring. The little one made himself comfortable in the sitting position, and this could have consequences for mother and daughter.

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Fiona Erdmann’s daughter in seat position

The ex-GNTM participant complains about his daughter’s “stubbornness”. She has been lying in the seat for a while, in short: BEL, that is, with the bottom down. Fiona Erdmann has been trying for two weeks to turn the baby in her womb so that it leaves its current seat position. She has tried everything from acupuncture – with and without a heat lamp – to foot zone therapy and “music between the legs” and even grabbed a flashlight to show the child the way down. Moreover, targeted yoga postures and attempts to speak well to the little one have shown no effect so far.

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Side seat presentation probably means cesarean section

Fiona Erdmann has lived in her adopted home in Dubai since 2018 with her boyfriend Mohammed and their first son Leo. The three are looking forward to the upcoming addition to the family – but at the moment, the expectant mother is most worried. “Here in Dubai, BEL is considered an absolute risk,” she writes in her post, “and there are very, very few doctors who would support this birth. Therefore, the current situation would probably be that I should have a caesarean section.” This is not Erdmann’s dream scenario: Together with her “doula”, ie a medical assistant (similar to a midwife), she has prepared intensively for a peaceful, natural one for a long time before birth.

That would be desirable for her. The model looks back on a serious fate: In the spring of 2021, she lost her baby in the 18th week of pregnancy and had to give birth dead. An experience that Erdmann will never forget – but neither will. “The baby is a part of us,” she assured at the time on YouTube. “It will remain in our hearts.”

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What can help with seat presentation

In about five percent of all pregnancies, the baby may end up in the sitting position. This can be due to a number of reasons, including stress, an unusual shape of the uterus or the amount of amniotic fluid and the baby’s unusual size.

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“The Indian Bridge,” which Fiona Erdmann also tried, is a recommended method of flipping the baby. In addition, the “Zilgrei method” also summarizes a number of potentially useful positions.

From the 36th week of pregnancy, only an external reversal is possible. Obstetricians or physicians use special massage techniques to activate the baby’s reflexes to move themselves. The method succeeds on average in half of the cases. If the child remains in the sitting position, a caesarean section is recommended – not only with Fiona Erdmann in Dubai, but in Germany.

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