More women’s football, e-sports, rowing and tennis: “A women’s team would be a little sensation for us” – Bezirke – Berlin

Whether it’s a new women’s team, famous e-athletes, a big sports ball or “trial training” in Tabacco and a top club: A lot happens in the spring on the sports scene in Berlin-Spandau. There are 200 clubs with about 45,000 athletes in the district. And the Spandau newsletter from Tagesspiegel picks up on interesting projects, ideas and dates over and over again. Here we go!

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SC Gatow: women’s team and town hall meeting. SC Gatow around Axel Vogel (360 members, 200 children) wants to form a women’s team in 2022 and is now looking for female football players. The small club is always a topic in the Spandau newsletter. The club from the countryside south of Spandau speaks of “a small sensation that will greatly enrich our club”.

And further: “If all goes well, SC Gatow will soon start a women’s team. In the current season, it will probably remain with a training group. The plan is to register a team for the coming season.” Lena Zabel will be the coach for the new team, and on Monday the sports committee around Lars Reinefahl, CDU, was a guest at SC Gatow, who took a closer look at the large sports facility and the local concerns.

Rounion Arkona invites Tagesspiegel readers. When the club voted for the most popular sports clubs in Spandau five years ago, the club ended up high on the rankings: Here is the Tagesspiegel portrait of the rounion Arkona 1879, a real top club – with beautiful club space on Scharfen Lanke. Now CEO René Wilmes reported for Spandau’s newsletter and invites to open day.

Large clubhouse, beautiful clubhouse: Roforeningen Arkona.Photo: private

“May 7, 2022, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.,” Wilmes says. “True to our motto: ‘Learn to row, enjoy nature and make friends’, those interested in rowing have the opportunity to have their first rowing experience in a boat or on an ergometer.” Get to know the gym and get to know more about our courses and events. ”

[Den kompletten Spandau-Newsletter schicke ich Ihnen einmal pro Woche nach Hause – mit exklusiven Nachrichten, vielen Menschen, Links und Tipps:]

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slapstick? Only at first glance. E-sportsman Max Knabe (“HandofBlood”) from Hakenfelde.Photo: promo

Famous e-athletes introduce themselves to Spandau’s football clubs. The “Working Group of Spandau Football Clubs” network was founded in 1957, led by Elmar Koch. Next Friday, the clubs will meet in Sportfreunde Kladow’s clubhouse for a spring meeting. And not only sports councilor Frank Bewig (CDU, basketball player, tennis player) is a guest, but also a new club: The e-athletes from Eintracht Spandau around Youtuber Max Knabe alias HandofBlood would like to introduce themselves – they are also often a topic in the Spandau newsletter ( or the other way around).

Football: Spandau Derby in Falkenhagener Feld. The Schwarz-Weiß Spandau sports complex is located deep in the west. The club has 550 members, Manuel Miguel is the boss, Bela B. from the doctors played here as a child and the club is celebrating its 70th anniversary next spring. The club was founded in March 1953 on a meadow near the cemetery in Kisseln. The Spandau Derby was a place to celebrate this weekend: Black and White won 2-1 after two goals from Yusuf Yildirim against SC Gatows Zwote. Giuseppe Seewald scored for Gatower. Black and White sent me another tip: The club is showing the derby as a livestream here on YouTube. –

Siemensstadt: Sports ball is getting closer. Only two weeks to the big “Spandau Sportsman’s Ball”, which takes place at SC Siemensstadt. “Dance in the ballroom, tango in the lounge,” Antje Jacoby shouted to Spandau’s newsletter from the club’s headquarters. The ballet takes place on May 14 and starts at 7.30pm. More than 700 guests are expected on Buolstrasse. A single ticket costs 35 euros, a parking space 10 euros. Tickets are available here at this link at SC Siemensstadt.

But mini golf at Havellandhallen. During the holidays, the Spandau newsletter gave a few tips on what you can do with your children – and mentioned briefly that the mini golf course at Havellandhallen was leveled. Reader Gerd Steinke from Kladow promptly wrote to me about this: “Mini golf at Havellandhalle in Seeburg is not history. It’s called play golf there. A new place somewhere else is ready to play – now to the right of the entrance. “More information here:

[Sie wollen als Spandauer Sportverein Ihre Nachbarn einladen, starten Kiez-Projekte, Wünsche ans Rathaus? Dann schreiben Sie doch an den Spandau-Newsletter vom Tagesspiegel. Alle Kontaktmöglichkeiten finden Sie direkt im Newsletter:]

Tobacco plays in the northern part of Spandau and can benefit from the many new construction projects.Photo: promo

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TC Tobacco Hakenfelde invites you to a tasting. Uh, taste training? Hos Tobak? “Contrary to what the club’s name may suggest, we as athletes are, of course, almost all non-smokers,” Andreas Pfeiffer’s tennis club wrote in its club chronicle, inviting interested parties to get to know each other on April 30 (11 a.m.). to 16.00). And where does the name come from? “The name is based on our history, and it goes back a long way. In 1967, 27 “cigarette rolls” in Spandau IG Tennis founded within a large corporate sports association of BAT “- the abbreviation stands for the giant British American Tobacco group. Now you know it says so in the chronicle. And this club not only has an exciting past , but also his home in Werderstraße – and looking for new people who like tennis. Here is an aerial photo on Google Maps. Around the corner is the new construction district “Pepitahöfe”. It is also not far to Wasserstadt. “Sporting events can start with it same for beginners and experienced, “Andreas Pfeiffer writes to me.” The family-friendly club supplies rackets and balls for these days, which makes it especially easy to get started. Both days you can get to know the club and tennis better. otherwise be a B-license coach on site. ” Who would like to try the sport with their children? Here is the association online:

And here are some of the topics you can still find in the current Tagesspiegel newsletter for Spandau.

Corona situation in Spandau after the Easter holidays: Now the City Council member for Health talks about masks and stress in the newsletter

Altstadt Spandau underground station: schedule, costs and all details about the new elevator are available in the newsletter

Whether it’s Staaken or Gatower Straße: the most important information in the newsletter for the start of the outdoor pool – and how long the indoor pools will be closed and how long the Staaken-Vest outdoor pool will remain open in 2022.

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Lots of neighborhood sports: This time, Spandau’s newsletter is about football players at Schwarz-Weiß, football players at SC Gatow, rowing at Arkona, e-sports at Eintracht Spandau – and of course mini golf!

“I write wine thrillers”: Author from Wilhelmstadt tells in the newsletter about good reading, good wine and good places in Spandau

The mayor’s official car: What is she driving now? In the newsletter, she talks about the car and the future

The traffic diversion has been canceled: More and more cars in Spandau

110 years Bötzow Railway – a newsletter on foot

New plaque at the police station close to the old town: with an important difference

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Beer and bratwurst at launch: Jewish theater ship on its way to Spandau

Cessna once landed on Red Square in Moscow and can now be seen in Gatow

Construction site information in the newsletter for the billion project Insel Gartenfeld, to the new primary school on Goltzstraße and from the new medical center at Spandau train station

New construction site on the corner of Heerstrasse and Wilhelmstrasse: Traffic chaos?

Bella Spandaumore and more dogs in Spandau: the statistics in the newsletter

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