Munich: Corona loosens at outdoor restaurants, sports, schools

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Munich: Numerous visitors enjoy the beautiful weather in the beer garden by the Chinese tower in the English Garden. © Sven Hoppe / dpa

Munich was below a seven-day occurrence of 50 for five days in a row, so new corona rules will apply from Sunday (May 30). An overview.

Munich – The seven-day incidence in Bavaria continues to decline and is, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 38.2 on Saturday (previous day: 40.1). Also in Munich, the value continues to fall. On Friday, the state capital was even below the corona limit of 50 for the fifth day in a row. This means that there is an opportunity for relaxation from Sunday (May 30 at 0) – including for outdoor catering, gyms and retail, such as. it announced the city of Munich on its website. There will also be changes in the schools after the Pentecost holiday – an overview of what applies in Munich from Sunday.

Corona rules in Munich relaxed: This applies to outdoor gastronomy from Sunday (May 30).

Outdoor gastronomy has been allowed to reopen since May 12th. Currently, members of your own household as well as members of another household are allowed at one table, as long as the total number of five people is not exceeded. Recovered and vaccinated as well as children under 14 do not count. Must close at 22.00.

New from 30 May: When visiting outdoor gastronomy, there is no obligation to test or book an appointment in advance.

Relaxation of the rules for outdoor pools and gyms: This applies in Munich

Since May 21, outdoor pools have been allowed to reopen in counties and cities with a stable seven-day incidence below 100. Prerequisite: an appointment, a negative test and compliance with the framework hygiene concept

News from May 30: There is no test obligation when visiting outdoor pools.

Gyms have also been allowed to reopen their doors for non-contact sports since May 21, if the incidence is stable below 100. The prerequisites are a negative test, an appointment and compliance with hygiene measures.

News from May 30: There is no obligation to test when attending gyms or outdoor sporting events. There is also no longer a test obligation for contact-free indoor sports and contact sports in the open with a maximum of 25 people.

Corona rules in Munich relaxed: This now applies to museums, theaters and cinemas

News from May 30: When visiting museums, exhibitions, zoos and botanical gardens as well as memorial sites, there is no obligation to book an appointment in advance. In addition, there is no obligation to test in theaters, concert halls, opera houses and cinemas, at cultural and sporting events in the open air (maximum 250 spectators with fixed seats),
in tourist excursions as well as for city and guest tours, mountain, culture and nature tours in the open air.

Corona in Bavaria: These rules apply to retail in Munich from 30 May

News from May 30: All stores can open with a limit on the number of customers – without prior obligation to book an appointment.

The Corona rules in Munich are relaxed – this applies to the Munich schools after the Pentecost holiday

After the Pentecost holiday (until 6 June), the schools will continue as follows: From 30 May, there will again be an opportunity for permanent operation of the childcare.

In counties and urban areas with a stable sevenDay frequency below 50 will take place at all types of schools from June 7, full face-to-face tuition with no minimum distance for all grade levels at all types of schools. Wearing a medical face mask (“surgical mask”) is mandatory for all students throughout the school – including in the classroom. .

Regardless of the incidence value, testing is still mandatory for all students attending face-to-face or alternating classes, as well as for teachers and other staff working in the schools.

Corona rules in Munich: initially no change in contact restrictions

The classification “35 to 100” still applies to the contact restrictions. Here there will only be relaxation if the incidence is below 35 five days in a row. On Friday (May 29), Munich was below this limit for the third day in a row. (came)

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