Gladbach: transfers, general meeting & fan poll

More than just transfer issues
It never gets boring around Borussia

Even in the Bundesliga, everything is not settled yet. It’s about money and signals for Borussia. And when the last day of the match is over, things get really interesting. The great troop upheaval with all its question marks is only the greatest of many topics.

The league is over, the Europa Cup is definitely not there anymore. In light of the biggest change in the squad for more than ten years, it is by no means to be expected that it will be boring around Borussia Mönchengladbach in the coming months. For apart from the key sporting issues – which still have to include Adi Hütter’s future as coach – there are still numerous topics that will move the club and its fans. We show what will be important until the end of the transfer window on 1 September.

The final sprint of the Bundesliga Where Borussia arrives is exciting from both an economic and symbolic point of view: Six million euros is between the possible maximum and minimum in the TV money table: Gladbach can win 1.2 million, gamble away with as much as 4.8 million. Everything is still possible between 8th and 15th place. The unit and thus the continuation of the series are two points away.

New set unveiled For years, it has been customary for the new home jersey to be worn for the first time in the final match at Borussia Park. Last season, Gladbach lost 2-1 to VfB Stuttgart in front of empty seats in white shirts and green and black striped pants. In 2020, we exceptionally had to wait longer for the home jersey to be unveiled because the new main sponsor had not yet been decided. Everything is going as usual this year: The new jerseys will be used for the first time on the 34th match day against TSG Hoffenheim. It is very possible that something will leak in advance – several Puma designs have been leaked in the last few days.

Final coaching decision Manager Roland Virkus has confirmed that he wants to continue the collaboration with Adi Hütter, but has announced an “absolutely open discussion”. The coach, on the other hand, will not “open a topic where there is no topic”. Nevertheless, at home in the most complicated and probably weakest season in eleven years, there is a flawless commitment to each other without room for interpretation – even though the main characters look at it differently. As the detailed analysis must take place immediately after the last day of play, there must be clarity no later than the following week.

The great upheaval Strictly speaking, there are now four transfer periods: one in the summer, one in the winter and the two in between. Not only since the final rescue, Borussia went beyond market exploration, and several contract negotiations with current players have progressed. Including today, there are still 127 days ahead that a similar number of rumors are likely to emerge. For when has it last been carved in stone with so few professionals that they can be seen in the next team picture? It has been customary for a long time, but after DFL Media Day, where the final squad is set, Borussia could more than ever need a new image.

General Assembly On May 30 at 6 pm, more than two weeks after the end of the season, the time has come: After a year filled with intense and exhausting main and side events, fans are eagerly awaiting the first speech by Sports Director Roland Virkus. CEO-colleague Stephan Schippers will provide insight into the financial situation after two years of the corona pandemic. And then the need for discussion among the members should be greater than it has been for a long time.

The European champion is coming Matthias Ginter could play his last match as a Gladbach professional in Borussia Park in the DFB jersey. Italy is a guest in the Nations League on June 14 (20.45). The international match provides important income.

The end of the break Training starts on June 26 in Borussia Park. Anyone who traveled with their national team will still be on vacation. The messy season 2021/22 is finally behind the team, which is far from having its final face.

Return to Tegernsee Coach Hütter recently admitted that a “gap” had arisen between fans and the club. To close it, it is the team’s task to “play the best possible football, perform and score”. In the last three matches, however, Borussia will hardly be able to spread optimism. A chapter of the approximation takes place in the training camp at Tegernsee, where Borussia is leaving for the first time since 2019. In addition, an official season opening is planned as in the time before Corona.

Five matches until September 1st The first DFB Cup round is played the last weekend in July. One week later, the first Bundesliga match day awaits, and shortly before the end of the transfer window, the fourth. Leader Virkus will strive for planning security. But the times when the squad was as good as ready at the start of training are over. At best, fine-tuning is only necessary in August. Just as conceivable are scenarios as last year, when Inter Milan tried hard to get Marcus Thuram shortly before the end. A change for about 25 million euros did not come about because Thuram injured himself in the match in Bayer Leverkusen and was out for a long time.

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