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Done: Eintracht Frankfurt face West Ham United in the Europa League semi-final. Stadium fun will not be like in Barcelona, ​​and the opponent is a completely different caliber. Are the signs still pointing towards Finale? The most important questions and answers.

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Eintracht Frankfurt meet West Ham United from the Premier League in the semi-finals of the Europa League. The first stage will take place on Thursday (from 21.00 in Audio live stream) in the former London Olympic Stadium. No one likes to finally judge who the favorite is. The most important questions and answers about the first leg in an instant:

Are there any injured or blocked?

Two are definitely missing: Evan N’Dicka and Kristijan Jakic. The Frenchman received an unnecessary yellow-red card in the second match in Barcelona with the last action of the match and is therefore missing for Hessians in London. Jakic has been dismissed after picking up his yellow card.

Midfielder Djibril Sow should probably be there. The Swiss was allowed to play again a few minutes against Hoffenheim at the weekend for the first time after stretching the inner ligament in the knee and should probably bite his teeth together against West Ham. Is that enough for 90 minutes? Open minded.

How will Eintracht appear?

N’Dicka’s failure forces coach Oliver Glaser to change his defensive line again. The Austrian has two variants, which he revealed in advance. Opportunity number one: Makoto Hasebe moves into the defensive line, and Martin Hinteregger takes over the role of N’Dicka. However, the robust Austrian would be missing in the middle of the infighting with West Ham striker Michail Antonio.

Option number two: Almamy Touré jumps in for N’Dicka in position. It would reduce the rotation to a minimum, but then no left foot would play in this position, which could hamper the built up game. Glasner has to make a decision. As already mentioned, it is very likely that Sow will return to midfield and replace Jakic. Captain Sebastian Rode is set anyway. The staff change is therefore not that big here.

How did Eintracht arrive?

In the usual principle. Just like in the second round in Barcelona, ​​there was no training on site on Wednesday, the last training took place in the local city forest at noon. Immediately after, the plane went to the English capital. The principle: do not waste unnecessary time.

Are the locks in London included?

Yes. N’Dicka and Jakic are part of Frankfurt’s tour group and want to support their fellow players on the spot. The only Frankfurt professional who may stay in Frankfurt is Erik Drum. The 2014 world champion, who was not registered in the Europa League anyway, is ill and could not make the trip.

How’s it going with West Ham?

Not so easy to say. In the Premier League, the Hammers’ six regular players rested against city rivals Chelsea at the weekend, narrowly losing to third-placed teams. Previously, they had only drawn a draw against the relegated Burnley in front of their home crowd. So the form of the last few days has been quite mixed.

In general, however, the Londoners play a strong season – unlike the Eintracht, not only in the European Cup. West Ham are number seven in the Premier League with four games left. In front of coach David Moyes’ team are only the six major clubs from England: Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United.

Who is the favorite now?

That’s a really good question, too. If Eintracht were still a clear outsider against FC Barcelona and could settle into this role, things are different at West Ham. It should be two extremely close matches between two very similar teams. A classic 50/50 affair.

Eintracht’s sports director Markus Krösche sees it this way. “You always have two good teams in the semi-finals. Even if it’s just a cliché: it’s a 50/50 match,” the 41-year-old stressed. West Ham manager David Moyes agrees. “I do not know if we can be pushed into the role of favorites. It will be a very interesting duel.” But it also means that Eintracht has a chance to reach the final.

Unfortunately not. The game has been sold out for more than a week. Nearly 60,000 spectators fitted in at the former London Olympic Stadium, tickets for the areas outside the guest basket were only available to West Ham fans. Hammers wants to prevent resale as strictly as Eintracht did against Barcelona.

If tickets appear on sales platforms on the internet or are otherwise offered to Frankfurters, the sellers will be excluded from the stadium, the club had announced in advance. “Is everyone coming to the stadium? It’s getting crowded,” Krösche fears in advance. So Eintracht fans without tickets have to be creative in order to access the stadium. And there you have to pay attention to some things …

What do fans have to expect at the stadium?

Because: There is no such thing as a fan festival like at the Camp Nou with almost 30,000 Hessian supporters, but there are other things that will be different in London as well. Hammers have already announced that they will throw Eintracht fans from neutral areas out of the stadium if they make their mark.

Only in the Frankfurt block, filled with 3,000 Eintracht supporters, is it possible to carry his own fan colors offensively. Elsewhere, you’d better hold back. The key word: zero tolerance policy. Frankfurt fans must be denied access to the neutral area at the entrance to the stadium. There will be no Catalan calm on Thursday in London. But Krösche remains optimistic: “I hope we get similar support.”

How is the weather in London?

Hazy – but not so bad. Typically British. It is supposed to be cloudy on match day, but the sun’s rays break through every now and then. And there will be no rain. The temperatures: up to 15 degrees during the day, then eleven degrees at the start of the game. There has been worse weather in London, no doubt.

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