Gym at home with the youtuber

VA while ago, I told you about my gym how I keep falling for the pickup scam at the open house and 24-month super offer. And where do I sit – in the middle of the Corona lockdown – again in thirteen months back. In the meantime, my studio has reopened, the steel machine park as well as the sweaty room for the courses on stomach, legs, bottom and the usual twisting paths with meditation background.

The windows are now also open, even the sauna, where two of my fellow students are currently allowed to steam at the same time. An open society, in other words, as one wishes. The thirteen months can be paid out. Just a problem: The lockdown lasted too long, the desire is gone. The desire to waste his time getting back and forth, the desire to permanently disinfect appliances and body parts, the desire for pieces of conversation in mass locker rooms.

Now you might be asking, what about fitness? You can not do without a treadmill, ergometer, tractor, leg press, without Pilates, Power Yoga, Zumba, in other words: without study. I now have a different opinion. Since Corona, you have found a lot of surprises in your own home. Your own children, for example, that you can play with.

Find the right channel

Or an old-fashioned bike ergometer in the basement that you once gave to your grandmother and came back right away. If you’re sitting on it now, you understand Grandma. And because it’s Corona fashion right now and also a stock market hit, he’s buying a Peloton high – tech bike machine with a fitness subscription. Well, I’m not quite that far yet. But I found something – to be honest, it was my wife – that makes you forget all the course fuss in the studio. You guessed it: it’s one of those Youtube fitness channels that there are now hundreds of, so the only problem is finding the right one.

I would like to say that it succeeded. This is the channel of the Bavarian gymnastics teacher Gabi Fastner, which I would like to recommend to you if you are counting on the more mature, not to mention older, fitness audience. Fastner publishes a fitness course almost every day, always new, always different, always good. Your archive is huge and can be retrieved at any time. The level of their courses is markedly higher than the study average, where temporary gymnasts often do not really give the impression that they understand what they are doing. You can only advise them: Check out Gabi Fastner!

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