Formula 1: Fernando Alonso apparently loves the Austrian TV host

Updated on 28/04/2022 at 12:37

  • The two-time world champion Fernando Alonso got off to a bad start on the new Formula 1 season and made headlines because of his new love.
  • As a 40-year-old, he has to deal with questions about his future.
  • But the Spaniard has not had enough – and could even replace Sebastian Vettel.

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Fernando Alonso chose social media to show his happiness. Because while the Spaniard has to accept a false start in Formula 1, he dares to fall in love with a new start. Alonso announced his relationship with ServusTV host Andrea Schlager – in an Instagram story.

Alonso commented on a video showing the Austrian on a horse that is no longer available, with the words “A powerful beauty!”. Ambiguous, but so clear because Schlager shared the video, heart inclusive. So apparently Formula 1 has a new glamor pair. But also twice world champion across the board.

Because Alonso only has two points after four races this season, his alpine teammate Esteban Ocon has 20. Alonso admits: “It’s painful to only have two points in the first four races when I should have 25 or 30.” He could actually have it, but Alonso will not be lucky in 2022.

Hardly felt the Haas kiss

Most recently in Imola, a little touch with Mick Schumachers Haas was enough and Alpine was not to run because there was a huge hole in the sidebox. “I actually did not feel much at all,” Alonso said. “It was just a very, very small touch with Mick, but our car was completely destroyed after that little kiss.” Alonso gets served: “Again we lost a race without our own fault, it’s an extremely unfortunate first part of the world championship.” Previously, problems with the car had caused him to retire (Saudi Arabia) or miss out on a top spot in qualifying (Australia).

Alonso comforts himself with the memories from last season, where he turned up the heat after a bad start and even finished third on the podium in the final sprint. “It was a difficult phase for me at the time, but in the end we were well up in the World Cup and quite competitive. Let’s see if we can do it again,” Alonso said.

Again and again questions about Fernando Alonso’s future

Questions about the future automatically arise in a 40-year-old after a mixed start in the sport. For Alonso must also face the fact that his career will end at some point. The trick is not to miss the right time to say goodbye. There are few things that are more tragic in Formula 1 than aging heroes who, due to poor timing, trudge through the field like shadows of days gone by.

Alonso deletes such questions, but he would like to drive for two or three more years, he said recently. It’s about performance, he said, “if I was 25 years old, there would be no discussion at all.” In Imola, he sent a declaration of war afterwards because he is not yet thinking of stopping, “because I feel better than the others.”

He would consider ending his career, “if anyone comes and I see that they beat me clean skills, if I am no longer good at starting, if I no longer prepare the car well, and if the other side of the garage “is a second faster and I can not beat the times. But right now I feel the opposite,” he clarifies. “I love running.”

Megatalent puts pressure on the second row

But Alpine is in a dilemma. Alonso’s contract expires after the current season. Teammate Ocon is 25 years old and tied to the racing team until 2024. The French have a mega-talent up their sleeve in Oscar Piastri. The Australian won Formula 3 right away, Formula 2 too and will spend 2022 patiently on the bench as an alpine test driver.

However, the 21-year-old will hardly let 2023 pass without a place in the premier class. A “loan” would be an option. “There is no pressure to find a place for him as it is only April, but the pressure will definitely be there in July,” said Alpine team manager Otmar Szafnauer.

Then begins the so-called “Silly Season” of Formula 1 with rumors, conversations and negotiations. Piastri is a “nice boy who is very talented. But he is also very professional and works hard in the factory and in the simulator,” says Alonso, who also says: “If he drives for Alpine, it’s good, but it would also be good if he was with another team. “

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Successor to Sebastian Vettel?

This also applies to his own future. “If with Alpine, then fine. If with another team, then fine too. I have to find out, I’ll probably start the discussions this summer.” There is already a rumor: Alonso could switch to Aston Martin and possibly succeed Sebastian Vettel there, whose future is also open when the contract expires and sporting sadness. As usual, there will be answers in late summer, when the course is set for the professional future. Alonso has already made his private decision.

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